I knew about FFK and Bianca – Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

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Why Bianca is lying about her relationship with Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) during her late teens is perplexing. In the early 80's there were a group of now affluent Nigerians that flocked together as teens in London, Oxford, Cambridge in the UK and even Wales. We were teen couples. I dated Segun Cole, Lanre Tejuoso and Moji Okoya, Toyin Ojora and Bukola Saraki all became prominent married couples today. The Folawiyos, Adenirans, Lawrence twins, Olunloyo sisters and more as well as the Fani Kayode's were all known. Everyone knows about Femi and Governor Onoh's daughter.
I'm a daughter of a governor too and we all know each other. I've seen Bianca Onoh at numerous social events with Femi and even Femi's apartments in London, UK and these two almost got Married!!! Whatever teen to young adults do in a relationship, namely sex, dating, kissing etc, Femi and Bianca did too. I wasn't with them in their intimate moments but are we this immature to say that they have never even met? Femi does not like fighting women in public domains be it in person or online, in fact he fights for women and once took my back in a situation where a male demeaned me with lies. Femi is a faithful husband and a damn good father to his children.
I wrote two open letters to Bianca on my Facebook page/MadamGovernor and I certainly hope she drops these meaningless lawsuits as I am prepared to be called as a witness in such a case.
Madam Ambassador needs to take this personal  controversy away from her job and the issue of tribalism which ensued from the so called ""Lagos-Igbo deportations.""
Many Igbo Nigerians are attacking this man and turning it a fiasco on social media. We have to remember what happened with our Yoruba ambassador to the United States Oluwole Rotimi who was fired by late Prez YarAdua for allegedly making statements about Biafra and Ojukwu which the late president called insurbodination. The Igbos pressured the President to remove a Yoruba US Ambassador and replace him.
I lived in the US 30 years and the whole Ambassadorial fiasco is not needed in 2013. Bianca, focus on your job, Igbo people, a Yoruba man has been intimate with your Queen, deal with it. There were lovers before the Ikemba. There shouldn't be lawsuits about who hit it first? The Igbo-Yoruba fiasco in Nigeria today is out of control. I represent some famous Igbos at my PR agency Keminications PR in US/Canada, so dont tell me I hate Igbos.
Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo

Monday September 9th 2013

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