Wrong timing to demand accontability from Fab Que over Ovaioza

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I just read Barrister Azubuike’s post and I want to say, I completely agree with it.
Writing petitions both to the police as well as EFCC against Fab Que, one of the partners who arrested Ovaoiza, demanding she accounts for the money some partners sent her to use in ‘pushing’ the case, is very wrong move especially because of the TIMING.
Here is why;
Aside from being the one who arrested Ovaoiza, Fab Que has been the one interfacing directly with the Police from the day this case was officially reported to the law enforcement agency. She practically relocated to the FCT and most of the leg work about the case, she has been the one doing it. You need no prophet to tell you she must have given police some part of the money some partners donated to her. There is no way the EFCC will treat the petition against her without dragging the Police into the mess.
The same police that not only arrested Ovaioza but has continued to use different court orders to keep her detained for over a month now despite her health challenge and pregnancy-related issues. The same police that has recovered most of the assets Ovaoiza acquired with the partner’s fund. And most IMPORTANTLY, the same Police the partners are relying on to prosecute Ovaoiza under the new law that has provision for restitution for victims of fraud, which is the only way partners stand a chance of getting back part of their capital.
It is a very unwise move for the partners to take any action that will create bad blood between them and the Police, especially now. If that happens, you can be sure the only person that will gain therefrom is Ovaioza. And remember, she is still in possession of all the assets and funds acquired from partners. The court order with which the police took possession of those things is only temporary. It doesn’t mean those assets have been finally taken from her until the court decides, or she agrees to forfeit them as part of a court settlement with the partners.
If these partners’ writing petition against Fab succeeds, police can, as a way of getting back at the partners for the embarrassment, decide to deliberately lose the case in court. And there is nothing anyone can do other than come to Facebook and lament and trade blame. Even to appeal, it is still the same record of proceeding at the lower court that will be transmitted to the appeal court and I can assure you, the Police will have no will to do that. They might even decide to focus on getting justice for society without a care as to the victims. Remember, if the police succeed in jailing Ovaoiza, that would be justice for the state or society, but that is certainly not justice for the partners who are the victims because the only thing the partners consider justice is getting back their money or what is left of it.
This case has become a public interest case. A lot of people who are not even partners have been doing a lot to see that comprehensive justice is done to all those affected. Even this Barr. Azubuike has contributed significantly to so many breakthroughs recorded in the case so far. The way he is pushing this thing from behind even when he has no dime inside, I doubt any of the partners have made a quarter of such effort. All of these will likely be in vain if those people writing petitions do not pause and review their priorities.
To be clear, I am 100% in support of holding Fab Que accountable for any funds donated to her for this case. There is absolutely nothing wrong with accountability. I’m just saying the TIMING is wrong. Proceeding with the petition against Fab Que now will certainly affect the Police, which will, in turn, turn them against the partners.
The 5k, 10k, 20k, and 50k some partners sent to Fab Que should not be prioritized over the BILLIONS of naira Ovaoiza took from the same partners which the Police has made appreciable progress towards its recovery
Keep your eyes on the ball, which is seeing this matter to its logical end. If you have means and connections with the EFCC or the office of the Attorney General, please use that connection to get Ovaoiza to vomit all the money she scattered in assets and bank accounts. This should be the most important thing for now. When this is over, you can now hold Fab Que by the blokos and get her to account for every penny donated to her account for this case.
The lifelines of so many people are currently at stake here. So many families are anxiously and earnestly waiting for justice to be done in this case. If you   care about those helpless families, you will not do anything that will alienate the Police from the partners

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