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A non profit organisation called Codewit Global Network, today, hosted an  International Workshop on the Role and place of African immigrants in a Finnish society. 

The event, which took place in CAISA international Cultural Center attracted about 80 participants ,among whom where the director of immigrations affairs, Dr. Annika Forsander  and other influential speakers and academicians who presented their latest research works on the case study.

During the event, Dr. Annika Forsander, treated the topic of migrants and immigration in Helsinki Finland. In her speech, Dr. Forsander explores the trends of migration of immigrants to Helsinki, their challenges and opportunities, and she proffered some solutions on how immigrants can be integrated fully in the finnish system. Dr. Annika also in her speech urged foreigners to learn Finnish language as part of the integration process. 

Mr. Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi, who is the Global coordinator of the organisation,during his speech, reminded the Finnish authorities, that is currently seeking to become more immigration friendly,  that , a good integration program for the existing immigrants would be a good step to achieving such goal.

Mr. Claret also in his remark, reminded the participants especially of African descent, that as they explore the future of their very existence here in Finland, they should equally need to look for long term solution to the problem they have in their various African countries. He therefore, urged them to mobilize all their forces and use their strength in numbers to strive actively, as the architects of their own future, to help, change the circumstances which contribute to poverty, unemployment, human right abuses, and lack of democracy in Africa.

Other speakers at the event were Mrs. Oge Eneh and Dr. Evariste Habiyakere, who discussed Immigrants and Integration process through entrepreneurship in Finland.

A number of parallel oral sessions and poster sessions provided the main exchange forum for participants to present and discuss the latest issues and research findings.

The workshop was highlighted by the workshop banquet where participants had the opportunity to taste varieties of Finnish and African snacks and delicacies). For those who had the privilege to attend the three sessions , the debate and the informative presentations had all proven to be unforgettable! The workshop ended with a song by Mrs. Cecilia

The next workshop will be in Helsinki, and Tampere Finland! Stay tuned for further news!

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