Poems and Poetry

The Inevitable Parts2

Without complaint I lay,
In silence I watch what man is
With my memory I think
Though living but not living
How within some hours uncared for

The matter turns rotten
My meditation is interrupted
With such a dim farewell song
That choir compose for us

I am now being lowered
Being lowered to my mother earth
The already watered grave
Mud water soaked me
I can now hear the prophesy
Being fulfilled now that I go
I can hear the cry

Oh, of my most beloved!
Has many things to say but
How could they be uttered.
And next is the sound of heap
From the loved ones above me
Uttering farewell as they punish me

With the sound of the sand
The drops from the shovels
Marching on me as the heap rises
I can see everything and hear all still
Discovering that I cannot touch them.
Food and drinks the next agenda
Even the most beloved
Could eat so fast.

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