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Police Sergeant Who Participated in Lynching Aluu 4 Is Dismissed…to be Prosecuted

uniport-studentsThe Nigerian Police Force Public Relations Officer, Mr. Frank Mba, has revealed that the Police Sergeant who came with his partner to the scene of the Aluu 4 and who allegedly egged on the mob to lynch the four young men has been arrested and dismissed from the police. He is also to be prosecuted.

According to Mba, Sergeant Lucky Orji was not even detailed to the incident of the disturbance, but went there on his own volition and rather than restore order he promoted criminality by urging the mob on.

Mr. Mba blamed the Aluu incidence on the fall in societal values and said that the family unit has to take the lead in imparting values to their wards. “Nigerians must not be quick to heap the blame on the police alone’’ Mr. Mba said.

It would be recaled that four students of the University of Port Harcourt were brutally killed at a neighbouring community to the campus called Aluu. The students were lynched and the lynching was cuaght on tape and went viral causing a huge public uproar which resulted in the investigation by the Inspector General of Police. The students that were killed are â€“ Ugonna Obuzor, 18, 200 Level Geology; Lloyd Toku, 19, 200 Level Civil Engineering; Tekena Elkanah, 20, a Diploma Technical student and Chiadika Biringa, 20, 200 Level Theatre Arts.

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