Mugabe planned to kill Zuma


President Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party has viciously dismissed a claim contained in an alleged document which says Mugabe has planned to assassinate South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma together with his outspoken spokesperson Lindiwe Zulu who Mugabe a few days ago labelled a “stupid, idiotic woman” and also a “little street woman.”

The document which claims to have been written by an intelligence  detail claims that Robert Mugabe hired Lebanese marksmen to travel to South African and coordinate the killing of Zuma and Zulu.

The document written in staggering broken English, also alleges the assassins were also hand in glove with Zambia’s president Michael Sata who it says they met just before crossing the border to meet Mugabe, a development which if true also incriminates Zambia’s president.Excited-Zanu-(PF)-Spokesperson-Rugare-Gumbo412x232

The document reads in part:

“Mugabe promised the six Lebonese [sic] an undisclosed fortune in cash if they succeed in getting rid of the two who [sic] South Africa senior officials who are giving him a lot of trouble.

Names of the six could not be established, but they entered into the country via Zambia in the last few days, where they had previously held a close meeting with [president] Michael Sata before travelling into Zimbabwe.”

When contacted, ZANU PF spokesman Rugare Gumbo dismissed the document as rubbish:

“It is all rubbish and hogwash to think a head of state like president Mugabe would set up something like that. We have a disagreement with Lindiwe Zulu but it would not go to that extent,” he said.

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