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Ebonyi 2019: Opposition’s Grouses against Umahi Exposed

Few weeks back, we monitored nocturnal meetings in Abuja, Abakaliki and Enugu of major political heavy weights that lost out in the 2015 general elections in Ebonyi State, with those who felt that they are not carried along by the present administration of Governor Dave Umahi and the group that have some political scores to settle with the governor, as well as those who felt that he is going too far in his transformational agenda and must be stopped by any means before he rubbishes their political leanings that Ebonyi is beyond any form of redemption. In all these meetings, the single agenda was strategies to uproot the Umahi from the Government House come 2019.

The argument that Ebonyi South, through Umahi, is entitled to a second term as was the case with Senator Sam Egwu from Ebonyi North zone and Chief Martins Elechi from North-Central zone who all spent eight years in office failed on deaf ears, not considering Umahi’s commitment, based on physical and people-oriented projects scattered all over the state towards the development and emancipation of Ebonyi State and her people. This does not make any meaning to this clique that feels that without them Ebonyi State can’t be governed by any other person, except those anointed and who are ready to bring the state treasury to them, before embarking on any project.

We are not against any group of persons gathering or strategising on their political future, as doing that will be going against the main tenets of democracy, which centres on groups and people gathering to scramble for political powers and positions, but one’s concern is that such gatherings should be centred on the greatness and better future of Ebonyi State, as noting less than that will and will not have my blessing or that of any focussed youth of this state. Theodore Roosevelt, one-time president of the United States of America captured my mind when he stated: “The most practical kind of politics is the politics of decency.” And I pray that the opposition in Ebonyi State will listen to Roosevelt and let us play this politics with decency and Ebonyi greatness as our main hallmark.

It is in consideration of this fact, as a concerned daughter of Ebonyi State whose future and that of my fellow youths are at stake by this type of unholy machination to jeopardise and scurry the ongoing systematic strategies by Umahi’s administration to wrestle our state from the doldrums and woods that informed my decision to embark on this treatise, aimed at finding out and exposing the grouses of these misguided elements who feel that they have the power to scuttle the obvious current efforts to revamp both the economy of Ebonyi and make the state an Eldorado for the benefit of all and sundry.

I am not afraid of all these nocturnal meetings, because if God was the one that anointed Umahi to be Governor of Ebonyi State, no amount of gatherings will scuttle God’s will for Ebonyi State. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, a lawyer, politician, and the founder of Pakistani State, captured very succinctly the Ebonyi opposition misguided tactics when he stated: “Let those men who still have these misguided ideas, let those men who still have these hallucinations, realise that by anarchism, by dastardly crimes, they cannot bring about good government; let them realise that these methods have not succeeded in any country of the world, and are not likely to succeed in India”; Ebonyi State inclusive.

100 Grouses of the opposition against Umahi

 1. The first major sin against the opposition by Umahi is allowing himself to be appointed as Acting Chairman of PDP, Ebonyi State chapter, by Dr Sam Egwu in 2007. This was the office he used to fight to ensure that the PDP candidate in the 2007 gubernatorial candidate, Chief Martins Elechi, was duly elected and sworn-in as the second civilian governor of Ebonyi State.

2. The opposition will like to know why Umahi allowed his businesses and personal outfits to be burnt and destroyed in his home town, Uburu, because of PDP politics.

3. Why did Umahi, as substantive PDP chairman, make the party under his watch a cohesive, vibrant, united family and a political lethal force in the state, ready to pull down any form of opposition, using its grassroots appeal as a strategy and reputed to have built the best State Secretariat of PDP in the country?


4. Why on earth did he accept the Office of the Deputy Governor during the second term of Chief Martins Elechi, during the 2011 gubernatorial election in which he contributed so much financially, materially and spiritually, to ensure that Chief Elechi was duly re-elected as governor of Ebonyi State.

5. Why should Umahi take his fate in his hands and resort to God - and with the help of the then Secretary to Government of the Federation (SGF), Chief Pius Anyim, Dr Sam Egwu, and others – to reclaim the mandate as the PDP gubernatorial candidate; after then governor Elechi had formally told him that he is not his candidate?

6. Why has he decided to expose to the entire world that Abakaliki can look like a state capital, instead of leaving it as a glorified local government headquarters it was used to?

7. Who told Umahi that Abakaliki is due for a fly-over, talk less of three at the same time?

8. Why did he increase the salaries of civil servants in the state and be paying them regularly, while other states are not paying their civil servants for months: what is he trying to prove?


9. For making Ebonyi State the number one Agriculture State in Nigeria, he must be dealt with.

10. Who is Umahi to recognise traditional rulers and even give them jeeps as official cars, thereby trying to elevate them to the status of monarchs in other states?

11. Why must he always dedicate the state to God, even refusing to enter the Government House immediately he was sworn in, until he embarked on a five-day fasting and prayer, against the norm?

12. Why must Umahi restore peace to the land of the Ezza-Ezillo crisis that has claimed more than 200 lives, and property worth millions of naira destroyed when the state needs blood for sacrifices?

13. In whose authority did he send buses to convey our people from Kano, Ibadan, Lagos, Jos, Port Harcourt, Onistha and other major towns in Nigeria, to convey our people to and fro to spend their Christmas and New Year festivities in Ebonyi? (Something that was never done by past administrations.)

14. Today, Ebonyi State is termed as one huge construction site: why must he embark on too many people-oriented projects at the same time?

15. Why must Ebonyi State be rated as number one in the revolution of agriculture and was declared as the best state in the elimination of malaria and healthcare delivery under Umahi?

16.Not minding the current recession ravaging the country which made most states unable to pay their staff salaries for many months, yet the administration of Umahi in Ebonyi State has not only increased the salaries of its workers by 5 per cent, but pays regularly on 15th of every month?

17. Who taught Umahi that there is something like 13-month salary, since the departure of the British from Nigeria, when Ebonyi workers were paid extra one month after their December, 2016 salary? This is a fallacy and must be stopped henceforth.

18 On what premises is Umahi’s administration ensuring that there is no family or community in Ebonyi State that is not feeling the impact of governance in Ebonyi?

19. Governor Umahi had the audacity to have invited Engr Babachir Lawal, a chieftain of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), to the state and permitted him to state: Well, I cannot in all honesty understand how these works have been achieved within this short time and, indeed, in the climate of dire economic shortages of government. I am impressed that you (Dave Umahi) were able to do these works within the cost you mentioned. I can, in all honesty, tell you that the work is far beyond the cost. Now, this is a standard for other states and the Federal Government to emulate. To me, Governor Umahi is one of the few persons who believe that meagre resources could be used to achieve much, if we remove greed, which breeds corruption. Without mincing words, Umahi, is better than some governors in my own party, the APC.” Why and why should this happen?

20. Why should Ebonyi State be rated as one of the most outstanding growing states in Nigeria, as Umahi embarks on total rehabilitation of the dilapidated roads in Abakaliki, and construction of roads in all the senatorial zones of the state? This is not fair and, therefore, unacceptable to us in the opposition.

 21. On what premises should the Chairman, Senate committee on Sports, Senator Obinna Ogba said that, "the developmental strides of Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi State are unprecedented in the annals of governance in Ebonyi State. Umahi has returned the twenty years old state to the path of progress. His aggressive infrastructural pursuit and actualizing the dream of the founding fathers of Ebonyi state is commendable. With the rate the governor is tackling rural and urban development; the state has entered into the record books as one of the fastest developing states in Africa”.To the opposition this assertion is not acceptable to us and must be withdrawn

22. The statement credited to Chief Austin Umahi, the National Vice Chairman of PDP, South East Zone about the administration of Gov. Umahi that, "You ain't see something yet until Ebonyi become the second Dubai. The fact remains that the current developments ongoing in Ebonyi is just a starting point as Ebonyi will soon be competing with high profiled cities like Dubai" is not acceptable to us and must be withdrawn

23. For the Governor to be addressed as Akubaraoha which he uses to touch the lives of many Ebonyians is not acceptable and must change such a title if he wants us in the opposition to give him any respite.

24. The plot todevelop and build a model of school in each of the 13 local government areas of the state to serve as a benchmark for what all public schools should be in a no distant future is not acceptable to the opposition as the current state of schools in the State is okay by them.

25. The Governor must bury the thought ofengaging the German Environmental Sanitation Development Company on establishment of a new city to be known as Salt Lake City and the development of a land belonging to the state government in Abuja. Those in the opposition are contented with lack of ideas and initiatives to develop the State in any form.

26. The idea to use expatriates to train our farmers on the use of the mechanized agricultural equipment procured by the government thereby revolutionizing agriculture in the State by the use of modern mechanized agricultural equipment is a top dream so far we concerned and should be discarded.

27. For Umahi’s administration to approve N100m to enable the State Ministry of Power to continue with the ongoing urban street light project coupled to be systematically handled with the ongoing rehabilitation of 200 kilometres of urban street roads by the state Ministry of Works to ensure that each road reconstructed will be accompanied with street light, water and environmental sanitation facilities must be discountenanced.

28. The Ebonyi State Governor, Chief David Umahi, is not fair to the opposition by expressing the readiness of his administration to key into the programmes of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) to enhance the well-being of women and children in the state and stressing his resolve “to ensure that no woman dies during child birth under his watch.

29. For Umahi to spend a whopping of N8.1 million to defray medical bills of some indigent patients in the hospital thus demonstrating the fact that politics in Nigeria, could possibly be harnessed to wipe the tears off the eyes of suffering masses and assuage the pains of sufferer to the opposition is a taboo.

30. The Governor was taken too much by hosting the Octogenarians who had spent their years serving the society in various public and private capabilities during their hay days to a banquet organized in their honour. These elderly men drawn from the thirteen local Government Areas of the State were visibly exhilarated as they danced old school tunes with the governor at the glorious Banquet hall of the Governor’s lodge reminiscent of their youthful years. They were showered with Executive gifts of materials and cash and advised on tips to safeguarding their health by the Commissioner for Health, Daniel Umezurike. Why should these abandoned individuals be brought to a place like the Government House of the State

31. Why on earth should Barrister Anselem Enigwe, the Caretaker Chairman of Ebonyi Local Government state that: “I thank God for the choice of His Excellency, the workaholic Governor of Ebonyi State…He is simply too much. He has done more than good to the people of the State. He has demonstrated the fulfillment of the Biblical injunction to celebrate the elders alive…” He described Governor Umahi as a selfless an altruistic leader who put other first.

32. Governor Umahi should as a matter of urgency call for a stakeholders meeting to disannul the various communities in Ebonyi State resolution to endorse him as the sole candidate for the 2019 general elections as a demonstration of appreciation of gratitude to his unprecedented feats.

33. it is not acceptable that a barely a year after assuming office, Umahi should exhibit and impact his vision so visibly that Nigerians now boast and celebrate that truly a new visionary, focused, determined, patriotic, revolutionary, egalitarian leader. Indeed that makes everyone to agree that Umahi is one leader cast in the mould of Dr Akanu Ibiam, the first Governor of the defunct Eastern Nigeria, who happens to come from the same section of the state like Umahi.

34. Umahi must change his mission statement which seems to centre on the welfare of the Ebonyi State people in order to accommodate the unprogressive position of the opposition,  “Our mission in Ebonyi State is to enhance the welfare of our people, and empower all Ebonyians to be self-reliant, through the compassionate delivery of transparent and God-fearing governance, based on integrity and dignity,”

35. To the opposition Hon Linus Okorie, representing Ohaozara/Onicha/Ivo Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives must be recalled for observing after due consultation with various communities that came in thousands during the Christmas and New Year homage to the Governor, moved the motion that Umahi must not only stand for the second term in the 2019 general elections, but must be the sole candidate of PDP and other progressives parties desirous of the greatness and future of Ebonyi State.

36. Hon Odefa Obasi Odefa the Deputy Speaker of the Ebonyi State House of Assembly must be a joker for seconding the motion, stating that if the feats of Governor Umahi less than two years in office are anything to go by he should stand as the sole candidate of all the functional political parties in Ebonyi State during the 2019 gubernatorial elections. ‘The fact remains that we in Ebonyi State are not only blessed through Umahi who has exposed our state to unprecedented revolution and transformation of our dear state, but we can proudly stand before any state in the federation in terms of having a visionary leader whose impact is very visible, even to the blind.’

37. Why must the Senior Technical Advisers and Technical Advisers to the Governor through their leader, Mark Onu state that: “We are happy with you. Your second tenure is assured. We can only disagree with you if you refuse to present yourself. But I know the good Lord will guide you in all your dealings.”

38. The people of Ezza North according to the opposition erred by pleading with Governor Umahi not to go to Abuja until he completes the “good works” he is doing in the state, by contesting the 2019 polls. Through their spokesman, Mr. Hygienus Nwokwu,: Your Excellency, we are highly pleased with the good works you are doing in this our state. We are particularly pleased that our LGA has been well favoured in the area of infrastructural development. You have ensured equity in the spread of projects and appointments. We are happy with you, sir. But, your Excellency, we want to plead with you not to go to Abuja yet. We say this because very soon, people in Abuja will soon ask you to come to the centre. But we say don't go yet, until you have completed the good works you have started. That they did not want a situation where the governor’s “massive projects would not be completed.”

39. For Umahi to state that, “As a government, we are thankful to God that Ebonyi is among the few states of the federation where civil servants went home with their salaries from January to December, and are paid by 15th of every month. We have even done more than that by paying 13thmonth salary to all civil servants. This we have done for two years running. That Ebonyi is counted among the few states that do not owe salaries is not only remarkable, it is a testimony of rare ingenuity on the part of my administration”, to the opposition this is suffocating to them..

40. Umahi is suffocating the opposition by maintaining thatAs we begin 2017, the story will not change. It is equally worthy to note our achievements in the area of agriculture, the health sector, and road construction in the year just ended. The opening up of our rural villages through massive road construction and street light projects across the three senatorial districts is eloquent testimonial of our successes within our 18 months in office. In the capital city Abakaliki, urban renewal and beautification were given priority through streetlights and road rehabilitation/construction”.

41. Umahi the enigma compounding the position of the opposition the more stated, “Agriculture is one area we have regained national prominence and accolades, even from President, Muhammadu Buhari. It is a thing of joy that Ebonyi is now a reference point in terms of agriculture. I am highly glad that Ebonyians keyed into our vision to make agriculture our principal income earner. We will not lose our focus and vision in this area in 2017. We cannot be talking about achieving self-sufficiency in agriculture without opening up our local roads, for effective and efficient evacuation of farm produce to our urban markets. Thus, this year 2017, we shall strive assiduously to ensure commencement of work on the Abakaliki Ring Road, which cuts across most of the local government areas in the state.

42. “In 2017, we shall take our rural electrification project to all the three senatorial districts. Health and Education sectors will not be left out. They will witness quantum leap in terms of improvement in facilities, manpower and, of course, performance. Our intention is to make life in our villages comfortable. By this, we will be able to keep the youths at home where they can engage in noble ventures, especially agriculture.

43. “To fight poverty in 2017 and effectively too, we shall continue with our empowerment programmes. More of our youths must be engaged through deliberate empowerment policies of my government. Women will not be left out. We shall empower the women in several ways, to ensure they are engaged in productive ventures. Tell me with these innovations, what are the opposition in Ebonyi State talking about

44. “In the area of security, my government is awake to the challenges of securing lives and property in the state, and will remain so ever. Ebonyi is no longer a safe haven for kidnappers and armed robbers. I am glad to tell Ebonyians that throughout the Yuletide, there was no news of kidnapping or armed robbery in any part of the state.

45. the opposition will like to know why Umahi must embark upon all these roads considered unworthy of government attention by the previous administration- These are: Water Works Road, Ogoja–Onuebonyi–Rice Mill Road, Gunning Road, New Market Road, Nkaliki–EBBC–EBHA–Abakaliki LGA Road, Hosanna Park, Hosanna Street, Ezika Street (Yam market), Old Park, Jos Street, Obiri Street, Nwodo Street, Mberi Street, Awolowo Street, Nsugbe Street, Uga Street, Ezza Road, Udensi Roundabout–Mile 50, Adiq Suite Road, Gulf Roundabout–Quarry–Fide Mbam Road, Hausa Quarters, Onwe Road, Vanco Junction to Government House, Convent Road, Meat Market, New Market Road, Udemezue Street, Arondizuogu Street, Nkwogu Street and Zik Avenue.

46. Why must Umahi embark upon the following projects in the Ebonyi North District - Ezzamgbo–Effium road, Hill Top–Nwofe road, Ishieke–Odomoke road (Nwiboko Obodo road), Amike–Abegu-Ozibo bridge, Amachara–Oferekpe–Ovuduechi road.

47. What is Umahi trying to prove by remembering the Ebonyi Central through Enyibichiri Ikwo Road, Ndufu–Alike–FUNAI Road, Nkalagu–Ehamufu Road.

48. For Umahi to remember the forgotten  Ebonyi South Sentorial Zone through the following projects - Amasiri–Okposi–Uburu road, Ezzama–Oshiri-Onicha-Isu-Uburu Road, Amasiri–Nguzu–Owutu Edda Road, Amangwu–Owutu Edda Bridge, Ihenu channelisation/culverts, Ntezi–Agba–Isu Road is an abomination to the opposition

49. In which other State in Nigeria are Ex-lawmakers, Chairmen to Earn Monthly Pay except in Ebonyi State therefore the Governor must discard such an idea if for nothing for the interest of the opposition in Ebonyi State. According to the Governor. “My aim is to carry everybody along, especially the political class. That’s why I will be approaching the House of Assembly to ask them for approval so that those legislators that are not on seat now, we start paying them some stipends. Former local government chairmen will also be included. I believe this is how we can get them to help in developing and creating wealth in our state, and will assist to douse tension and allow me some concentration with them so that we can complete the work we have started.”

50. it is totally unacceptable to the opposition that Umahi should within one month construct and equip a multi-million naira modern virology centre in FETHA II, Abakaliki where suspected cases of Lassa Fever and other acute hemorrhagic fevers will be diagnosed and managed This is the first of its kind in the South-east. This project started because of the governor’s love for his people, who before this period has lost so many lives due delays in sending and receiving sample results from Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State.


I have about 100 grouses of the opposition against Umahi but space can’t allow me to mention them all in this piece but don’t be dismayed as I have put all in a booklet once I have a sponsor for its printing, the public will be privileged to know more of what this enigma call Engr Dave Nwaze Umahi has done for his State less than two years in office.

This notwithstanding, if all these feats by Umahi in less than two years in office are the sins he has committed to warrant being persecuted and kicked out by 2019, we, Ebonyians, will urge him to commit more of these sins in order to reposition our state to a better and greater height.

Watching the opposition politics in Ebonyi State, I can now understand why Donald Trump, a world political leader and current President of the United States, in showing his repugnance for most of the political actors expressly stated: “One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace; good people don’t go into government.” But, fortunately for us in Ebonyi State, we have one good man spearheading the affairs of governance and delivering dividends of democracy to our people. His name is Engr. Dave Nweze Umahi, the Akuaboraha, he whose wealth touches all and sundry.

Umahi has not only redefined governance but has achieved within less than two years, what past administrations of the state could not achieve in the 20 years of the creation of the state.

To my friends and leaders in the opposition, I think we can listen to the following counsel of Bayard RustinIf we desire a society of peace, then we cannot achieve such a society through violence. If we desire a society without discrimination, then we must not discriminate against anyone in the process of building this society. If we desire a society that is democratic, then democracy must become a means as well as an end”

In conclusion, let me counsel my principal and my leader that he should not have any fear, as all the good people of Ebonyi State are behind him but most importantly, God has the final say in his case. And he has already ruled in the book of Isaiah Chapter 54 verse 15: “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. (King James Version).

Monica Ada C. Eze is the President and Founder, DUNATA & TA on Media to Governor Dave Nweze Umahi and can be reached via quintrelking@gmail.com & dunaebonyitransformation001@gmail.com   


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Dakuku Peterside Laughs Off Wike’s Panel of Enquiry

WikeThe Rivers governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the 2015 general elections, Dr Dakuku Peterside has laughed off constitution of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate alleged violence that took place during the December 10, 2016 rerun election by Governor Nyesom Wike.

He described the action of Wike like the proverbial witch who cried a previous night and the child dies the following day, adding that the governor has no shame as he continues to ridicule the office he occupies.

According to him, “are there no people telling the governor the truth. Here is a governor who told Rivers people not to attend an investigative panel set up by Police to probe issues surrounding the election and an audio that went viral where the governor threatened INEC officials with death.

“Is it not laughable that the same governor has now set up a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to probe issues surrounding the election and he expects Rivers people to obey him. What manner of a governor is Nyesom Wike?

“How can a responsible governor be urging Rivers people to be lawless, how can such a governor call Rivers people not to obey police investigation and yet expects the same people to obey his own kangaroo judicial commission?

“The same Wike accused police of seeking to achieve a predetermined goal in its investigation to nail PDP members and I ask, what goal is the governor seeking to achieve with his own panel of inquiry, to exonerate PDP members and pronounce APC members guilty?

Dr Peterside, who is also the Director General of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), said Wike remains an accused in the matter and could therefore not set up an investigative panel, else it is dead on arrival.

“I call on the Justice Chinwendu Nwogu-led panel to be very careful not to be used by Wike to achieve a dubious end. We all recall the Omereji panel and what the governor wanted to use it to achieve. In the end, his evil plan failed.

“Justice Nwogu was only recently made a judge by Nyesom Wike. I hope the he is not being used to do the bidding of the governor and PDP. My admonition to the judge is that he should know that posterity awaits him if he allows himself to be used by the governor,” he stressed

DAP Media Team

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ministry of petroleum resources ends 2016 on a high as kachikwu signs landmark agreement

 KachikwuIn a move which will restructure the financing template for oil earnings, increase investments and boost government revenues, the Minister of State, the Federal Government has reached agreement on a new cash call exit policy with the international oil companies (IOCs).

         The historic agreement which will bring clarity and stability to the management of the country’s main revenue source was announced by the Minister of State, Petroleum Resources while giving an account of key achievements of the Ministry in 2016 yesterday has already received the approval of the Federal Executive Council.

         It is part of new measures and strategies aimed at eliminating the burden of Joint Venture Cash Call arrears and securing future funding for the Upstream Petroleum Sector.

These strategies which are fully supported by the National Economic Council (NEC) will lead to an increase in national production from the current 2.2mbpd to 2.5mbpd by 2019, as well as reduction in Unit Technical Costs from $27.96/Barrel Oil Equivalent (boe) to $18/boe.

The net payments to the Federation Account is expected to double from about $7Billion to over $14Billion by 2020 and the immediate effect of the new cash call policy will increase net FGN Revenue per annum by about $2billion.

         Dr. Kachikwu outlined other innovations and initiatives championed by the ministry over the past year which have revamped the sector, restored investors’ confidence which was at an all-time low and positioned Nigeria’s Oil and Gas value chain for profitability.

         It would be recalled that based on historical records, the current Cash Call system has been structurally defective and has failed to address the perennial Joint Venture funding challenges being experienced in the industry where the Federal Government underfunding of the industry through JV Cash Calls stood at $9.125 billion by September 2016. This arrangement will guarantee payments of statutory Oil and Gas Royalties and taxes by NNPC and its JV partners as well as profit from its investments in the Joint Ventures.

         At US$42.5 per barrel Oil price which the 2017 budget is predicated on and US$24 per barrel fiscal cost recovery proposed for 2017 in FGN Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) recently submitted to NASS, over US$13 per barrel will accrue to Government as Royalties & Taxes from Joint Venture Oil and Gas Production apart from US$2.8 per barrel estimated as Government share of profit, at 57% equity.

This will restore investors’ confidence and achieve accelerated production growth in the Joint Ventures. New Governance processes will also be introduced.

        The negotiation on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria which was led by Dr. Kachikwu resulted in a remarkable agreement by the IOCs who have agreed to be paid their accumulated arrears up to December 2015, payable over the period of about five years. It is important to note that this will not be a cash burden on the Federal Government as payments will be made via incremental production from each JVC.

         Aside this key agreement on Joint Venture Cash Call Arrears Payment and Future Funding Mechanism signed today, it would be noted that under the stewardship of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu as Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, the Ministry has also made considerable accomplishments in the international frontiers through maintaining robust relationships and strengthening linkages within and outside the petroleum producing community.

        Achievements recorded in 2016 include the following:

ü    Successful tenureship and handover of the Presidency of four key international energy organisations namely:

-              The Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)

-              Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC);

-              African Petroleum Producers Association (APPA); and

-              West African Gas Pipeline Authority (WAGPA).

Successful election of Mohammed Sanusi Barkindo of Nigeria as  the Secretary - General of the OPEC

Successful mobilization of OPEC members and Non-OPEC Oil Producers to dialogue on the stabilization of the global market in Doha; Algiers which culminated into the achievement of freeze on production at the 171st conference in Vienna

Rise in oil prices to US$55/per barrel for the first time in 16 months after negotiations with non-OPEC producer

Nigeria's successful negotiation of an exemption from the production freeze;

Successful hosting of the 52nd Conference of Ministers of African Petroleum Producers Association in March 2016 (APPA);

Provided leadership and support to other APPA members in the development of legislation, institution and systems for local content in Africa

         Finally, The Minister of State pledged that the Ministry will continue to drive innovation and change in its approach to delivering an oil and gas industry that is internationally competitive and is governed by open and transparent processes to ensure security of investment for both domestic and international investors.

Idang Alibi

        Director, Press

        Ministry of Petroleum Resources

        December 15, 2016

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My Focus Has Shifted from 76 to Politics but I Will No Longer Contest - Princewill

In a reveal-it-all interview that takes you into the mind of Prince Tonye T.J.T Princewill, he finally speaks on national politics. His current relationship with his "good friend," Rotimi Amaechi, his political mentor, Atiku Abubakar and his governor, Nyesom Wike. He also airs his view on President Buhari's administration, the road so far, the way forward and why Nigerians are seen as, to put it in his words, "fantastically foolish".

Interview is coming out here soon. Stay tuned. It's a must read. For Prince T.J.T Princewill, “Politics is too important to be left to politicians.”

In the interim, the movie76 is nominated for 14 AMVCA awards, is surprisingly still in cinemas, but heads to DSTv box office next. Voting for the 2017 AMVCAs ends this February. Download We Chat, follow Africa Magic and vote for 76 if you want to support him. Wabiye

Source: Idoniboyeobu 

Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity toPrince T.J.T Princewill

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press statement by Augustine onyekachi wokocha on the allegation of his involvement in the killing of DSP mohammed alkali and his orderly

My name is Augustine Onyekachi Wokocha. I am a member of the All Progressives Congress in Rivers State. Before now I have served in various capacities first as a member of Rivers State House of Assembly and later as Commissioner for Power for nearly eight years. During my years as a parliamentarian and public officer, I have never been associated with politics of violence and I call on any concerned member of the public either in the state or outside to check the records.
Since we decided to join APC in 2013, there has been several attacks on my person and my community by those who have other political persuasions. In their desperation to prove their supremacy they recruited boys who allegedly committed several murders of many APC members including Chief C. Adube and six members of his household, Chief G. Ahiaidu, Mr. Clever Orukwowu (APC LGA Youth Leader), Franklin Obi (APC Ward 4 Chairman), his pregnant wife and teenage son, Nwachukwu Levi Orekegba from my community (Okposi) among so many others and made my Local Area (ONELGA) ungovernable for us. Many homes that were burnt are still deserted till date. Many of my kinsmen who fled for fear of these evil men are still living as refugees in other parts of the state or outside. At the last count we had lost more than two hundred party members. Today the same people who are disturbing the peace in the community and who were alleged to have masterminded some of the high profile killings are now enjoying amnesty from the PDP led state government. The story I have told is in public domain for anyone to verify.
It is therefore condemnable that these same characters extended their dastardly acts to the law enforcement agents who came to maintain peace during the December 10th legislative re-run elections. What I find most shocking and amazing! ... However, in this sad, most regrettable and ignoble act and situation, is the determination of the leadership of the mischief makers to ensure that this 'one killing too many' on the 10th of December 2016, of our dear lawmen be credited to my person.
Let me say without equivocation that there is no iota of truth in this fabricated allegation. On the said election day, I was one person who conducted myself peacefully throughout the exercise against all provocation. I urge the law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate this allegation to ensure that the truth is laid bare.
I have chosen the path of rectitude from birth, in defense of my responsible pedigree. Those who have chosen the path of crime and infamy must have the courage to stand and own up to their acts. Cowardice is a horrible vice to add to vicious criminality.

This campaign of calumny has failed like those before it.

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Omoyele Sowore

Exposed! How Amaechi, Peterside paid Omoyele Sowore of SaharaReporters $350,000 to blackmail Gov Wike

Ondo State born publisher of SaharaReporters, an online platform that is notorious for blackmailing top public officials, especially those sympathetic to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has been caught in the web of a $350,000 (N169 million) bribery scam.

In an attempt to distract Nigerians from the gravity of electoral crimes committed by agents of the Federal Government caught on video across Rivers State during the last Saturday’s National and State House of Assembly rerun elections, Minister of Transportation and immediate past governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi and Director General of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dakuku Peterside paid Omoyele Sowore a sum of $350,000 on Tuesday.

Sources who confirmed the deal, said the $350,000 was sourced from NIMASA and Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), with NIMASA releasing $220,000 as payment for “international image laundering consultancy” while NDDC paid $130,000 for what they called; “publicity retainership.”

One of the sources said N6 billion was gotten from NIMASA and NDDC to fund the Rivers State rerun elections.

Omoyele Sowore’s assignment was to use his Sahara Reporters to publish anything that will shift the attention of the public from the shameless involvement of federal government security agents in ballot snatching, hijacking of ballot boxes and indiscriminate shootings during the Rivers State rerun elections.

Few hours ago, Sahara Reporters went to town with its modulated audio, trying to hoodwink the public into believing that Governor Nyesom Wike was caught on tape arranging bribery of INEC officials.

In carrying out this brief, Omoyele Sowore who is a master in blackmail and “Jankara Journalism” deployed technologies called Natural Voices and Comparator feature from AV Voice Changer Software Diamond cook up modulated audio fables to hoodwink the unsuspecting public.

Natural Voices is a software that can re-create voices and even bring the voices of long-dead notable persons back to life. It can turn printed text into synthesized speech, making it possible for anyone to use recordings of a person’s voice to utter new things that the person never said.

AV Voice Changer Software is well-known for its voice adjusting ability. It is a speech software, which is good at reproducing the sounds, inflections and intonations of a human voice.

Already, video of Governor Nyesom Wike is being done, using another technology called Morphing and Synching to match the “voice recording” made public by Sahara Reporters.

Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image or shape into another through a seamless transition while Syncing is a technical term for matching a speaking or singing person’s lip movements with prerecorded sung or spoken vocals that listeners hear, either through the sound. In other words, a German can be made to appear to speak in Chinese language, using morphing and syncing.

Interesting enough, Sahara Reporters has been silent on the actions of the military, Police and INEC during Rivers Rerun despite video evidences already circulating on social media.

Not a word has been uttered by the Presidency too on the damning actions of the military, Police and INEC during Rivers Rerun.

“What they have paid Sahara Reporters to do is to cover up the crimes they perpetrated against the people of Rivers State.

“Governor Wike never paid anyone to undermine the integrity of our electoral processes and no one has ever claimed to have received such funds. As a matter of fact, those who concocted that audio should have known that since it was allegedly related to the elections at Khana Local Government Area, there was no way, such a conversation would have held.

“The reason is simple. Right from the beginning of the elections, we alerted the world about the seizure of all result sheets in Khana LGA of the Rivers South East Senatorial District by Mr. Derek Mene, the Director of Finance at the Niger Delta Development Commission, who took them to his hotel to doctor. Since that was the case, how then could Governor Wike have asked INEC to countersign results they had already compromised and were in favour of Magnus Abe, as they eventually announced? It doesn’t add up.

“Also, are the producers of the audio telling us that the different conversations we heard are from one transaction? How can that be? Does that not mean the audio was edited? Can an edited and modulated audio sustain an argument on authenticity? Your guess is as good as mine.

“Governor Wike is being framed and blackmailed for checkmating electoral fraud in Nigeria, which from all reasonable deductions have the endorsement of the Presidency, given its copious silence,” an aide of Governor Wike said.

News Credit:Wazobia Reporters

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Late CP Odesanya will be missed by all who knew him – Chief Ikanya

Davies Ibiamu IkanyaThe Chairman, Rivers State chapter of All Progressives Congress, APC, Chief (Dr) Davies Ibiamu Ikanya has lamented the sudden demise of Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Francis Odesanya, describing the development as shocking and devastating especially to all those who crossed path with the late CP.

Chief Ikanya stated this in a press release made available to journalists in Port Harcourt Wednesday after the sad news of the death of CP Odesanya  broke out.

“It is difficult to imagine who would not feel a deep sense of loss over the death of CP Odesanya given the humility, maturity and professionalism which the late CP displayed on the job.

“Indeed, the sudden death of CP Odesanya came as a huge blow to all especially the political class in Rivers State who have seen and dealt with a number of Police Commissioners in the past but felt the exemplary attributes of CP Odesanya within the short period he served in Rivers State,” Chief Ikanya stated.

Chief Ikanya said that the people of Rivers State especially the political class would miss the late Police Commissioner who displayed uncommon fairness to all irrespective of political affiliation. He prayed God Almighty to grant the soul of late CP Odesanya eternal rest and provide succour and consolation to the family he left behind.

According to Chief Ikanya: "It is my candid prayer that God Almighty would grant the soul of late CP Odesanya eternal rest in His bosom and provide comfort and consolation to his immediate family to bear the irreparable loss."

Chris Finebone

State Publicity Secretary


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Ondo State Election and the Politics of Vote Buying

Adejumo“Politics cannot be effectively played or carried out without money. Even in those ancient days when politics started, some form of money was involved. At least, money or forms of it, was used in moving from one place to the other.

In fact, people involved in moving from place to place playing politics, spent money to buy food in places outside their places of abode. Again, money breeds corruption. The result of corruption is always money or money’s worth. There is no corruption anywhere in the world without some benefit to someone. And this benefit can usually be quantified in monetary terms. Thus, money, politics and corruption can be said to be bed fellows. They are somehow interrelated. This relationship is quite apparent in Nigeria where corruption is said to have eaten deep into the fabric of the society. The questions that may be asked, are: Has Nigeria always been involved in corruption? What role does money play if any, in politics and corruption in Nigeria? How influential is corruption in Nigeria’s politics? Is it possible for politics to be played in Nigeria devoid of money and corruption?”
Abstract of “Money, Politics and Corruption in Nigeria” - Bernard Oladosu Omisore, Journal of Public Administration and Governance, Vol 3, No 1 (2013)

The Nigerian political mindset and landscape are changing, the problem is whether it is for the better or for worse. This is evident in the recently concluded Ondo State gubernatorial elections. But please, do not let us be lulled or deluded into thinking all was well a hundred, or even eighty percent with that election. Far from it!
But first, we must commend the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for seemingly getting it right this time and doing a very good job considering the intimidating circumstance and the outgoing Ondo State Governor Olusegun Mimiko for his maturity in congratulating the victor and all the candidates for displaying rare sportsmanship in the history of Nigeria elections.
Prior to the election, at each of the parties’ Primaries, we saw some desperation on the parts of the contestants; do-or-die politics; nasty name-callings and abuses; money-politics, and of course, the usual Nigerian political pastime and speculation of fanning embers of disunity within the parties.
It would serve the observers well to come out and tell us the election was free and fair (I seriously doubt this is any Nigerian election, as of now), peaceful (yes, apparently, I did not hear of thuggery, ballot snatching, intimidation, beatings, cutlass, and gun attacks, etc.) and smooth (all seemed to go well)
But we all know the hindering that the PDP candidate went through before he eventually got the ticket to contest, just mere days before the elections. This, let’s be fair, must have greatly impacted on the performance of his party and the final results he got, as he had barely any time to campaign like the rest of his co-contestants. And what or who do we blame? First, his party, which was riven apart by the two factions with incessant court appearances and unintelligible and varying court orders. Secondly, the justice system of this country, which has once again proven its incompetence, bias and corruption.

Not a pretty sight or thought!
But my concern, despite all the above virtues of a peaceful, so-called, or doubtful free and fair election, is the money politics. The rampant and open buying and selling of votes by agents of the parties, with the main offenders being the PDP that currently controls the state and the APC that is in power at the federal level. Rumour abound that even the winning candidate’s party was “spreading” so much money around to buy votes, it was mind-boggling. With this, I cannot but show my disappointment and disenchantment with Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, (alias Aketi) the governor-elect, and his political party, the APC, assuming (and of course he will do a disavowal, if asked) that he knew what was going on – the blatant and open buying of votes.
Incidentally, the noted, respected, and debonair Barrister was at my church in Ibadan, two Sundays before the election as the Distinguished Guest of Honour (and he deserves this honour a hundred percent) of the Church’s Harvest Thanksgiving Service. He made every attempt to attend, and though he came a bit late, the congregation used the opportunity to pray for his success at the polls. In fact, our Venerable Reverend was of the belief that Aketi has already won the election. I prayed for him too and believe he would win.
Now, for me, and for many other sincere and discerning Nigerians, we should not see this election as a victory for democracy alone; we should learn lessons from it, and improve on it. Again, I will not subscribe to the general trance that the election was not flawed. It was! The suspicion that money was used to buy votes (allegedly, but we all know this was true) has besmirched the result of the elections in my mind and eyes. I cannot accept that the election was not flawed with vote-buying accusations and rumours flying about.
Financing politics is a good investment in Nigeria. Once a godfather elects his protégée, return is guaranteed. Corruption in financing politics in the country permeates every level of the government and takes many forms. It is no wonder then that political parties are among the three most corrupt institutions, according to governance surveys in Nigeria. However, the problem has not yet received deserved attention.

Take money out Nigerian politics (before your slam me, yes, I know, even the United States elections consume a lot of money, but we all know there is a difference in the way election funds are used, regulated, and accounted for in that country) and what you have are great, conscientious, sincere, honest, and good leaders at all cadres or levels of government and the society emerging at every election, which will be truly free and fair. It is then that Nigerians will truly enjoy what we like to term as “dividends of democracy”.
In a society, such as ours, submersed and immobilised by greed, selfishness, deceit, deception, fraud and corruption, this venture of regulating and accounting for election funding might sound very optimistic and impossible, but as with everything, all it takes is a little bit of altruism and sincerity of purpose from our leaders and of course, awareness, watchfulness, speaking-out, resistance and protection by the general public and society, .
The poverty, ignorance and dispirit in the land are so considerable, and have constituted a formidable barrier to any positive thinking and action from all sections of the society, as well as a daunting barrier to good leadership and good governance.
With such an environment, lies in wait unscrupulous and evil opportunists and political jobbers who emerge, crawling out of the woodwork, virtually unchallenged at every electoral exercise, brandishing wads of money and pretending to love their people, by spending money they have stolen from the people in the first place. In Ekiti State, a new term for this emerged – stomach infrastructure.

The result is the scuppering of the ideals of democracy, political evolvement, and good governance. When this happens, of course, as we are now seeing, feeling, and experiencing, it is bad news, very bad news for the people/masses – the people, the society, the country suffers.
Any reward given to a person for voting in a particular way or for not voting can be called vote buying. Vote buying is a corrupt election practice. A vote buying bribe is that having a monetary value. The practice of vote buying is banned in most democratic countries. Vote buying is a threat to the conduct of fair elections. Vote buying is an offence when a person knowingly or wilfully gives false information or conspires with another individual for the purpose of encouraging his false registration to vote or illegal voting, or pays or offers to pay or accepts payment either for registration to vote or for voting.
Vote buying is an electoral fraud, it is an electoral malpractice, electoral corruption and election manipulation, or vote rigging and is illegal interference with the process of an election.
Since 1999’s new democratic dispensation in Nigeria (I will leave out 1979 for now), we have had a political campaign finance system that is corrupt and increasingly controlled by stolen money and godfathers, and I fear very much that, in fact, government of the people, by the people, and for the people is really not being practiced in Nigeria.
We cannot allow that to continue to happen. When scrutinised critically, those who were buying the votes did so in their pursuit for such power and wealth that would come their way once they enter government. This is the only logical conclusion; what else? And why do they want to enter government? To loot the treasury.
Let’s be truthful and admit it: this is a political system in which a handful of opportunists and special interests will determine who gets elected or who does not get elected. That is not what democracy is supposed to be about.

Getting unwanted, looted and free money out of politics is vital, if we truly want a democratic country that will be beneficial to “all of us, and not some of them” but much more needs to be done to sustain our democracy.  Notably, we must ensure that all Nigerians are guaranteed an effective right to vote, and their votes MUST count. A nation in which all people, regardless of their income, can participate in the political process, can run for office without begging for gifts from some political godfathers.
We need to get money out of politics and restore our democracy to combat a corrupted political system controlled by rich crooks, thugs and special interests, whose only interests are themselves and what they will gain from the system.

There is no doubt that money politics and vote buying have serious threats to democratic governance in Nigeria. To combat this resonating threat, electoral and other institutional reforms should be effective, and this can only be done by our elected officials, if they are sincere enough. Anti-corruption, intelligence, and law enforcement agencies as well as electoral authorities need to work together with banks and other financial institutions to monitor the movement of cash before and during elections. It is also essential that we change and imbibe a culture of democratic citizenship that begins with an electorate ready to insist on credible and transparent elections. Voters, and in this case, the poor suffering Nigerian masses, should be useful adequately to engage and transplant moral oppositions to vote buying.
Tell the Truth always!!!

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Peterside, NIMASA DG Mourns Rivers CP Demise

 Dakuku PetersideThe Director General of Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr Dakuku Peterside has described the death of serving Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Francis Odesanya as “shocking” and coming at a time when the state and Nigeria needed his professional competence and managerial capability.

Dr. Peterside stated that the demise of CP Odesanya has robbed the nation of a fine officer and gentleman, who rose through the ranks before being posted to Rivers State to help curtail the activities of criminal elements.

“Indeed, our state and the entire nation have lost a fine officer and gentleman who weathered it through the ranks to the position he held before his death. His loss becomes more painful considering his efforts at checkmating the dangerous activities of criminals in Rivers State,” Peterside bemoaned.

The NIMASA DG sympathized with the Inspector-General of Police and Police Service Commission over the unfortunate loss, saying it was indeed a big loss to the Nigeria Police.

“This is indeed a sad one to the Police, Rivers State and Nigeria. He has contributed to the corporate existence of Nigeria and fought several criminal elements in the society to ensure that we are able to move around freely and go about our normal duties.

“For the few months he has been in Rivers State, he showed the attributes of a good leader, who is ready to lead from the front and provide direction for the rank and file,” Peterside stressed.  

The NIMASA boss prayed for the repose of the soul of the departed, just as he wished his family God’s guidance and grace as they mourn the demise of their illustrious son.

Source: DAP Media Team

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  • Written by Faustinus Nwaorgu
  • Category: Nigeria News

Wike, Stop Blackmailing Amaechi; Face The Police Probe Now

WikeA Right group; Integrity Youth Alliance has called on the Governor of Rivers State, Govenor Nyesom Wike to stop diverting attention of Nigerians from the leaked audio threat he made against the INEC official that conducted the December 10th Re-run Assembly election in Rivers State.

Since an online news platform; Sahara Reporters exposed Governor Nyesom Wike, the IYA said that Wike has been looking for ways to divert the attention of Nigerians and the international communities from his threat.

“It is on record that the same Governor Wike that claimed to introduce Amnesty by mopping up guns from cultists could not account for those guns which probably went back to his hatch men that killed several people including DSP Mohammed Alkali and his driver in Uju Forest of Rivers State.
“Governor Nyesom Wike in his usual manner has mobilized some jobless youths led by his SA Social Media and Lere Olayinka, SA Public Affairs to Governor Ayodele Fayose to shift the killings of DSP Mohammed Alkali and his driver on Minister of Transportation, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

“The Wike Hatch men are claiming on social media that one Kachi Nwokocha who is the sponsor of the killing during the Rivers Re-run is an aide of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi because he was a former Commissioner under the Amaechi administration.

“We find this so ridiculous of Wike because the same Wike was an aide of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi during his administration in Rivers State, can we then say Wike who threaten to kill INEC official is an aide of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi up till now? Asked the Danjuma Lamido, the Secretary General of Integrity Youth Alliance.

“We are challenging Governor Nyesom Wike to prove to the World that Kachi Nwokocha is an aide of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi or else face a legal action within 7 days for defamation of Character of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.

“We are aware that Wike paid agents have taken over the social media to blackmail Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi and divert the attention of the security agencies from probing the audio message from Nyeom Wike, we therefore called on the Inspector General Police, the DG of DSS and the National Security Adviser to swiftly move into action to probe the killings and the audio message of Governor Nyesom Wike to avoid future occurrence of killing innocent citizens and security agents who are supposed to protect the unity of our great country, Nigeria.


Danjuma Lamido,

Secretary General,

Integrity Youth Alliance

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Femi Adeoya

Akeredolu's Victory Has Demystified Tinubu's Godfatherism, Influence In South West — Femi Adeoya

Publisher and Chief Executive Officer of leading online newspaper, SKYTREND NEWS, Mr Femi Adeoya has disclosed that the Saturday's victory of Mr. Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu (SAN) of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has finally demystified the political godfatherism and clout of the National Leader of the party, Mr Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the South West.

Speaking in Lagos on Monday, Mr Adeoya said that the Ondo Governorship election was a test-run of the popularity of President Muhammadu Buhari especially in the forthcoming 2019 election, adding that “for leading the ruling APC to victory, the President has shown that he and his party still command influence in the South West.

Mr Rotimi Akeredolu who is a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), was on Saturday elected as the sixth executive governor of Ondo State after a fairly and keenly contested election.

Akeredolu had 244,842 votes to emerge winner of the poll, after defeating 27 other candidates.

The APC candidate humiliated his closest rival in the contest, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)'s candidate, Mr Eyitayo Jegede, (SAN), by winning 14 out of the 18 local government areas in the state.

Jegede (SAN) of the PDP scored 150,380 while the Alliance for Democracy (AD), Chief Olusola Oke scored 126,889. Also Dr. Olu Agunloye of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) had 10,149 votes. Both Jegede and Oke won two local governments each.

Mr Akereolu had defeated Mr Olusegun Abraham, the preferred candidate of the National Leader of the APC, Bola Ahmed Tunubu, by a whopping 669 votes in the party's primary election which held Saturday September 3rd, 2016.

Mr. Abraham, an international businessman and a one-time Chairman of Owena Motel under Governor Adefarati, scored 635 votes to place second in the race.

Akeredolu has said in an interview published by Punch Newspaper on September 3rd that the National Leader of the party, Tinubu would be “shocked” at the outcome of the primary results which he (Akeredolu) eventually won.

After Olusegun Abraham lost the primaries in September, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, had demanded the removal of the party’s National Chairman, Chief John Odigie-Oyegun, over what he called the latter’s anti-democratic handling of the  party affairs.

In a statement he entitled, “Oyegun’s Ondo fraud: The violation of democracy in the APC,” released by the Tinubu Media Office back then, the party leader said the APC’s democratic credentials had been dealt a big blow by Odigie-Oyegun’s conduct, especially with his handling of the outcome of the Ondo State governorship primary.

He said the APC was a party borne out of the quest for democratic good governance, arguing that the ideology was currently under a critical threat by those who managed to be in the party but were never part of it.

Tinubu further said, “from the party’s inception, the principles of democratic fairness and justice are to guide the APC’s internal deliberations.”

Many political observers however thought Tinubu's alleged withdrawal from the Ondo State political campaign of the party would hurt Akeredolu's chances at the poll last Saturday.

Tinubu and many of the South West Governors were not in the Ondo State APC campaigns and had given one reason or the other for not attending. However Mr Adeoya is of the opinion Saturday's election victory for Akeredolu had finally consolidated President Buhari's grip of the party and established his foothold in the South West.

Many Nigerians on social media had expressed opinion that Ondo people would show their revolt against the Buhari's administration due the current recession and economic chaos Nigeria has been plunged into, by not voting for the APC candidate. This is moreso that Tinubu did not take part in the governorship campaign. However this permutation happened not to be the case.

President Buhari has indirectly indicated interest in the 2019 Presidential elections and establishing his ground in Ondo State, according to many political analysts, may actually be a proof of his subsisting popularity in the South West.

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