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I will lead a war against them like Ojukwu. Am not joking” – Wike

Yesterday, the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the April 11 governorship election in Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike declared war on those he considered to have betrayed outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan and the South-South. Addressing his supporters in Port Harcourt via a media briefing monitored by Sayelba Times, he said Governor Chibuike Amaechi is Judas Iscariot.

He further declared that nothing can stop his victory at the polls. Barrister Wike also alleged a plot by the State Governor to sponsor thugs to disrupt the election in order to use that as a pretence to annul the results when President-Elect, General Muhammadu Buhari is sworn in.

He however promise to lead Rivers people to an Ojukwu style war against the Federal government to resist such attempts. Below is his full statement. “Today, I want all South-South and South-East to remember this, that we’ve two Judas. Let me confess to you, we held a meeting before the elections on Saturday, and we said as people from this part of the country, we must standby our brother. Some APC leaders bought into the idea.

And that was why with all the money Amaechi throw around, we still gave our brother almost 1.5million votes. Amaechi is the only betrayer that raised his ugly head to say we rigged elections. When he knows it’s obvious that you and I gave our best to our brother. In Edo state,the governor only complained of Army that was deployed in his residence. He never said the elections should be cancelled. IMO state the same thing.

But it is only Amaechi that stood like Judah to tell Jega to cancel elections in rivers state. We heard he has gone to Abuja, trying to persuade Jega to change the returning official here. In fact, let him tell Jega to come down to conduct the election himself. Amechi, Jega,and Buhari will still fail. We have taken over the Senate and the state house,we are left with the governorship, and with you again,we will get 2million votes to silent Amechi for once.

We will treat him like a betrayer, and call him a stranger in his own house. He is coming to beg us, to let go. When he has succeeded in using Rivers Rtate money to fund his Fulani friends. Amaechi, eyes will see hell the highest they can give to him is Secretary. And after 8 years, he will return home and become irrelevant. Trust the Hausa people,they will soon betray him just the way he betrayed the south south struggle.

I was told he is paying some thugs so that elections will be cancelled in Rivers State,in order for them to come back and conduct it after GMB is sworn in. If they try it, they should just carve Rivers State out of Nigeria map. I will lead a war against them like Ojukwu. Am not joking, I know am on air,and I am warning them now. Any attempt to rob us the way they rob our brother (GEJ) the battle will start from rivers state. We will remain opposition state like Lagos. In fact we from the south south and south east we remain in PDP. We leave the south west and north to run APC. That is how they tactically shared the country. And we will not allow them use our resources to develop their States.. I am urging you all to come out April 11th to do it again. We will be at the field to defend our votes,and revenge for our brother. THANK YOU.”

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