Ukpo Nwamini, age 21, After the organ donation plan failed owing to a mismatch, David wished to apply for asylum to stay in the UK.

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1. Ike Ekweremadu didn’t engage in any organ trafficking, to start with.

2. He needs a transplant for his daughter.

3. Travel arrangements were planned after seeing a willing donor in Nigeria.

4. Ike Ekweremadu did convey the matter in writing to the British High Commission in December last year.

5. The patient and the donor both travelled to the UK.

6. Contrary to what many people are claiming, the donor is a man, age 21. She is not a girl or a minor.

7. As it turned out, the organ did not even match.

8. Not wanting to return to Nigeria, the donor went to report that he was trafficked to London for possible organ harvest, believing the same would guarantee him asylum.

9. The two have now been called for an investigation into the matter.

Young people always conduct research before sharing information… Fake news is fatal.

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