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Nigeria: The Travesty of Public Appointments in Nigeria

  “Prof. (Ishaq) Oloyede of JAMB has remitted 5billion to government early in August and yesterday announced another 3billion is ready to be remitted this week making it 8billion. The Finance minister made this announcement and some of us may have seen it. In 40 years of JAMB no kobo has ever been remitted to government. Interestingly, Oloyede, (a former Vice - Chancellor of the University of Ilorin, before his appointment as the current Registrar and Chief Executive of Nigeria's Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has neither increased fees nor changed anything else really. I know he is trying to clean up JAMB through the various activities being announced. The FEC (if you like say Buhari) has now directed they must bring all the formers heads of JAMB immediately to come and explain what happened during their time.

There are still honest people in Nigeria. Does it mean they have been sharing such monies? How many people share it? How come not a single person in JAMB blew any whistle on this in the last 20 years for example? *Our country must certainly have some of the most wicked citizens in the world*” The above was sent to me by a friend, a Professor, who is on the same WhatsApp group as myself. Please see the germane questions asked? This is our country for you. Yes, indeed, Nigeria must have the most evil and wicked people in governance and in the larger society in the world. I have many times written about this unfortunate and debilitating phenomenon, which perhaps is unique to Nigeria, that men and women will be appointed to be Director-Generals, Chairmen/women, Directors, Chief Executive, Executive Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries, Comptroller-Generals of this or that agency, etc to head both public and government institutions, agencies, departments and after a few years, these unscrupulous and corrupt people retire, or in many cases, forced to retire or resign, and the next thing you hear and know about them is that they are very rich; that they have built these many mansions or that in Abuja or their hometowns; that they have ventured into large scale farming; that they have bought a small plane; they have built a church or mosque for their communities and so on. Some even go into politics to offload some of their loot and flex some muscles on the same unfortunate populace they have stolen from.

The travesty of the situation is often lost on our people who adulate these people. We never bother to think to ask ourselves - and them too - how can someone on a salary (and even with certain expenses) afford such lucre and ability to live beyond their means? Nobody ever have the courage to come out and speak and condemn these evil, hypocritical parasites and leeches who have been looting this country from their dingy offices, while putting on the facade of service and sincerity to the public and to their employers. I have often met people like them, in Nigeria and abroad, who will come for one award (usually bought with their loot and/or worthless) or the other, with accolades heaped on them, and people from their town and tribe and religion fawning over them, while these common thieves will be exuding innocence and honesty, not minding the loot in their pockets. They are the reasons why our River Basin Authorities are not working and making us self-sufficient in agriculture; why Nigerian Universities Commission is upside down; ineffective FADAMA and other agricultural projects; failed healthcare projects; moribund and grounded education initiatives, illegal mining of our mineral resources, etc.

These people killed those government and public projects and initiatives with their wanton greed and selfishness. And therefore, for the past forty years or so, when I finally realise what a fraud and deception we run in this country, have never been impressed by CV’s as long as my arm containing all kind of spurious and dubious experiences, skills, abilities, positions occupied, degrees/diplomas and awards won or conferred upon, etc, and when I read or hear that such person has been appointed to this or that agency. In all honesty, the fault is with the mediocre system we operate and the various types of rudderless governments and leaderships we have been unfortunate to have over the decades. This is because there is no altruism in the appointment of people into public and government offices and agencies. It is always because of nepotism, “man-know-man” or political compensation. Meritocracy is, most of the time, sacrificed for mediocrity and nepotism. In fact, in Nigeria, it is a rule of thumb that when appointed to a public office, it is to allow you to “chop”, and not only that, you must make returns to the authorities that appointed you, as well as those who lobbied for you to reach that position. As such, the running (or, we should call it, ruining) of the country have ended up, ninety-nine percent of the time, in putting square pegs in round holes. It is still happening. It never fails to happen. That is the way things have been and will continue to be for a long time. And if we continue to do things the way we have been doing it and we have not been getting the right results, we will continue to fail. The civil service, public offices and even in private industry is replete with examples. Even in democratic elections, we fall foul of the rules of meritocracy and competence; abandoning our ideals and morals, and instead going for some of the most criminal and insane elements in the world to put into power at the expense of people who are ready to serve the country and bring sanity back into public appointments. It is almost risible, if not for our dire and unfortunate situation.

The hypocrite public appointee laughing all the way to the bank with money meant to be used to develop country and better the lives of our people; and the same people hailing him/her, extolling him/her, and seeing nothing wrong with the crime. It is a sick society we have here. I was passing by the National Iron Ore Mining Company, Itakpe the other day, and like it always happens to me, I was abashed with frustrated emotion to see the abandoned light railway that was supposed to move goods, services, and people from Itakpe to Ajaokuta, and who knows, perhaps beyond that, and would have laid a more solid foundation for our railway development. Yet, some Nigerians, and of course, their foreign collaborators, are responsible for this mess and waste, and nobody has ever been investigated, indicted not to talk of being arrested, prosecuted, and jailed for this monumental fraud and theft perpetrated on a people. It is incredible!!! But then, can’t we list thousands of other cases of such frauds and monumental waste in this country? The same questions asked at the opening of this article, and more, need to be addressed: ·        

Does it mean they have been sharing such monies? ·        

How many people shared it? Who are the people who shared it? ·        

How come not a single person in JAMB blew any whistle on this in the last 20 years? ·        

How come people are not blowing whistles on all the other public bodies over the last 30 years? One thing I am very sure of is that there are millions of former and current public appointees and officials, whether in senior or junior capacities, who have benefited and are still benefitting their pockets with public money that belongs to ALL Nigerians. Let’s dispense with the pretence and the delusion. We all know heads of parastatals, agencies and departments of government are appointed mainly for political compensation, to loot and to make returns to their nefarious and scheming godfathers. Also, to steal as much public funds as possible during their tenure in office either to enable them or their godfathers to run for political offices or simply to live comfortably and ensure the financial securities of their families and next generation.

Thus, these lackeys go in there and their intent is already known, but nobody dare prevent them. Is that service? It’s an easy decision!! We can all quote from moral sayings of great people from now to kingdom come, but the damage that these people have done to our physical and moral emancipation and to our psyche, mindset and attitude are not easily removable, and as we see, is being played out or passed on from one generation to the other. What hope do we then have? I have seen some of these thieving hypocrites address the public and warn against corruption, while he is sitting in his office looting the treasure through one stroke of his red pen. It was all I could do to hold myself from shouting them down or stoning them. So, what to do? The government of President Buhari has learnt something from the JAMB issues. He should extend it to ALL public offices and appointees stretching back for a long time, but my fear is that the resources to do this are not there, and paper trails and other financial records would have been destroyed by these thieves. But something needs to be done to ensure that crime and corruption do not pay, even after 20, 30 or 40 years, and you cannot escape justice. We simply cannot afford to continue to run ruin) this country this way!! Something must give, and it will not be a pretty sight when the bottom drops out. Do not be deceived by these crooks and charlatans!!! They are not doing any public service but pocket service!!!  

Telling the Truth always!!!

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The Real World of Nigerians

Sometimes I imagine myself as an alien; a being from outer space, visiting Earth incognito, and the first country I landed in in my spaceship was a country called Nigeria, and after a few decades living among them, concluded that it is an interesting yet confounding and hazardous country where they have enough but whose greedy and selfish people (leaders and followers) ensure that nobody, not even those selfish and greedy amongst them, ever have enough.

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DUNAETA Celebrates Rapid Transformation of Uburu by Gov. Umahi

A Non-Governmental Organisation, the David Umahi Nweze Akubaraoha Ebonyi Transformation Agenda (DUNAETA), has expressed delight over the rapid transformation of the ancient Uburu Community of Ebonyi State by the administration of Governor Dave Umahi, describing it as a dream come true. DUNAETA in a statement issued on Wednesday in Abakaliki, the state capital, noted that even though Uburu had for ages been famous as the home of Uburu Salt, the area remained largely neglected before the advent of the Umahi administration.

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INTERVIEW: Why I begged Apostle Suleman – Stephanie Otobo’s mother

PREMIUM TIMES’ Festus Owete and Idris Ibrahim travelled to Sapele, Delta State, to speak with the mother of Canadian-based Nigerian woman, Stephanie Otobo, who accused the pastor of the Omega Fire Ministry, Auchi, Johnson Suleman, popularly called Apostle Suleman, of having amorous relationship with her.

For two days, attempts by our reporters to trace the mother, Bukky, to her home were unsuccessful. When finally located, it would take hours to convince her to speak with this newspaper.

Bukky explained why she apologised to Mr. Suleman, the formative years of her daughter, the allegation her daughter had marital introduction with Mr. Suleman, and other issues.


PT: You travelled to Auchi to attend a church service where you also apologised to Apostle Johnson Suleman. What prompted you to do that?

Bukky: I did that because of my daughter, (and) because I am a mother. The way I am seeing her is not the way I brought her up. And all those her character is not giving me happiness which I want to put an end to. That is why I went to Auchi.

PT: Did anybody threaten to arrest or kill you before you went there?

Bukky: No, nobody threatened me. It is because I am a mother. When I saw what was going on, the day you people came to the market I said I wanted to go and meet the man of God to apologise so that we can put an end to the matter. Because I know my daughter. I did not bring her up this way and the way she is behaving is not normal. So, I said I want to go and beg the man of God to forgive her so that this matter can die off. Because I cannot continue with this (and) the way I am seeing it, I don’t want anything of such to happen again. Nobody threatened to kill me or prompted me to do so. I went there on my own to apologise to man of God.

PT: I am asking because shortly after that church service, your daughter said on Instagram that you were threatened to go to Auchi.

Bukky: No, I was not threatened. I am a mother. I cannot continue to see her in that manner. She has been saying all sort of things. We are not happy and that is why I went to apologise. I went there alone; nobody threatened me.

PT: That implies that your daughter lied?

Bukky: Yes, because what she is saying is not true.

PT: How old is your daughter?

Bukky: I don’t want to answer that. 

PT: Don’t you think your daughter is old enough to take responsibility for her actions?

Bukky: What I am still saying is that they should pardon her and the matter should just go down like that. They should forgive this matter because they’ve been manipulating her because this is not her real self. She was not behaving like this before. It seems all those lawyers are manipulating her, using her to say all this rubbish and bringing all this things out. So I begged that this matter should die down now because this is not my real daughter. I believe somebody must have been manipulating her. All those lawyers (and) all those her friends are using her. This is not the way I brought her up because I brought many children up. They are not behaving like this. Somebody is brainwashing her, polluting her mind and that is what is making her to do all this things that she is doing now.

PT: You are accusing a lawyer for doing that?

Bukky: Yes, all those lawyers are using her to get their own names. They should leave my daughter alone. They should leave my daughter out of this matter. I am still talking about all those lawyers, they should leave my daughter alone.

PT: Can you mention names?

Bukky: I don’t know them but I believe that all those lawyers supporting her are using her. I am begging the government that they should leave my daughter alone. They should release my daughter from what they are doing to her.

PT: Do you know the lawyer they call Festus Keyamo or any lawyer from his chamber?

Bukky: I don’t know him and any lawyer from his chamber though they call me but I don’t know them.

PT: When the lawyers called you, what were they telling you?

Bukky: They asked me whether they came to arrest me or they forced me to say all those things when they came to my market. They also asked whether I was tortured. They came and said they want to ask me about my daughter, (but) I told them that I want to go and beg the man of God myself to die down the matter. That is what every mother will do. I don’t want to see my daughter destroyed. That is why I am saying that all those lawyers should leave my daughter and bring her out of this matter.

PT: You said you were going to beg the man of God, what were you afraid of?

Bukky: Well, we begged the man of God that he should forgive my daughter. You know when you call somebody a man of God, he can go to any length. So I don’t want the man of God to go to any length, to do any evil prayer because when we heard of it that time, this pastors’ association (South-South chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria) praying all their sorts of things. I cannot sit down here watching my daughter like that. That is why I said I want to go to the source to beg that man. Nobody tortured me. I went alone. I entered vehicle from Sapele to Auchi.

PT: So, was it the first time you went to Auchi?

Bukky: No, I have been to Auchi before.

PT: She (Stephanie) said Apostle Suleman held marriage discussions in the pastor’s office. Is it true?

Bukky: No, it is not true, nothing like marriage, I did not go there for marriage. No woman goes to collect dowry. That one na abomination.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was pregnant?

Bukky: No, she never told me.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was stooling blood for a year?

Bukky: No.

PT: So, when you heard about all these things, what was your first reaction as a mother?

Bukky: I really want to see that they bring my daughter back to me. I wanted her to come back to me that moment. I did not see her and that was why I said I was looking forward to seeing the man of God so that I can beg the man of God to forgive her (and) to cancel all this matter.

PT: Have you made any attempt to reach her so that you discuss with her?

Bukky: No.

PT: When she was growing up, what kind of child was she?

Bukky: She is not wayward, that is why what is happening is surprising me. Somebody is behind this matter because she was not like that before. She is a good child. She loved me and I love her. So, along the way, I don’t know what happened; that is why I said they are manipulating her, using something against her and I want every Nigerian to help me to pray, pray for her that God should deliver her.

PT: Do you know what she does in Canada where she lives?

Bukky: She was going to school before (and) she is a musician.

PT: Does she send you money?

Bukky: Before she dey send me money sometimes.

PT: What do you do for a living?

Bukky: I am a business woman.

PT: How many children do you have?

Bukky: Dem plenty, even the one I born, the one I no born, through herself I brought many of her friends up.

PT: Now if this matter goes to court, are you ready to go to court to testify?

Bukky: I don’t want to go to court, that is why I said they should cancel the matter.

PT: Do you have any advice for mothers?

Bukky: Well they should bring up their child in the way of God.

PT: Do you know anybody who is against your child and who is polluting her against the man of God?

Bukky: I don’t know anybody. Na the lawyer wey make her dey talk all this bad word. The lawyer should leave my daughter alone.

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Negative Energies and Priorities; Negative Results

Negative energy can be found almost everywhere. Negative energy is a concept used in Physics to explain the nature of certain fields, including the gravitational field and various quantum field effects, but I have tried to adapt it to our situation in Nigeria. There are people complaining about life constantly, practicing bad habits and bringing you down. The emotions they spread influence your thoughts and actions in a bad way so avoiding the sources of negative energy is obligatory if you want to be more successful. Everyone can be easily affected by negative emotions and the only exceptions are people who learned how to deal with it.

Nigerians are fond of (and seem to enjoy) embarking and wasting our energies on misplaced, unfocused priorities; waste of brains, energies, time, resources, efforts, intelligence, endeavours, etc on mundane, futile, unworthy, and unproductive issues. Why would we waste energy on marching on Abuja demanding to see a sick President; or a counter-march supporting a sick President? Why am I debating Olubadan issue when there doesn’t seem to be any benefit in it in terms of real and weighable development for Ibadan people on the street, and the politicians seem to have their own agenda forced down everybody’s throats? And why should it bother me that the Governor who introduced this seems to be embarking on such a perilous and unpopular activity? Shouldn’t it be time to redirect the war against ignorance, corruption, poverty, diseases, and the ilk? Our energies must be redirected to match the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese of our world. Enough of these negative energies!!!

a. The Earth (including Nigeria) was created for development.
b. People were created to develop themselves and environment to have a meaningful life.
c. Leaders/governments are wise people who should understand and work towards
achievement of (a) & (b) above. But this is not yet understood by our leaders.
d. The Equipment to achieve this is education/knowledge.
e. The best way to transfer knowledge and values is through visions, stories, articles,
literature etc
f. This is on the mental plane.

g. You can only transfer knowledge that is well thought out, organized, and designed for
practical implementation/execution, otherwise it is useless.
Since the above are missing in Nigeria, the people are unfocused and become social
cannibals destroying one another through unhealthy competition. Hate, strife, looting,
embezzlement, selfishness, greed, insensitivity to the plight of one’s fellow man/woman, and
destruction become the order of the day.
For progress, we need well-articulated thoughts that produce visions to give direction to our
energetic masses. Directed energies will eliminate fear that comes from idle minds and
bodies. This is the way to peace and positive development.
According to Oskar Nowik, an author and blogger, these are the ways that positive people
handle negativity:
1. They create happiness from within.
2. They practice positive thinking.
3. They look for reasons to believe in themselves.
4. They cut off negative people.
5. They train regularly.
6. They spend time in the nature.
7. They avoid impulsive spending.
8. They accept failure.
9. They take full responsibility.
10. They learn to control their thoughts.
11. They devote some time to relax.
12. They believe there’s always a solution.
13. They know when to say no.
14. They don’t look for anyone’s approval.
Perhaps these are thing both leaders and followers in Nigeria should adapt and adopt. The problem with Nigerians is that we never accept our faults or responsibilities. We always
blame someone for our mistakes or culpability.

We forget history so soon.

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Fake Defections: Let Glory Emeh keep fooling Gov. Wike – Rivers APC

The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, said she has taken notice of what appears to be a smart but disingenuous method by Chief Glory Emeh to deceive Gov. Nyesom Wike by presenting faceless, non-existent names and sometimes under-aged hirelings as defecting APC members in return for relevance and huge cash rewards.

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The Dilemma of Nigerian Restructuring!

APOLOGIES and ACKNOWLEDGMENT: In writing this article, I trawled through the social media seeking the comments, reactions, ideas, etc. of my people, Nigerians. I took the liberty of using some of their opinions, ideas and reactions freely without making their names public. Hence if you feel you have read this or that sentence before, and you think that somebody else wrote or said it, that is the reason. My own contribution to the article, however, is about 75%. Thank you.   So, after much talk and thoughtful resolutions the power structures of Nigeria are rethinking about how to restructure Nigeria? Even APC Party, the PDP party, the Afenifere (both old and new), the Redeemed Christian Church of God, and Kanu of Biafra separationist group, etc are not left out.    

What then is the meaning of restructuring for Nigeria? ls it economic, or political, or fiscal, sociological or these or some? We are yet to see. Governance has been one of our major setbacks as a nation, so to whose benefit will Restructuring be – the Federal Government, the states or the proposed regions, the ethnic components, the politicians or the 170 million Nigerians?   It is instructive the political leaders of the first Republic spent a lot of time deliberating on the type of structures that Nigeria deserved before agreeing on a Federation based on Parliament and Regional government. The military leaders post Nigerian civil war as complainants and judges dictatorially and unilaterally bequeathed to us an American system, which, with the benefit of hindsight, is completely at variance with our economic ability, history, and culture. The Constitution of Nigeria, as we currently operate it, is even at variance with the American Constitution from an economic and political view point. So what kind of restructuring do we need to give more economic latitude to the Regions or is it the States? To healthily compete once again as they did between 1955 and 1966.

  How can restructuring, whether of structure, resources or functions guarantee transparency and assure good governance? As usual Nigerians are looking at ideas, rather than hard work, to get them out of self-induced trouble. It's never worked and never will!!   I believe in a well-conceived, well-debated, well-structured, well-articulated and well-implemented Restructuring (i.e. a kind of reformation or re-arrangement) be it of structures or of function, but such cannot exclude hard work, sincerity of purpose, a truly and sincerely patriotic set of motivational and inspiring leaders and good governance. Again, there won't be so much clamour for restructuring in the first place if the system we have on ground now delivers good governance imbued in the rule of law. Any structure that we are going to re-erect should internalise transparency and accountability which will engender integrity and all those things that set a country apart as pursuing the right vision within the comity of nations. We absolutely need “mental restructuring” in that to a high degree of rewiring our mentality in the way we see religion, ethnicity, wealth without hard work, looting, disrespect for one another, disrespect for people in work seen by society as menial; all those effects that interfere with our progress as a nation.   When the mantra on every mouth in Nigeria was that all that we needed to make public sector industry work was to privatise it. So, we privatised NEPA; but has it worked? Our problems of constant electricity deepened and got worse.  

Chief Awolowo excelled when we had regions. He excelled when he served in a Federal structure. And if Nigerians had had the common-sense of giving the late sage the mantle of leadership at the centre, I have no doubt that he would excel.   Eventually, we may fiddle with the Constitution and “restructure”, and when the problems persist, since Nigerians will not restructure their heads, I wonder what else we will start shouting as panacea and silver bullet to lance all ills.   The word Restructuring has become a mere sloganeering by the very vocal but partisan Nigerian political jobbers. Ask the proponents of restructuring to articulate their slogan, and confusion of multiples of irreconcilable definitions will pervade our atmosphere.  

Change begins with me; Change begins with you, from individuals to family and socio-cultural levels. The Bible says, as you think in your heart, so are you. (Prov. 23:7). Nigerians aren't going to see change as a country externally until individual segments of our society change internally. People typically respond to tough circumstances and situations by blaming someone or something else. It's the colour of my skin, it's because l am a Southerner. It's the Hausa-Fulani mistreating or marginalising us etc. It's always someone else's fault. Lagos has demonstrated and keep demonstrating how to start changing things internally and translate it into external change. The effective tax regime in Lagos has now become a template for tax policy at the Federal level. Today, the managers and operators of tax reform in Lagos State are now hired to reform and operate the Federal tax policies. Did Lagos call it restructuring? No!! They’ve never even heard the word.   Whatever is growing in the garden of our life is what we have planted or allowed to be planted in our heart. Same in the life of a nation. Before we can really see change as a nation and as a region we must abandon giving excuses and blaming anybody and everybody else for what is wrong in our life as a nation. Asiwaju Tinubu, no matter the way we look at him, took the bull by the horn and was not giving excuses but confronted the Federal Government (then of Obasanjo) headlong with all legal power mixed with ingenuity in governance and pulled Lagos State out of economic strangulation devised by the Federal Government.  

Experience have shown that the difference between the poor and rich nations is not the age of the nation. This can be demonstrated by countries like India and Egypt, which are more than 2000 years old and are still poor countries.   On the other hand, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, which 150 years back were insignificant, today are developed and rich countries. The difference between the poor and rich nation does not also depend on the available natural resources but on their "attitude, education and culture".   Nigeria can proudly compete well and above its peers in the education sector given the numbers of educated and educationists in her area; but could we claim same on our attitude and culture?   Japan has limited territory, 80% mountainous, unsuitable for agriculture or farming, but it is the third in the World’s economy. The country is like an immense floating factory, importing raw materials from the whole world and exporting manufactured products.   Another example is Switzerland, it does not grow cocoa but produces the best chocolates in the world. In her small territory, she rears animals and cultivates the land only for four months in a year, nevertheless manufactures the best milk products. A small country which is an image of security which has made it the strongest world bank.  

The racial or colour factors also do not exhibit any importance: migrants heavy in laziness in their countries of origin are forcefully productive in rich European countries, in adaptation to the host country’s attitude and culture. We see it every day on the streets of New York and London and Paris, where highly educated Africans do not mind sweeping the streets or working in an abattoir in exchange for good income and a better life from whence they originated.   What then is the difference?   The difference is the *attitude* of the people, moulded for many years by *education and culture*.  

When the conduct of the people from the rich and developed countries is analysed, it is observed that a majority abide by the following principles of life:  

1. Ethics, as basic principles.

2.  Integrity.

3. Responsibility.

4. The respect for Laws and Order, Rule of Law, and if you permit me to say, Constituted Authority, etc.

5. The respect from and for ALL citizens by right.

6. The love for work, honest hard toil.

7. The effort to save and invest.

8. The will to be productive.

9.  Reliability, and lastly

10. Good governance.  

Of course, the list above is by no means exhaustive.   In the poor countries, it is observed that only a small minority follow these basic principles in their daily life.   We are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature was cruel towards us. We are poor because we lack attitude; we lack the will to follow and teach these principles of working of rich and developed societies. WE are in this state because we want to take advantage over everything and over everyone. WE are in this state because we see something done wrong and refuse to ask questions, we usually say - “LET IT BE”. We should have a spirited memory and develop positive attitude.   Yes, there is a great need for Restructuring in Nigeria: political, regional, moral, economic, cultural, fiscal, call it what you will. But the problem is:  How can we restructure the Mind when the system that corrupts and aberrates our Mind is there and fully ensconced in power and authority? Corrupt and morally bankrupt political and government leaders? A thoroughly crooked and lazy, unmotivated civil service? Compromised traditional rulers? Corrupt and unashamed parents? Dishonest youth and student leaders? Clueless and easily-corrupted labour leaders? Unscrupulous business leaders?  

I am waiting for that Miracle!!!!”   Restructuring is not about reckless access to regional or state wealth. It's not about balkanisation; restructuring should means accountability - more responsibility for states, more responsibility for local governments, more responsibility for state governors and for local council chairmen, and less responsibility for the Federal Government and less control of governance and government.   Now are we (both the rulers and the governed) all ready for the additional responsibilities? Of state police, federal roads passed to state control? Some federal prisons passed on to state control?  Some federal parastatals decentralized and passed on to state control? Federal hospitals passed on to state control? And funds generated on each state being used solely by that state but with federal tax being paid at source and unfailingly?   Are we ready for restructuring and for the responsibility? Are we really? After Lagos State, is there any other state in Nigeria that is ready for this restructuring?  

Finally, and I must quote my brother, Eric Ayoola “We should approach restructuring with an open and diverse mind. It is necessary in as much as change is necessary but it is not and will never be that panacea for all the evils and problems of the country as some people so naively believe. So, as I stated earlier, we should expect less centralisation by and in Abuja and more responsibility to be held by states. We would want to see more control of state resources by states but with that comes greater responsibility of ensuring remittance either by way of direct taxation or actual transfer of funds to the centre. 

And above all, comes the hard part: behaving responsibly and managing responsibly by those in power and positions of authority at state and local level. Some people seem to believe, quite childishly, that "Restructuring " will simply materialise and create responsible leadership amongst people where such attribute has been in such short supply. Such tomfoolery I have never seen in my life”.   I have no doubt that, as it is, considering the fractious situation that we are in, the way forward for any meaningful development requires some form of restructuring. My doubt is the motive, the agenda and altruism of some of the people screaming for it, from all sides of the fence.   My reservation is also that of those that may be put in charge or involved in this very delicate political design and implementation. Is it the current crop of politicians who have been misleading for the past five decades that we will entrust with this operational adjustment and hence the future of the country and our unborn generation?    

Tell the Truth Always!!!!

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  • 18 Jul 2017 16°C 13°C
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