NIGERIA: ‘I’m enjoying God’s mandate,’ Governor warns impeachment plotters

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Governor Ayo Fayose has warned his detractors not to take his recent offer of peace as a show of cowardice.

Fayose also stated that God had put him in office and anyone against the voice of God is following Satan’s way.

The governor made the statements on Sunday, April 19, 2015, during a thanksgiving service organized for him at the Cathedral Church of Emmanuel, Anglican Communion in Ado Ekiti, to celebrate the recent Supreme Court verdict which upheld his victory in the June 2014 elections.

“I asked for forgiveness for reconciliation and to pursue genuine peace. Waiving the olive branch does not mean cowardice, it is for peace. Conspiracy is against God’s will. What better way could one seek peace other than asking for forgiveness,” Fayose said.

“The opposition should be courageous enough to accept defeat. I’m enjoying the mandate of God through his people and that cannot be controverted. The people have spoken (governorship election), they said it was military intervention. They spoke the second term (presidential election), is that one photochromic? And they spoke again the third time (House of Assembly election),” the governor added.

“If God that gave me victory cannot defend me, I better go home. If the people cannot defend the mandate they gave to me, I better go home. Power doesn’t come from man. Power belongs to God. Anyone against the voice of God is following Satan’s way,” Fayose said.

Fayose also accused the opposition to plotting to take power by force.

“In a democracy, you need a simple majority to win elections, but I enjoy total majority. They want to take government by force, firing shots at people; that is coup against the people. They said they are coming again tomorrow, we are waiting for them,” he said.

The governor is currently embroiled in impeachment proceedings brought against him by the 19 All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers in the state.

Upon winning in the Supreme Court, Fayose urged his opponents to forgive him and embrace peace but the lawmakers have said that the impeachment plans would proceed as the governor must be made to answer for his actions.

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