Mercy Johnson in Aboki remix hype by Ice Prince… thrill or disappointing?

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Enigmatic rapper, Ice Prince got everyone’s attention, fast, a fourth night ago when he announced on social networking site twitter that Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson will be part of a star studded list of artists to remix his currently raving hit song ‘Aboki’

Fans were anxious to listen to this remix not because of any doubt in the talent of Ice Prince to put together a solid collaboration; rather expectations peaked because Mercy Johnson was in the picture.

The remix which also features MI, Wiz kid, Sakodie and Khuli Chana eventually dropped and there have been mixed reaction ever since.

No doubt, many have hailed this song; calling it a powerful collaboration of the masters of minds. Wiz kid, Sakodie, MI, Khuli Chana and of course Ice Prince spat fast paced words that would leave anyone trying to catch up mentally dizzy. It’s a hot baked collaboration that further deepened Aboki‘s intensity and overall quality.

However, one cannot but acknowledge a weak, after taste of disappointment shortly after hearing Mercy Johnson.

Compared to the whole hype, she was barely noticed in the song.

In the thick of his verse, Ice Prince had asked ‘Mercy Johnson will you be my wify?’ to which Mercy replied (not singing) in an auto-tuned clouded background ‘Can’t you see am married’

And that was all!

The song raced on quickly to Wiz kid and others who helped finish the mind blowing song.

Click the link below to watch


Those in favour argued that it’s still a collaboration with Mercy Johnson however long or short it turned out to be. Others have lashed out out at Ice Prince, calling Mercy Johnson’s inclusion ‘unnecessary’ and a mere stunt to add publicity to the song. To them, this collaboration would have still done well without the actress.

Ice Prince is saying nothing yet about an official video to this release but we expect that should be coming in no distant time.

Have you listened to Aboki remix? Did it meet your expectations and what is your take on Mercy Johnson in the song? Hit us with your comments.

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