An American man gives Birth to a baby girl

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An American man who was born a woman is reported to have given birth to a baby girl.

Thomas Beatie was born a woman but now lives as a man

Thomas Beatie, who lives as a male after undergoing surgery and hormone treatment, gave birth at a hospital in Oregon on June 29, according to People magazine.
pregnant man

Both he and the baby are said to be “healthy and doing well”.

Beatie, 34, kept female reproductive organs when he legally became a man 10 years ago.

The baby was conceived through Artificial Insemination using donor sperm and Beatie’s own eggs.

“The only thing different about me is that I can’t breast-feed my baby. But a lot of mothers don’t,” People quoted Beatie as saying.

He has had his breasts surgically removed.

He said that the baby was not delivered by Caesarean section, but no other details about the birth have been confirmed.

Earlier this year, Beatie caused controversy when his pregnancy was revealed and he appeared on The pregnant man Oprah Winfrey Show.

His wife Nancy, 46, whom he married five years ago, was unable to conceive because she had already had a hysterectomy.

The couple, who operate a T-shirt printing business in Bend, Oregon, are legally married and he is recognised under state law as a man.

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