Antologies By Chizoba Chukwurah

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guard the soldier’s wife And his orphans protect For far away
He has gone To a land too foreign……… him
In search of peace………….

he has gone Alas he is gone
But one may ask Has he linked the missing link in Liberia?
Littered with skeletons and living dead
Lord clothe them all
Clothe the bone and shield them all

Obey he must Less he be jailed………..
Framed nor hanged But then,
who then is the wife Orphans and friends?
For where ever he goes
A new wife is found But Lord guard them all

That he bruised along his part
O Lord guard the soldier’s wife And his orphans protect.

BYE BYE SALON Salon How are you salon?
Them people visited you
And saw indeed In you house Starving children

Please bear with me Where are their hands?
Legs and ears of your dear children
In far away liber I saw your gemstones
Exchanging for But instrument of destruction

Salon my friend One of your rooms
The Krankor Mountain A home of dissidents Why don’t you ask why?
Not even Boh, nor Kenema was habitable Makeni, Bombali, Lunsar,
Bumbuna infested Were them all Even your Motel Mammy Yoko Capesera,
Kailondo was not safe Salon
Your citadel Years back an icon of learning in West Africa

But now it can only be seen Overlooking Freetown like a scarecrow Fourah Bay it was………………
Salon, Why so much celebration In burying your children in gross And your only gift to me was………..
Is it children with amputated hands….toes….Ears
You offer me No……….No………..No

Bye Bye Salon.
Dudu boy Dudu boy Alas you have come again
Dropping your devilish gifts Upon those hungry fellows
Staring at you like a Man from a strange land

Dudu boy Dudu boy You pretend to drop down in shame Like an eagle on a deserted sky
But then it was only but a trick Where through the lightning flash
And thundering rain of your Christmas gifts Came sending poor fellow to great beyond

Dudu boy Dudu boy Supporting the tired limping giant
Soon you appeared alive
they become Thrashing the hovering rebellious fellows
To foothills and swampy jungles Of harm and surging sea A skill…..

you perfect in You send them stampeding in disarray But alas?
Dudu boy Dudu boy Why do you sell goods of death?
To those lovely innocent eyes

Dudu boy……..Dudu boy
Hold your goods our of Habble And have dignity
They need those goods No more.

SOLDIER ANTS Soldier ants Soldier ants Like a stream you flow with ease Soldier ants,
your agreement who can copy Big you are,
Bigger you are, Biggest you are also!
Both sides you guard Warding off enemies sides ways and above You quarrel not,
above each other you crawl You scream not the pain of your brother’s weight
The weak you carried along with you The little you stamped not to death
In season you work,

out of the season you rest
On departure you left not your eggs Your troupe who can dare,
not the lion can You fall off
your operation post Your position you struggle to hold

Soldier ants Soldier ants, you rest not,
the work is on The parapet you form What a lesson Soldiers learn from Like a cub web…..
you guard your heard…..
above your brothers Dipper

your tunnel Diversion your strategy
Your abode who can find Your dead you left not behind The city you attack….
what a desolate it becomes
You trilled the eyes like a chain saw Miles and miles your thrilling thrills Soldier ants……….

Your tell who can tell?
What a lesson you are to man Soldier ants………Soldier ants…………
How great a lesson? You are………….

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