PDP critics are pretenders –Goodluck Jonathan

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President Goodluck Jonathan declared yesterday that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has kept the promises it made to Nigerians since 1999.

He dismissed PDP critics as pretenders who keep refusing to acknowledge the achievements of the party over the years.

He spoke at the PDP special convention in Abuja.

He said the party is the only one out of the three registered in 1998 that has retained its identity, while the others have imploded or subsumed their identity in search of political direction and relevance.

PDP, he said, would continue to grow bigger and stronger.

He listed achievements of the PDP, led government to include improvement in telecoms, agriculture, aviation, transportation, roads, water resources, and education.

The President reiterated the party’s commitment to internal democracy and belief in the rule of law.

He said: “Ours is not only the party of the present, but it is the party of the future. It is very clear that we are the party destined to take Nigeria to greatness. We are the party that holds the interest of Nigerians dearly at heart. We do not pursue divisible policies, we do not preach hate, we reject violence, we reject killings, we recognise Nigeria as one indivisible entity, we deplore ethnic distrust among our great people.

“We must insist on defending Nigeria from those who threaten her in words and deeds. We are a nation in God’s hands and we must keep it so. Before I leave, let me ask our party men and women one fundamental question and I need the answer yes or no. As a party, have we changed our name? No. As a party, have we changed our logo? No. As a party, have we changed our slogan? No. As a party, have we changed our motto? No. As a party, have we changed our vision? No. No shaking.

“We are here today to reaffirm our faith in Nigeria, our commitment to internal democracy and our belief in the rule of law.”

He called on party members to work relentlessly to bring about cohesion, discipline, and supremacy of the party to enable it face without distraction, pressing national challenges and task ahead.”

“To remain strong and successful, we must not only continue to be a party of internal democracy but also of internal discipline. Our party structures and rules are clearly defined there provide a clear guide for action and programmes. To undermine them is to compromise our strength and goals. I will like to remind all here how far we have come.”

“The visible vibrancy that our party has encouraged from 1998 helped to strengthen our party and support the goals of internal democracy of this country. It will foster greater democracy in our party. We believe in freedom of speech, we believe in the freedom of association, we believe in the freedom of participation.”

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