An Open Letter to The President Alhaji Umar Yar’Adua

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Your Excellency, President Yar ‘Adua,

It is most unfortunate that bureaucratic bottleneck has not allowed my many letters to reach your Office. The subject of my letter is the ‘Inga Dam Power (Electricity) Generation Project – on the River Congo – in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My submission is that with a leasehold agreement of the area for a period of about 1,000 years, and an investment of US $100 Billion, the future of Nigeria is guaranteed. There would also be electricity supply to all African countries

I am confident that Your Excellency did not receive any of my letters on the above subject, since I am fully aware that Your Excellency takes issues affecting Nigerians seriously. I bare no grudge whatsoever, as I am very sure that the People’s Forum – The Press would surely get it across to you if only as you read through the dailies.

The subject of this letter is how best to ameliorate the suffering of the Nigerian masses in the light of the power shortage and our seeming helplessness. I have come across a unique solution that I have tried desperately to bring to your attention. There can surely be no better time than now for Your Excellency to act on such a crucial national issue. The benefits are very numerous and obvious. It is the strategic positioning of Nigeria in Africa that makes the project very relevant and significant. We cannot afford to let the present and future generations of Nigerians down. The Project Outline below summarises the strategy to be adopted. Some of the issues highlighted in the Project Outline include but are not limited to:

    * The value of the Nigerian Naira – which would rank the same as that of American (US) Dollars and the Euro;
    * Creating immediate employment for Nigerian school-leavers of all ages, thus reducing crime and associated social vices;
    * Reducing dependence on Oil and therefore providing immediate reduction in the pressure of the Niger-Delta Crises;
    * Presently, there are estimated over 2 million generating sets in Nigerian homes. These are more than enough to kick-start an aggressive drive towards development of cottage industry based on local and indigenous needs of Nigeria and the region.

These, alongside other points in the document below are my reasons for requesting Your Excellency’s administration to please, invest in Nigeria and indeed her future.

May Your Excellency’s tenure be more successful than you have ever imagined.

BSc (Hons), Jos; MSc (Arch), ABU; MSc (Dev. Plng) London; MNIA; CTFL
P. O. Box 45566, London NW1 9WQ, UNITED KINGDOM

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