Obama and African origin contestants in the forthcoming Finnish municipality election chorused in one voice “it is doable”

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The American political scene has in a long period of time now experiencing constant crtitical reviews over the ongoing presidential election. It has not been a childlike play for the U.S president, Barack Obama and Mr. Romney. But even in all these critical moment in their life, Barack Obama never deviated from his standing point about equality of all and keeping taxes low for middle-class families.

In his debate with Mr. Romney, Obama emphatically told the Americans that “his believe about American is that, it is strongest when everybody has a seat at the table, playing the same rules”.

Stressing on the same issue, Obama counteracted Romney’s 47 per cent American dependents on government when he said, “I want to fight for them, that’s what I’ve been doing for the last four years – because if they succeed, I believe the country succeeds”.


Responding to the Obama’s political standing point, the African origin contestants in the forthcoming Finnish municipality election chorused in one voice “it is doable”. These candidates are really agents of change; they have buckled their shoes, folded their sleves and waiting passionately to effect tremedous change in Finnish municipalities. Our (Afrikfame correspondent) discussion with them was an interesting exercise.


They indivdually made us believe that there will be drastical change in the life of Finnish immigrants. Mr. Simon Ekpa (Candiate for Lahti municipality) told us that if he eventually becomes the Lahti Councillor that the equality of right between immigrants and Finnish citizens is assured.


In the same discussion, Ogechukwu Eneh (candidate for Espoo municipality) was able to convince us that there will more accountability in Finnish tax payment. She went further to say that “ your tax percentage will be according to your earning”.


My name is Abdirahim Husu Hussein. Am 33 years old originally from Somalia but has been a finish citizen for 5 years now. I am married and a father of 3 boys and a young girl.

Afrikfame: What single goal is the most important for the incoming council to achieve in the next three years and why?

Candidate: Tolerance  -Helsinki must become a place where no one is discriminated and where everyone has the right to participate in the society. An equal and respectful society is a goal that must be worked really hard for. A tolerant Helsinki will work as a signpost for all of Finland.

Simon Ekpa with over 4 years experience in immigration laws, a member of the European Legal Network On Asylum, and a CEO of one the leading private Law firm in Finland “Säkäjärvi Ekpa Oy”.

In This municipal election, your vote is your power, your vote is your voice, your vote i the change you want. As immigrants in Finland, we need An experienced representative, a representative that knows The difficulties faced by fellow immigrants and also knows the solution to these difficulties, a representative that could deliver the message/minds of immigrants to the decision makers and back it up with well detailed analysis of the dividend to the society we live in.

A representative who understand the language of the municipals

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