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adekunle-fajuyiYorubas in person of Lt Col Francis Fajuyi was the real architect, Masterminded and planner of Jan 1966 coup popularly coded as “plan 15″.Fajuyi was the commander of the battle group course held at Abeokuta. All those who took part in the January coup were those who had taken part in the course.Fajuyi opposed every effort made by the supreme military council to bring the coupist to book.
Fajuyi deceived others( the majors) into the coup while he played a latent role. Ironsi only aborted the coup, arrested and jailed not less than hundred and thirty two people in connection with the coup. Who and who killed during the coup is a question that only Fajuyi can answer. Fajuyi organized the coup to release Awolowo from Calabar prison. Northern soldiers killed Ironsi because of failure to bring the coup plotters to book within six months. Ironsi died because of Fajuyis’ Sin. As nemesis may have its way,the day Ironsi was assassinated, he was together with Fajuyi. Even though Danjuma never knew Fajuyis role in the coup, other soldiers of the fourth battalion who took part in Ironsi’s assassination, like Lt Col William Walbel (rtd) knew Fajuyi’s roles very well.Yorubas are self acclaimed great people.They use media as a tool for their political propaganda.This why they published “Fajuyi the great” in the western regional publication of 1967.They claimed that Fajuyi Shielded Ironsi, even though he had an option to live if he chooses to do so.
The people that carried out the execution even stated that Fajuyi was a more critical target than Ironsi because of his hidden role in the coup. According to them, General Ironsi even acted a soldier than his colleague (Fajuyi) as he refused to be intimidated and remained silent, refusing to confess any role in Jan 15 coup. Read books- “Why we struck”,and “Operation aure:July 29 counter rebellion” will help to put you on track instead of arguing blindly.
These are books written by Yoruba.This one is no longer Chinua Achebe book you are criticizing. I wonder when it became a crime for an Igbo man to write a book concerning the civil war events and Nigerian history at large. Just be informed….too much lies against Ndi Igbo.

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