Bashir’s indictment is a sham

Yesterday the ICC court in The Hague indicted President Omar Al Bashir of war crimes and crime against humanity. This in itself set legal history because it is the first time the ICC court has issued an arrest warrant for a sitting president.
 This action shows the great contempt the white man’s justice has for African leaders and its people as a whole. The white man justice is drunk with self righteousness and as a result of its drunkardness the justice spews over dictating to Africa how justice should be conducted.
ICC is biting on more than it can chew by indicting Al Bashir while the court has a huge backlog of cases which it has not been able to deliberate on. The ICC has barely prosecuted and jailed a quarter of the perpetrators of the Yugoslavia genocide, and here they are clamoring to prosecute an African leader. The Yugoslavia atrocities happened right under the nose of the righteous European legal system, and they have not been able to deal effectively with these atrocities. What makes ICC think they can successfully prosecute and jail atrocities committed in a continent far away. The ICC should concentrate on prosecuting and jailing the perpetrators of past genocides crimes before clamoring to indict and arrest new criminals who stand either rightfully or wrongfully accused.
I think by now the world is fully aware of the two biggest perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity of recent times, they are George Bush and Tony Blair. I have not heard the ICC even remotely mention their names for possible prosecution for the crimes they committed during their tenure. The two clowns led their respective countries to war under a false pretence. This war has cost a lot of blood and treasure. Thousands of Iraqi, American and British citizens have died as a direct result of the foolhardy actions of the two former leaders, but the ICC is blind to all this facts. I guess since the ICC is a toothless dog it prefers to go after small fish and ignore the sharks lurking the waters.
I think the ICC actions are a cheap publicity stunt which is directed towards a country they think is helpless and therefore the country can be trampled over. Which better country to trample over than an African country? This is neo colonialism being practiced all over again by the white man under the guise of justice. I DARE THE ICC TO ARREST OMAR AL BASHIR.  what do you think?  

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