Assassination Plot To Eliminate Nigeria President-Elect Jonathan

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Assassination Plot To Eliminate Nigeria President-Elect Jonathan By CPC-Supporters & Muslim Zealots, Revealed–Reports

New York – ABUJA–Credible reports reaching Republic Report New York demonstrate that there is increasing assassination plot against Nigeria President-elect Goodluck Jonathan. Credible sources disclosed to Republic Report New York that “if Jonathan sheepishly and lackadaisically declines to beef-up his personal security and address insecurity in the country, he will become history”.

“He should be extremely careful while traveling a-rounding the country especially while visiting Northern States in his capacity as president of the country or any part therefore, international trips are inclusive; these are dangerous times and nothing should be taken for granted”, sources added.

Our sources say the assassination plot was in attempt to restore Peoples Democratic Party’s internal party Zoning-Policy or agreement between North and South, which Jonathan abandoned because of his personal and regional ambitions as he ran for just concluded presidential polls April 2011. According to sources, the VP-Gambo will replace Jonathan if the assassination scheme were successful. Jonathan has been lambasted by critics as mentally weak, sleeping on duty and slow to reasoning.  He has therefore been warned and advised to beef-up his security details and those of the country, or become history.

Our source says: “CPC/Buhari supporters and Muslim-zealots will strike again when the country are done mourning recent sadists slaughter in the land; things will quite down and Muslim-zealots and CPC-supporters will strike again, make my words”, angry insiders at the presidency who declined to give his name because he was not authorized to speak on sensitive security matters such as the killing of NYSC-Members, Southern and others this past week, disclosed to Republic Report New York.

Militarily, the North dominates and controls the Nigeria armed forces that include her purported intelligence community irrespective of recent appointments of Military-Service-Chiefs (Paul Dike & Ihiejirika) from southern part of Nigeria. The truth is: troops take orders from northern Muslim troop commanders rather than from Christian Service-Chiefs. It is even worse now as suspicion has increased between southerners and Northerners similar to pre-1966 crisis.

Nigerians witnessed the drama that played-out when Yar’Adua became incapacitated, and when he died; this was followed with chaotic burial arrangements that started as late Yar’Adua smuggled into the country at mid-night as his air-ambulance carrying his corpse hit Nnamdi Azikiwe International airport, Abuja. Paul Dike gave orders to the military commanders but was ignored. In a bizarre turn, troop commanders directed and deployed troops under the leadership of one Gen. Bello blocking FCT, Gen Bello troops deployed subsequently shut-down Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, thereby embarrassing president-elect Jonathan who was the then acting President of Nigeria. The rest they say is history.

Republic Report New York weeks before the April Presidential polls reported bombshell report that revealed that Buhari at 70, and his Congress Progressive Change (CPC) and supporters will turn to violence if it discovered Buhari will lose. In a pre-planned plot Egypt and Arab-world crisis was inferred by CPC-National Chairman, Tony Momoh in one of his fraudulently articles to the press. We saw what happened and continue to happen in twelve (12) northern Shariah States of Nigeria (monumental unprecedented killings). CPC-projection was to aggressively turn post-presidential polls into hell on earth if Buhari was defeated by Jonathan (rigging or no rigging not withstanding). CPC/Buhari supporters kept their promise. Many have been killed, yet Jonathan administration did not only belated aftermath troop deployment.

Remember the slogans which Buhari and CPC-supporters harped on opponents on internet-chat-rooms: “Rig and Roast”. “Lynch anybody that attempts to rig April election’ Gen. Mohammadu Buhari was quoted saying albeit, he denied these allegations. Buhari later after the killings attempted distancing himself from the mayhem that followed, thereafter. Nonetheless, critics say, “blood of thousands of innocent people that littered the streets of Northern Nigeria can never be washed-off from the hands of Buhari/CPC-supporters and rioters, their hands will remain tainted forever”, critics added.

Our intelligence bombshell reports demonstrate that our intelligence gatherings information were accurate, comprehensive and on target. Over 2,000 were killed by CPC-supporters and rioters after Buhari was clearly defeated by Jonathan in April 16, presidential polls. That number was put much higher by Niger Delta Volunteer Force [NDVF] leadership, at 10,000 killed by CPC-supporters and Muslim Zealots. Indicators show that â€Muslim zealots”, targeted Nigeria Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Members, with 3,000 to 5,000 thousand NYSC-Members stranded in Bauchi State alone. And, over 300,000 people mainly from the South, Bauchi, Kaduna, Borno States, and hot bed- Middle-Belt displaced internally in these territorial borders.

In addition, thousands were injured across the country as property that includes, Churches, Mosques and, businesses worth billions of dollars were destroyed.

Republic Report New York was first media outfit in the world (electronically or in print) to report that Jonathan has won the Presidential Elections Held April 16, 2011.

Meanwhile, Nigeria Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, Thursday remarks supports Republic Report New York reports that the mayhem was pre-planned just as purported assassination plot against Jonathan is now on the pipe-line (at its planning stage).

Nigeria is a very chaotic society as the security situation in country gets worse in seconds despite billions of dollars budgeted for security at the local, State and national level. Dramatically, Obama administration yesterday told the world that small group of US-forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan killed Al-Quaeda head, Usama Bin Laden, took custody of his body and later bury him in the sea to discourage his tomb a rallying ground for his supporters and financiers in any country that would accepted him corpse for burial.

Emerging controversy surrounding the burial of Al Quaeda head, Bin Laden in the sea according to several news outfits will spark violence in Arab-world and elsewhere as sea-burial violates Muslim right. This will put more pressure on the United States and its assets as targets alongside her NATO-Allies forces, including affiliated institutions linked to western civilization.

Prof. Wole Soyinka indeed, took, “a critical look at the 2011 polls, the attendant mayhem and controversies and issued a series of point blank verdicts, stating that President Goodluck Jonathan won the presidential polls; adding that the outbursts of violence in some northern states after the April 16 elections “were pre-planned and targeted at Youth Corps members”, he added.

According to credible intelligence sources in Abuja and other intelligence agencies shredded in secrecy one comes to mind–Arewa-Forum with CPC-supporters reveal additional threats against Jonathan and his administration. The North in the past says, that it â€will make the country ungovernable for Jonathan, if he does not step down, soon from his quest to occupy the presidency, Aso-Rock”, reports added.  Competent sources say, Jonathan so-far has surrounded himself with Ijaw-nationals and other political cronies that are just as “opportunistic as himself”. His political cronies and fronts have been accused of cluelessness at governance who stumbled into the corridors of power after the death of Yar’Adua. The source says, Jonathan is visionless and lack leadership qualities to lead the country and its peoples, just like past Nigeria leaders, who themselves were visionless and enemies of state.

Critics quickly pointed-out October 1st Independence Anniversary twin-Car-bombing attacks which reports say killed 18 people and injured hundreds at Eagle Square with nothing concrete done about it till date, as typical example of Jonathan’s  ineptitude at leadership and governance, pundits added.

“Look at the twin-Car-bombing of Abuja that possibly could have killed Jonathan, nothing has been done about it till date; not even a single individual has been prosecuted by this administration…those arrested were later on let go… Dr. Dokpesi, director IBB-Campaign organization was accused of texting bombers; yet, Jonathan went out of his way and exonerated MEND who claimed responsibility.

“All that text-messages and other evidences were thrown off the window as Jonathan began to romance with IBB, Atiku and making DEALS with these criminals”.

Curiously, Niger Delta Volunteer Force (NDVF) said over 10,000 southern were killed by Buhari supporters and rioters, NDVF has threatened retaliation, if Jonathan administration does not arrest the culprits of these heinous crimes against humanity.

Another sources said that ‘Jonathan is an opportunist who do not know what to do with presidential powers invested in him.

”Every year thousands are killed by Muslim zealots across the country, yet federal government of Nigeria does nothing about them for years”.

“If Jonathan lacks the will to do something with respect to these murder cases, they might at some point come after him and nothing will happen too”, anonymous source who declined to give his name because of security reasons disclosed to Republic Report New York.

One sources say, “This assassination threat is real, if Jonathan does not do something about his security and security of the country, he might as well consider himself history.

“He may end up paying with his life; there is no two ways about it”, the sources added.

Even though, NDVF said: “…elections have come and gone. It is unfortunate that those who submitted themselves to the process refused to adhere to the laid down laws, rules and regulation enshrined in the Nigerian Electoral Act. Instead they resorted to violence in Northern Nigeria.

“The violence has led to the indescribable massacre of 10,000 innocent civilians of Southern Nigerian origin by miscreants and supporters of General Muhammadu Buhari and his Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) which lost in the April 16, 2011 Presidential Election. Also, thousands of homes, shops and places of religious worship of people from the south of Nigeria living in the north were burnt and bombed.

“It is sad that nothing concrete has been done to bring the masterminds and perpetrators of these dastardly acts to justice. We all know that the northern quartet of Mallam Adamu Ciroma, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku,

“General Aliyu Gusau and General Ibrahim Babangida promised that hell will let loose if ruling party (PDP) refused to zone the presidency of Nigeria to the north, thereby setting the tone for a return to a north/south political rivalry. As part of their plans to achieve that, they sponsored terrorist bomb attacks in different part of Nigeria, including an attempt on the life of President Goodluck Jonathan on October 1, 2010. Their attempt to intimidate him out of the Presidential Primaries of PDP failed and he won.

Respected commentators on Nigeria politic like Alen Ighedosa reacting to the killings and lack of security in the country has this to say to another Nigeria commentator like Philip: “Philip, You raised a very good point about the negligence in the carnage-ridden States. Some high level official(s) in Imo State mobilized the military and police to maintain law and order.

Could the governors of those States have done what the leadership in Imo State did to maintain law and order? The Youth Corpers would probably be alive today. Is there any reason why the governors of Kaduna and Bauchi States not be held responsible for the resulting carnage in their States. Could those barbaric Muslim zealots have targeted non-Muslims under the cover and protection of their governors? Cheers and peace”, added, Alen Ighedosa.

“There is nothing for you to be proud about. This is what the government should have done in the North. Why was there no response from them? Why did they wait for the carnage to take place? Just like the folks up North reacted to election results, Imo people are also reacting to elections result.

“Again, I ask – Why did the Federal government not deem it necessary to ensure that this level of security was activated once the problem started in Northern Nigeria? Added, Philip Idaewor.

“So-called Nigeria is a chaotic society without any political, economic and military direction whatsoever. If Jonathan continues to pander and sleep on the killing of NYSC members, cannot muster the political will with respect to the killings of innocent women, children and old people and presume that it’s business as usual, he will be mistaking a grave mistake”, reports added.

The country since independence has been marred uncertainty, one crisis after another crisis, while purported commissions of investigation are jointly set-up by federal government and affected States. Curiously, majority of these joint-commission’s recommendations are either ignored or not implemented at all; thusly flaming tensions and widening state and regional grievances.  Grudges widen as one section of the country has been pitted against another section of the country by corrupt politicians. Things are almost becoming a regional and religious tension, and yet Federal government puts its head in the sand like ostrich and carries on the affairs of the nation like these killings since 1945 were practically inconsequential.

Sources say with Al-Quaeda, Boko-Haram and other affiliated terrorist-fundamentalists in the North, directly or indirectly working together either by commission or omission with Northerners, including Buhari and his CPC-supporters and Muslim zealots, and with US-led-NATO bombings Tripoli, Libya, that killed Gaddafy’s Seif Islam, and his three grandchildren, plus assassination of Al-Quaeda head, Usama Bin Laden late yesterday will calibrate and ratchet up the climate for more unprecedented killings inside Nigeria and elsewhere by Muslim zealots., Buhari and his CPC-supporters and terrorists troops are watching how Jonathan administration to one week killing in the North , it will definitely launch another unprecedented attacks on Christians and Southerners. It is only a matter of time

Several sources say it is almost too little too late to address security issues in the so-called Nigeria. Records show that Nigeria is hugely compromised, dysfunctional and plagued with systemic corruption.

Jonathan administration has promised to set-up commissions to investigate killings in the Shariah State, but critics say, Jonathan is weak and doesn’t have political dividend or advantage to be trusted with commissions or committees as past commissions were shredded in secrecies and lies and never made to the next day.

“What you see is what you get”, An AU-Diplomat who spoke to us on a condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to comment on sensitive issue such as assassination plot against a president-elect, in Nigeria. Others say, “Jonathan is another liability who only shares billions of petro-dollars with PDP-party stalwarts in 36 States and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja, thinking that he can buy his with money”.

“He will be disappointed”.

We are living witnesses to the fact that British-Nigeria experiment has defiled all options, have failed woefully in the last 50-years of its existence, as currently constituted

Anthony-Claret Ifeanyi Onwutalobi

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