Accolades as Nigerian genius kid conquers US, Germany, others in Mathematics competitions

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Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, a senior secondary school one (SSS1) student, is the most recent Nigerian child to cheer up Nigerians after photographs of his medals from math competitions around the world appeared on social media on Thursday.

His school, Graceland Secondary School in Port Harcourt, Rivers States, uploaded images of him on Facebook, and this attracted the attention of Nigerians, who showered him with compliments and congratulations.

The piece was labelled “The Chronicles of a Global Mathematics Champion” by the school.

Jacob is shown with a series of medals around his neck in the photo, having won various mathematics competitions in countries like the United States, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, and South Africa.

The Pan-African Mathematics Olympiad (PAMO), Gold Medal in 2019, Silver Medal in 2020, Silver Medal and 3rd in Nigeria (2021 Spring), and Gold Medal and 2nd in Nigeria (2021 Fall) under American Mathematics Competition are among the awards Jacob has received to become a mathematics champion (AMC).

In the South African Mathematics Olympiad, he also received a silver medal (International 2020), a gold medal (National 2020), and a gold medal (National 2021). He also bagged Silver Honor Award (2020), Silver Honor Award (2021) and National Award (Best in Nigeria 2021) for International Youth Maths Challenge, IYMC, (Europe).

Jacob also won the Most Inspired Science and Engineering Foundation (MISE), Ghana-MIT, USA, Overall Best Student Award (2022) and the Distinguished Honourable Mention Award (2022) at the Stamford Mathematics Tournament in the United States.

Amazed by Jacob’s feats, Nigerians have started sending accolades on social media. A couple of them from Facebook are shown below:

Congratulations, David Iyenyorochi Obi congratulated. Let’s honour Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, a math guru. You might be asking why Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob has so many medals merely on his neck, but he has already established himself as an international mathematics champion in just two and a half years (JSS2-SSS1).

“Whenever I come across excellence, I celebrate it. Let’s honour Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, a math prodigy, Perekeme Odon stated.

Ajogbeje Oke Meet Master Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, a son of Akwa Ibom, shouted James. He won the America Mathematics Competition, the South African Mathematics Competition, the Canadian Mathematics Competition, the Pan African Mathematics Competition, the Ghana Mathematics Competition, MIT, the Indonesia Mathematics Competition, the Stanford Mathematics Competition, and other competitions in the span of two and a half years (JSS2-SSS1).

“Champion in IYMC, Intercontinental, and many other competitions that cannot be listed here because he won 20 medals in different mathematics competitions around the world.

He is currently travelling to Ghana for a research programme and was accepted into the World Science Scholars programme by Prof. Brainne Greene, a well-known expert in superstring theory. Congratulations and continuing reaching new heights, Uwakmfon Unwana.

Meet Uwakmfon Unwana Jacob, who just won numerous medals at international mathematics competitions, Anuka Ike Justice added.

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