The travails of the sanguine: an insider’s recount

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All these are the troubles and trails of the sanguine but God will deliver him from them all, this being the favorite verse of a sanguine who like the monk goes to worship goes incessantly in search of merriment.

His pool of excitement hardly runs dry and as it is he is glutton of excitement.  He battles between order and discipline because of his long and veracious search for that which keeps him high. Among all these, what is so hard for him is the control of the traffic of his desires.  The daily dream of a sanguine is that every day is party.  Moreover his sincere and unconscious view of the world is that it is a party hall where all need to be jumping and laughing and clapping.


We all have an intuitive awareness that there are different “types” of people. This one is “an outgoing fellow”; that one is “the quiet type.” This one is better off working with his hands while another excels at bookish pursuits. One sort of person is a leader; another sort is a follower. These basic dispositions, or manners of thinking, behaving, and reacting, are called “temperaments” — a word whose etymology reflects humorist theory: it derives from the Latin temperamentum, which refers to “proper mixture.”

We all have one, a temperament, the way we would describe that personality is very different than the way other friends, family members, or associates would describe it. That guy is a real bear, or she is a pretty classy lady, or that person has the personality of a sea slug, are all possible ways to describe an individual’s personality. I am certain you can think of others you might use on a daily basis. However, understanding personalities and how they work is important far beyond using them descriptively. It can be extremely important in allowing you to interact with like and different personalities in a fashion to maximize your impact on the person as well as your potential for the sale

Humorism asserts that each person is born with a basic temperament as determined by which of the four humors tends to predominate in the individual. As we all produce each humor, there will be varying degrees of influence by each, but the effects of one is usually more evident. In some people, the next most influential humor might be quite strong so that such a person can be generally described as having a combined temperament; in others, the most abundant humor dominates the others such that there is no question at all as to which category he falls into.

What follows is a very basic outline of the characteristics of sanguine classical


The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist, Appealing personality ,Talkative, Storyteller ,Life of the Party ,Good sense of humor, Memory for color ,Physically holds on to listener ,Emotional and demonstrative ,Enthusiastic and expressive ,Cheerful and bubbling over ,Curious, Good on stage ,Wide-eyed and innocent, Lives in the present, Changeable disposition, Sincere at heart, Always a child .

The Sanguine as a Parent

Makes Home Fun, Is liked by children’s friends, Turns disaster into humor, is the circus master

The Sanguine at Work

Volunteers for Jobs, thinks up new activities, Looks great on the Surface, Creative and colorful, has energy and enthusiasm, Starts in a flashy way, Inspires others to join, Charms others to work, Light hearted,Fun,A people person, Loves to extend hospitality

A peace maker, Enjoys children, Spontaneous


The Extrovert | The Talker | The Optimist, Compulsive talker, Exaggerates and elaborates, Dwells on trivia ,Can’t remember names, Scares others off ,Too happy for some ,Has restless energy ,Egotistical ,Blusters and complains ,Naive, gets taken in ,Has loud voice and laugh ,Controlled by circumstances ,Gets angry easily ,Seems phony to some, Never Grows Up.

The Sanguine as a Parent

Keeps home in frenzy, Forgets children’s appointments, disorganized, doesn’t listen to the whole story


The Sanguine at Work

Would rather talk, forgets obligations, doesn’t follow through, Confidence fades fast, Undisciplined, Priorities out of order, Decides by feelings, easily distracted, Wastes time talking ,

The Sanguine as a Friend

Makes friends easily ,Loves People ,Thrives on compliments ,Seems exciting ,envied by others, Doesn’t hold grudges, apologizes quickly ,Prevents dull moments ,Likes spontaneous activities ,Scatter brained, Impulsive, Doesn’t finish what they start, May avoid facing problems, Takes on more than they have time for


The Sanguine is the life of the party. Truth be told, they would love life to be one big party, complete with decorations and games! They are fun people. They can come up with something fun to do at the drop of a hat.


If you are going to have a dinner gathering you have to make sure that there is a Sanguine on your guest list. They will keep conversation moving and work hard to engage everyone in the room at some time during the evening.

Sanguines are motivated by people. Sanguines make people feel special because they are always so happy to see you and so interested in what is going on in your life. Sanguines are great in retail jobs for this reason. Customers connect with Sanguines fast.

Sanguines will have a hard time in a work environment that does not allow them to focus on other people. They will hate to work alone and they will have a tendency to put non-people oriented tasks lower on their priority list.

A Sanguine in the church is an awesome usher, greeter, nursery or Sunday school teacher. They are awesome in drama and will jump at the chance to serve others by organizing events. They will need some accountability to hold them on task in between meetings though because “out of sight, out of mind” is often the case. Someone who is leading a Sanguine will want to make regular phone calls to keep them focused. A person who is a sanguine is generally light hearted, fun loving, a people’s person, loves to entertain, spontaneous and confident

Sanguines may have a hard time being firm with their kids or with others they have been put in authority over. They want to be liked and may view discipline as something that will make people not like them!

Sanguines don’t care for rules and will often try to charm their way out of having to submit to them. So they need a good understanding of God’s authority to keep them from taking it too far

However they can be arrogant, cocky and indulgent. He/She can be day-dreamy and off-task to the point of not accomplishing anything and can be impulsive, possibly acting on whims in an unpredictable fashion. Also, the humor of Sanguine is usually treated with leeches.


What happens here is not that a sanguine became a choleric but there is an integration which amounts to die to self whereby God only strengthened the sanguine’s weaknesses.  Such transformative phase can only be achieved by the help of a power from above.  It is at this juncture that R Paul’s in his wisdom reveals that the grace of God is enough for us to do all things.

The grace in play is some sort of an external new power which changes that which pushes you to do contrary to the will of God and your resolutions. This process of deliverance is ongoing because you will continuously seek the face of Christ unceasingly. Most decisions of a sanguine are on impulse.

This process of deliverance is a super-natural result of the Holy Spirit guiding your life.  A fact that is indubitable is that were born as a person of different temperament but as Augustine said, what I am a gift from God, but what I will become is my gift to God as such we need an integration of the supernatural source.  He can endure or bear injuries, challenges, do the menial forgotten and difficult task with complaining or escaping.  He finishes a task or suffers affront while manifesting the loving spirit of Christ.

The hurrying, bustling and pressurized life of the sanguine saps him of gentleness.  He is ever restless because of his glutton for excitement, so he easily pushes things over the counter of monotony as soon as the targeted enjoyed is absent.  The moment, the sanguine allows God in he is endowed with calmness; he becomes in touch with himself and feel the presence of God.  As such he slows down and communes with God since it is hard to meditate and pray after the bustling and jumping in excitement.  When the spirit is in charge, life goes forward under the assurance of God’s ability and power.  So no need for hurrying in and the sanguine becomes focused and steady.  The sanguine who always think of self and talk more about self and becomes domineering though he has the chances when led by the spirit to be humble and mild, such indwelling of the spirit when present in the sanguine he manifest an admirable tract of meekness.

What can we say about the greatest basic problem of the sanguine which is weak-will and indiscipline.  They are great at starting new things and never finishing them.  Over natural inclinations tunes us towards the path of least resistance.  The sanguine have more temptation of self discipline or self control, this is what checkmates emotional excesses of any kind.  The spirit led sanguine is consistent, dependable and well ordered. The sanguine out of his restlessness finds it hard to give God some time so he has big problem keeping to his resolutions and if he cannot keep resolutions, your guess is as good as mine; breaking rules and laws are prevalent. When the sanguine becomes God oriented, there is in his life manifestation of calmness, self control and he wards off his life of being impractical and disorganized.  He puts his talents and potentials together and turns out good and prosperous and productive. He wont be drunk with wine in which is dissipation but be filled with the spirit, speaking other in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in his hearts to the Lord, giving thanks always for all things to God since he would not run life like a party. Being that they are over confidant the spirit of God will make them be ‘submitting to one another in the fear of God’ rather than becoming obnoxious by interrupting and dominating a conversation.

‘Be calm but vigilant’ and many other worlds that denotes serenity is the slogan of St Peter’s writings because he was a living example of a sanguine, he articulated and understood the cross of the sanguine mental restlessness which reflects in their spiritual life. This goes ahead in their difficulty of pulling their life together and then enormous talents at the end they spend their lives running form one tangent to another and unless disciplined like Jesus did to peter they are unproductive failing to measure up to their potentials .A good picture of what happens in the life of a spirit filled sanguine is peter before and after the Pentecost. Before the Pentecost was weak willed but after the Pentecost he was in control of situations.


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