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After a careful investigation which has taken months, we can exclusively reveal Nollywood’s lesbians of all times till date and it’s really amazing those indicted in this research.

I got talking with an actress whose mission is to expos this rot which she a claim has eaten very deep in the industry.

‘This is not the movie industry of our dreams, I didn’t envisage things will be this bad in Nollywood, for producers especially females to give movie roles to some group of actresses just because they are lesbian partners? God forbid!’

Those were the exact words of the actress whose identity I will simply leave as anonymous. What does this imply you may ask? Well, I guess you should patiently read this piece to get yourself well informed on the latest sexual pervert that has dominated the world’s third largest film producing platform called Nollywood.

As you read, open your discerning so as to get the gist properly, some revelations you derive here, you may not have ever heard before and would shock you. Read on…

Talking about lesbianism in Nigeria, there is someone, whose name you cannot cast away. This is simply because she sounds like a ‘song’ and just like the songbird, when she sings every other birds keep their cool. She is chubby; dark skinned and is termed the mother of lesbians in Nollywood.

With connections here and there, she prefers the company of young pretty ladies who satisfies her undying sexually perverted desire. Although she has an only child, but in all sincerity, love hasn’t been kind to her. A close friend of hers once told me that she resorted to this shameful demonic act after suffering several heartbreaks from men.

Today she runs one of the most successful lesbian empires in Nigeria, with some of her cohorts being fixed in strategic positions with more and more young girls on the cue wanting to tap into her ‘current’.

Breast bareOn the other hand, in the words of a popular magazine that shares the same name with her, the next person you are reading about is pretty yes very pretty, blessed with a beautiful shape, body and skin that glows. She appears ageless all the time but already in her early thirties.

She is however one of the most prominent lesbians of all times alongside a national honour… Despite her age, I also have it on good authority that she may not be giving marriage any trial, because like they say in Pidgin English, Wetin you dey find for Sokoto, dey inside your Shokoto. The actress and mother of one has a PA whose first name begins with the seventh alphabet, with whom she goes down low.

The all seeing eyes also whispered into my ears that they live together in her Lekki mansion, and her so-called PA is an integral part of her life, such that she calls the shots in most cases, infact, like it was said, whoever wants see madam would have to work very hard to please her first, otherwise, you are on your own.

Findings also revealed that the boxed up actress who have endorsed several brands in Nigeria and Abroad, also pays beautiful young girls huge amount of money in order to have carnal knowledge of them. Recently she allegedly approached a female musician who was at some time rumoured to also enjoy the thing a lot, promising her heaven and earth…I will still find out if she agreed or not, but not today.

Just in case you think it’s finished, then I will kindly advise that you read on, because the next person is a Nigerian whose looks and skin colour resembles those from the ‘Dominican Republic’. In fact, she is as well very pretty, fair skinned and petit.

This person operates on a different level; she takes so much Apeteshi and smokes the hell out of cigarette and at the same time enjoys the woman-to-woman affair.

Her career once suffered setback at the emergence of some new generation talents but shortly after, she started regaining her place, after being introduced to the lesbian club. She doesn’t play only local leagues, but also international.

I was informed that most of her lesbian partners hail from Cameroun and Kenya which explains why she frequently travels to these countries. She is also in her late 30s but is also not considering settling down any time soon.

One thing also need to know about these lesbians is that except for some who have probably given love a trial (I mean falling in love with an opposite sex), their desire for the cu*t does not in any way debar them from getting married if the opportunity arises.

The reason for mentioning this is that the next person you are about to read about now, is a newlywed. She studied Theatre arts, tried her hands in acting sometime in the past before going into restaurant business thereafter.

However her second return which was situated by one of her older colleague who hails from the same state with her and also belongs to the top lesbian club was explosive. She is presently the toast of toast top movie producers due to her versatility and good delivery of movie scripts. Shortly after her return to the industry, her colleague turned bedmate gave her lead roles in some of her personally sponsored movies and the rest they say is history.

However in the words of Achebe of blessed memories, years after, Things fell apart between them and everyone went their separate ways. Due to frustration, she once squatted with some of her lesbian colleagues in Lekki before being thrown out. Eventually she got her groove and rented a personal apartment in the same area, where we were told she had almost an overdose of that thing…and along the line, met her husband and shortly after they settled down.

It cannot be overly emphasized that there is power in the names we bear. This next person hails from the South Southern part of Nigeria. And like her surname implies in Igbo language, she is truly a warrior. Shamelessly in love with controversy, rascally, consumes cigarette like it’s going out of fashion, but this act of sexual perversion has eaten so deep in her system than many ever imagined.

According to the all seeing eyes, she is a bi-sexual and cannot do without sex whenever she is high on Indian hemp or skunk. According to findings, the product of a famous reality show in Nigeria is ready to grab the boobs of the girl next to her whenever she smokes and there is no man to do justice to her sexual desire and before you know it, one or two things will happen.

She allegedly has a good number of her industry colleagues as bed mates and recently got serious bashing from pundits for towing a particular line which some of her predecessors went through without success.

At this juncture, let me tell you the story of another chronic lesbian who have taken a center stage in Nollywood. She is simply ‘Eucharistic’. She is fair skinned with an intimidating body structure; once upon a time the gist was that she is a nymphomaniac, which makes her insatiable with sex.

Once married but divorced with a male child as the product of her failed marriage. Her own case in extraordinary. I was told by the all seeing eyes that her insatiable quest for sex led her into the demonic act.

The all seeing eyes also squealed into my ears that she once told a bed mate that a man’s di**k can’t satisfy her, which explains why she sometimes applies the vibrator with the blend of another female who will suck her underneath while she routes for the climax. She’s currently treading the religious part and was recently honoured in a new generation church.

That however did not stop the South Eastern born actress who claims she might be giving marriage another shot soon. Lie they say, ‘the mother hen knows its chicken’ God knows those who worship him, even by their names.

Funny enough, the list of Nollywood lesbians of all times is almost endless, and we plan to keep up with the listing, but will be drawing the cutting here for this week. Keep a date in our next edition as we continue the gist. Indeed you will be shocked the more.

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