My Wife To Be Is From Aluu Community – Please Need Help!

self.jpgDear MJ,

Am 32 years old dating a girl of 27years. I have been following this blog for a while now and am encouraged with some of the advices given here. Am sure you are all aware of the recent killings of the four students of UNIPORT in Aluu community.Am a native of Imo state.

All this while, I never gave it a thought to know my woman`s village in Port-harcourt, but the recent killings of the student made me to be curious to know her particular village in Port-harcourt. She tried to cover the issue, butI insisted on knowing and she said it`s Aluu comunity.

It really came to me as a shock, this is because, this same girl have threatened me with a knife few months back when we had a minor argument.

Please my people your advice is greatly needed as am so confused at the moment, and am  really in-love with  her.

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