Sports Minister Danagogo unleashes terror on Kalabari voters

Sports Minister Danagogo unleashes terror on Kalabari voters

Voters in Akuku Toru local government area of Rivers State are currently facing a bloody situation as Nigeria’s Minister of Sports, Dr. Tammy Danagogo, has unleashed a band of vicious soldiers on residents and possible voters in the area.

In an exact repetition of his undemocratic acts last March 28 when he commissioned and supervised the harassment, intimidation and bloodying of All Progressives Congress, APC, members and prospective voters, Dr. Danagogo, a native of Abonnema, which is the headquarters of Akuku Toru local government, has in brazen disrespect to all known principles of democracy, decorum and rights of the people, begun to brutalise voters.

The Sports Minister has been moving from house-to-house since 9.00am, hounding and brutalising known APC members, according to reports reaching the Greater Together Campaign Organisation Situation Room at about 3.47pm(local time).

Dr. Danagogo, who is a chieftain of PDP, has reportedly vowed to unleash additional vicious armed youths on natives and residents of Abonnema who would vote for any other party but PDP.

“We consider this act an outright infringement on the people’s freedom of association and expression. We expected Danagogo to know better as a lawyer that his act is an offence punishable under the Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We hope he will boldly face justice after this period”, the Campaign Organisation said in a statement signed by Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, the Director of Communications.

The Organisation recalled that during the March 28 Presidential/National Assembly elections, Dr. Danagogo similarly had deployed militia groups who in collaboration with the same set of armed soldiers he hired in Abuja, to terrorise, kidnap and brutalise APC members in Abonnema.

Mrs. Semenitari has advised Dr. Danagogo to be civil and conduct himself mannerly to allow voters in Akuku Toru, particularly in Abonnema, to vote according to their conscience unmolested and unfettered.

Ibim Semenitari

Information and Communications Commissioner

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