An Open Letter to The President: Alhaji Umar YaraAdua

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His Excellency President Umar YARADUA 10 November 2008
President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
Presidential Villa, The Presidency
Three-Arms-Zone, Abuja, FCT


Your Excellency, President Umar YAR ADUA,

I would like to inform Your Excellency of the need for The DEVELOPMENT OF INGA POWER SUPPLY (ELECTRICITY DAM) SCHEME ON THE CONGO RIVER.   The project, if implemented, would solve the perennial problem of energy supply inadequacy. It would enhance reverse brain drain; promote development and capacity-building in the country and indeed Africa. It would also immortalize Your Excellency’s era of change as a tribute to the administration’s contribution to an enduring legacy in the continent. Your tenure would long be remembered if you lay the much-needed foundation for growth, industrialization and development in Africa.

The Inga Power Project Scheme is long overdue and only an intervention from Nigeria can save it. This is more so as Nigeria needs a solid infrastructure development base in the event of any global crisis affecting oil export. It is also a major stake-holder in African development. The country’s routine interventions in several African peace-keeping operations are a good reference point for implementing the project on behalf of African civilization. Detailed methodology and logistics suggestions are included in the attached Project Outlined.

The INGA POWER SUPPLY PROJECT, if implemented, would establish Your Excellency’s administration as the leading force in industrialization and development in Africa. There are many positive side-effects to the project implementation. Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • Employment opportunities for Nigerian graduates and reduction of brain drain, unemployment, poverty and other social vices in the society for generations to come
  • Industrialization opportunities and improved infrastructure development for Nigeria and other African countries within a short phase of time and a good reference to Nigeria’s intervention
  • Strong membership credential for Nigeria to the United Nations Security Council
  • On its own, the INGA DAM is capable of generating enough electricity supply for Africa’s 650 million people. It is estimated to far exceed the capacity of China’s Three Gorges Scheme.

While the list of opportunities for this project is inexhaustible, for it to be successfully implemented, there are certain steps to avoid: It is NOT in the economic interests of Western Europe and the Americas that Nigeria and Africa should develop and be economically independent. Strategic decision-making on this Project MUST be taken within Africa and preferably within Nigeria. There is a comprehensive Feasibility Report on the Project and this can easily be obtained from the government of Democratic Republic of Congo. Similarly, areas around the Congo River portion of the INGA PROJECT have to be leased by Nigeria for at least 1,000 years. This would mean establishing full Military Presence establishing the Joint Services of Nigerian Navy, Air Force and Nigerian Army. Proceeds from this investment would outweigh whatever economic strains at the commencement of the Project. In light of the foregoing, I would like to passionately request Your Excellency to immediately commence the process of unlocking this crucial door to Nigeria and indeed Africa’s development.

Act now, Mr. President: Africa will respect you as a Hero; History will judge you as a Visionary.

God Bless Nigeria, Long Live Africa, May Your Excellencys tenure be filled with joy, peace and good success.


B.Sc. (Hons); M.Sc. (Arch); M.Sc. (Dev/Plng); MNIA; CTFL

P. O. Box 45566, London NW1 9WQ; UNITED KINGDOM



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