Nigeria: Music is an integral part of my being Deola

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Deola showtimeADEOLA OSOSAMI a.k.a Deola is  a UK based Nigerian female singer whose single, Beremole is currently ruling the airwaves both in the UK and Nigeria. In this chat with ANOZIE EGOLE, she talks about her music and her plans to do collaborations with home based artistes.

Plans for this new  year

I will be releasing about six new songs to show the stuff Iam made of. Hopefully, I will be releasing one of them  in the first quarter  of the year.

The lyrics of the song?

There are a variety of topics in there and a range of love songs, inspirational songs and fun songs as well. My next release is almost ready. It is called ‘Never Leave.’ That will be the next song from the mix . It is a love song. It is just me saying I will never leave you.

Do you write your songs yourself?

Yes, I do

Source of inspiration?

I draw my inspiration from everyday life and from what I experience or observe as well. Inspirations just come on a normal basis.

How  soon are we to expect your  album?

Hopefully, that will happen in future.

Are you considering relocating to Nigeria soon to showcase your talent?

There are always plans to come down to Nigeria and hopefully I will be in the country this year.

Why are you putting your album  release on hold?

I wouldn’t say I am putting it away. I am a new artiste. So, at  the moment, I am still trying to get people to know who I am than focusing on releasing a new album. Though, I am working on releasing a few mixtapes. They would definitely contain a number of songs. The music is still coming out definitely.

How many songs are we to expect in the mix tape?

I can’t give you any numbers but definitely, there will be enough for people to get a good feeling of what I am about to do.

Your single, Beremole is currently rocking the airwaves. What is the story behind the song?

Beremole is just a fun song and it is coming from the point of view of the confident girl. When she is out, she sees a guy and they both like each other and the girl decides that she will be the one to make the first move so she asks him for a dance. That is where the song comes from.

How did you  end up in the music scene?

Music has really been in my blood since I was a child. My earliest memory was probably when I was 10, I was doing some singing in church and little bits of performances. Since then, I have  really loved music. That was when music became an integral part of my life.

What  informs your style of music?

My style of music is afro hip hop with a  tint of soul and jazz. I have a  range of fast songs like Beremole. Also, I have done some slower songs as well which springs out more of the jazz style in my voice.

As a UK based Nigerian singer, how much of your culture is still in you?

It is hard to run away from your culture. Most of my family members always visit us from Nigeria in the UK and most of my friends are Nigerians. You can’t really take the culture away. It is within me. It is not something one can lose, so the Nigerian culture  is still part of me.

How much of it reflects in  your music?

Definitely, there are traces  of afrobeat style in my music. I think one of the things that make me unique is the fact that I try to blend different styles of music. All my songs will definitely have that afrobeat edge and style to it. I like to sing in a mixture of English and Yoruba most of the time but once every while, there might be a song that is fully English. Definitely, I am trying to give a nice blend with the languages as well.

What record label are you signed on?

I am signed on an independent label called, Lunakidz Music based  in the UK. But the label is planning to expand. They are already building some collaboration with some Nigerian artistes as well. It is an upcoming label.

What drew you to Lunakidz?

I know quite a few of the people on the label for a while so we have developed a friendship over a long time. We used to work on music together a  few years ago. From there, it just evolved and they have taken me under their wings. So yes, it stems from friendship and our love for music together.

Are you collaborating with any Nigerian artiste at the  moment?

I don’t want to say anything yet but definitely, it will happen.  Soon, I will be doing collaborations with some local artistes.

But you are currently studying Dentistry. How do you relate that with music?

Like I said, from a young age, I have always loved music and I have always known that music would be a part of my life in some ways. It wasn’t always clear to me how but I think over the last few years, that has formed the basis of the conclusions for me. I love my academic but  music is really my passion.

How receptive are your parents to your career especially given the fact that music is a far cry from your field of study?

My parents are very supportive. They have always been encouraging me right from when I was young. They are very supportive. Obviously, they want me to complete my degree programme and I am definitely going to do just  that. Then I would be able to focus more on my music.

How much enthusiasm do people over there show to your music?

People are very receptive to new styles and new ways of expressing creativity especially through music. In the UK, people are receptive to afrobeat style of music. So, I would say it has been good. It is very encouraging to see what the likes of D’banj and Wizkid are doing over here. They are paving the way for afrobeat right now.

How would you describe growing up in the UK?

Growing up in the UK is memorable. The UK is mixed with people of different races. Growing up in the UK was fun.

Do you miss home?

Definitely, I do.

Would you want to  relocate to Nigeria some time in future?

Let us see what the future holds.

Will your decision to do music not interfere with your academic works?

It is all about balancing. At the moment, things are balanced. I have time to work on my music and at the same time face my studies.

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