Symbols of Igbo people

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Those who have no understanding of the heritage of a people, in most cases, ascribe false meanings to the symbols of these people.

Ikenga and all other images listed here are among the most powerful  religious symbols of the Igbo nation. In the images below, you will encounter exotic arrays of igbo artifact.

Among the Images, we will elaborate more on the ones named Ikenga. “The name Ikenga has its origin in the Igbo culture of eastern Nigeria and has an important connection to the spiritual and psychical dimension of the culture and the individual; it is timeless and is perceived as a psychic force that underscores success. There is the interpretation that Ikenga is the destiny, which an unborn soul works out for itself with the help of its Chi before it incarnates in the physical realm. In this case the creation and consecration of Ikenga would be the process of activating this destiny and living it out. “

“Ikenga, a figure or mask in the Ibo culture and mythology of eastern Nigeria, symbolizes the creative life force; “the personal shrine of man’s right hand.” It is a symbol of justice and equity in a communal and social context, and a reminder of one’s sacred obligation to honor those we cross paths with on the journey through life.

 Ikenga  sculptors  Aziza -broom  Ikenga
 mask  udu – pot  Carvedartifacts  Ji -Yam
 Ekpo  igbo instruments  mmanwu  ikenga
   odogwu anya mmiri  Igbo Shrine  Bronze artifacts
 Okwa – mortar  Biafra flag  Igbo tower  Biafra war museums
 Ji – yam  oji – kolanuts  ojoko -plantains  masquerade dance


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