Osborne googled ‘is it okay to eat flies?’

26012016C osborneGOOGLE’S tax deal was rushed through after the company threatened to leak George Osborne’s disturbing internet history, it has emerged.

The chancellor’s internet records have since been sealed for 70 years in a Californian vault, but are thought to reveal a fixation with consuming live insects.

A Google source said: “He looked up ‘is it OK to eat flies’ and ‘poison darts for crossbow’ at least once a week.

“He also searched for ‘is miaow miaow legal’ and ‘cannibal tribes that live in caves’.

“At 4am last Tuesday he searched ‘worms stripping flesh from horse’, then at 5am ‘really chunky women with big ginger hair and clown-like makeup stripping flesh from horse’.

The employee added that Osborne would continually click back to a live webcam feed of Margaret Thatcher’s gravestone for up to fifteen minutes at a time.

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