The Inevitable Parts1

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When others fell victim
I was there to officiate
Thinking on how mine shall be
Departing from this beautiful earth.

Today my day indeed
People have gathered in our home
To watch so close face to face
Where I seriously look at each of them

From the room I momentarily occupy
Though just for some hours
Emitting tears cannot solve this
Wailing can neither save the situation
Nor could laughter ease it out

Mourning has descended like dew
On the relatives and dears
Who thought it unwise
That I, their one should die
I hear how shovels

mingle with the soil
Just to prepare my bed
Were my matter shall forever lie,
Adding up to the already fallow.
Alas, my people pity me!
The whole of this heap

Shall soon be on me
As soon as the minutes come
As soon as the whistle is blown
That is the peak of the tune
The peak of the mourning

When many are forced into
Unprepared and deep ‘meditation’
Thinking aloud on this death
Jokes from the grave I hear
Those thought to be more serious
Demanding liquor as they dig
Even the sound of corked bottles
I hear it but what again

Can I, whom am fixed down,
Do to these mortals.
‘The expected minute is here!’
Shouted one of the clocks.
They bang my casket
The only house I owe,
Even without mercy

They drag me to the open place
Laying me on the wooden benches
Brought together to make up
As the heat of the sun
Deals with me.
Uncared for they shifted
As the sooner-later rain beats,
Leaving me unsheltered
As the Mass goes on.

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