How Tonto Dike paid tribute to late actor, Muna Obiekwe

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If there's anyone in #Nollywood, who had more controversial lead role collaborations with Muna Obiekwe in Nigerian movies; it is arguably Tonto Dikeh. The popular actress recently poured out her heart on social media, as she pays tribute to her late colleague in the Nigerian film industry–who died of kidney failure. Muna is survived by his dearest wife and two children; Nigeria Movie Network is reporting.

If you can recall, Tonto Dikeh and Muna Obiekwe were at one one point in time, regarded as the most controversial actors in Nollywood. This was fueled by their appearance in a controversial gay movie titled "DIRTY SECRET", which was arguably one of the first of its kind in Nollywood (see pics from the movie below)

Without further ado, below is the tribute message Tonto Dikeh wrote via her Instagram profile (@Tontolet), as she pays homage to the late Muna Obiekwe:

"Just sitting here gazing at a picture of a boy I know but now gone because of an illness that would have been managed. The thought of his lifeless body brings me so much pain and sadness and it is not because I was close to him nor that I cared so much about him but just a mere reflection of how wicked the world is, the extent we go just to hide our pain to avoid being a laughing stock,Gossip item, abused, bullied on social medias and even betrayed by some trusted friends & even our socalled Families*

Oh yes that is the awful world we live in,We develop thick skin because we re betrayed almost everyday by people we love and trust so now we try to go through the difficult and trying times alone without sharing with anyone or letting them know what we re going through.

Be a Neighbor and a friend that really cares,try and be trustworthy in this wicked and heartless world. I know that there are some good people out there,where re they? We all can't be evil na,let's show others hope,love and reason to live again,a tree can't make a forest,we need each other in one way or the other."

Below are some picture scenes of Tonto Dikeh and Muna Obiekwe in the movie 'DIRTY SECRET'. Tonto's tribute message continues below, right after this flashback movie pic collage…

Tonto Dikeh and Muna Obiekwe in Dirty Secret movie

Tonto Dikeh tribute message continues…..

"HE WAS A SHINING STAR AND THUS YOU WILL THINK HE WILL HAVE TRUE FRIENDS OR A TRUE FRIEND TO LEAN ON AT DIFFICULT TIMES. Its quite sad that I can't trust anyone with my pain and anytime I wake up I think about death,I think about the freedom and peace that comes when i am gone from the world of hate,betrayal, deceit,Greed,Jealous,anger,Revenge.. I can only wish there is life after death,life that will be void of bad things we have experienced in this current life….May the soul of Muna and the souls we have lost so far Rest in perfect peace..Amen" -Tonto Dikeh

As you may already know, Muna Obiekwe suddenly passed away at a specialist hospital in Festac Lagos, on Sunday, January 18th, 2015. According to reports, Muna was on his 10th dialysis when he eventually gave up the ghost.

Muna Obiekwe is survived by his dearest wife, and two children in the UK. May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace. *ISE* 

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