NIGERIA: ‘I am ready for Buhari,’ Governor says

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Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, has come out hot this time to dare President Buhari in an interview on African Independent Television (AIT).

The Governor called the President a dictator, saying “You can’t silence everyone.

“They say he (Buhari) is coming after me, I am ready.”

Fayose also condemned Mr. President’s war on corruption, insisting that it is selective.

He said “When Obasanjo left prison, did he declare his assets?

“The library Obasanjo has today, where did the money come from? His house in Abeokuta, where did the money come from?

“Even Buhari himself declared cattle and mud houses. He said he doesn’t have money. From where did the (presidential) campaign money come from?”

Premium Times reports that the Ekiti state Governor also said “I am saying it expressly, the president does not understand the economy.

“If you understand the economy you can do everything simultaneously without rocking the boat.

“You go out telling the whole world that your country is corrupt, you destroy all your people, and you expect them (foreigners) to do business with your people?

“That is not how to operate.”

Fayose also advised the Federal Government to make agriculture attractive to farmers.

The Governor also condemned Buhari for sacking the budget DG, Yahaya Gusau.

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