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Mis-eduating the Africans in Finland Fri Dec 2017
Preventing Future Terrorism in Finland Mon Aug 2017
Ecuadorian Ambassador Leopoldo Rovayo Visits the Governor of Kano State Wed Apr 2017
London terror attack near the UK Parliament: What we know now Thu Mar 2017
Kickstarter supports font development for dyslexic readers Tue Dec 2016
Ecuador to continue supporting OPEC’s efforts Tue Dec 2016
Spain in front of a historic crossroad Wed Jan 2016
14 African Countries Forced by France to Pay Colonial Tax for the Benefits of Slavery and Colonization Wed Jan 2016
Remnants of colonial influence in Africa today: A crime against humanity? Wed Jan 2016
Severe cold causing havoc on railway, public transport Thu Jan 2016
Ukraine MP grabs Prime Minister and sparks huge brawl during parliamentary debate Sat Dec 2015
Afrique Telecom, Eutelsat and Wikimédia France to offer free access to French-language Wikipedia in Africa Thu Dec 2015
Peeping Tom on moon given telescope to spy on couples having sex Sun Nov 2015
Mother horrified to learn that ‘Call of Duty’ game is really rather violent Sun Nov 2015
UK remembers war dead by tormenting people into wearing poppies Sun Nov 2015
UK: A cat in a carry box is loudly demanding to speak to his lawyer today. Sun Nov 2015
Bride ditches own wedding to help family involved in car crash [PHOTOS] Tue Oct 2015
Uproar over fireman who set asylum shelter ablaze Tue Oct 2015
Mother of dead Jihadist sad but relieved that son is dead Tue Oct 2015
Leaked Audio: Hillary Clinton Calls at Private Fundraiser for Infrastructure Bank... Thu Oct 2015
Air Strikes on Homs are 'Holy War Against Terrorism' says Russian Orthodox Church Thu Oct 2015
Lawyer found dead in her home Thu Aug 2015
Embassy source reveals that the monarch's body is still in London Wed Aug 2015
Ukranian born 'faceless' girl lands loving family Wed Jul 2015
Greece on a knife edge Thu Jul 2015
16-year old girl dies after not having bowel movement for 8 weeks Mon Jul 2015
Agency confirms 5000 Russians are among ISIS fighters Thu Jun 2015
Mother dozes off as her nappy-landen toddlers wander off Mon Jun 2015
'Royalty in the UK is very different to royalty in Nigeria,' 'Selma' actor reveals Mon Jun 2015
Spanish trade delegation visits Senegal and Nigeria to promote its agricultural equipment industry Sat Jun 2015


Nigeria’s Democratic Euphoria is over!

January 15,2018 Hits:187 Nigeria News Akintokunbo A Adejumo - avatar Akintokunbo A Adejumo

The elation over Nigeria’s experiment in democracy is over. Reality is once again at our...

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