Mitch Ngaman: who is Jim Iyke’s manager & publicist?

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Dear Mr. Mitch, we googled your name, checked you out on Facebook, searched for your blog; we saw nothing of you that deserves our attention, however, your vituperation and unwarranted statement against Emma Agu over the running battle your client, Jim Iyke created, will not die down unchallenged.  Did I hear you call  my boss a frustrated musician?

Mitch NGAMAN you must have been sleeping on the switch hence your client’s inaction and complete absence of activities, made him become a devil’s workshop. How long would he live this a life riddled with drama? When will your client grow up and act like a responsible adults? Must he react negatively and very uncivilized and uncultured to everything?  It is a case of one lazy man, leading the other !  if anyone is frustrated here, it is you and completely redundant Jim Iyke.


Reprehensibly, your client should be called to order, this is not the time to defend him.   Sir, you are not doing your job as a publicist or a manager, if indeed you are one.  You need to work extra hard to enable your act get busy and stay out of trouble. 


Jim is 39, at that age, my artist has achieved virtually everything a man should do. Blessed with a beautiful  wife, beloved Children, my artist, an accomplished artist has always been seen over the years as a silent achiever.


 Sir, my client  runs his own business in the last 12 years in the greatest City in the world-New York. CastleHill Studios, now Mb5 Studios, is a brand name. My client is not ostentatious, for that, you may not have heard much of him; his family and his business interest. My client is a very principled man who never backs down when pushed against the wall.


You are not a professional,  if you were, you would not issue a statement  to lie through your teeth that my client published and said your  gigolo actor and Nadia Buari are no more together. The story was even out there before my client called  Nadia’s Manager, to verify. 

The story came from another website, based in Ghana. is not a gossip site. My client’s site does not need Jim Iyke’s  input to become one of the most visited African sites at the moment after 8 months of operation.

The point of argument here is that your client who call my client his trusted friend and big brother sneaked into town , a situation arose where his ex made claims that her prodigal boyfriend came back on his knees and begging to be accepted back. My client reached out to Nadia’s manager having made concerted efforts to reach Jim Iyke who apparently was hiding. The only question my client who had witnesses in the studio asked, was if Jim Iyke and Nadia Bauri are still together?


 At this juncture, we are putting a caveat on this whole Jim Iyke’s endless drama. Any attempt by you and your client to blackmail and embarrass my client further would push my client to release more damaging tapes of your double faced actor who speaks from both sides of his cheeks.

We heard your artist was delivered of some evil spirits recently, who knows, those demons are back in legions. You may have to try another prophet. 

Push one more button,test our resolve, try one more time!


Princess N. Lewis ( P.R.O)

MB5'Studios, Queens Village, New York.

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