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NIGERIA: President Goodluck Jonathan Orders the Arrest of Gov. Fayose and Obanikoro

The incumbent President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has ordered the immediate and urgent arrest of Governor Ayo Fayose and Senator Musiliu Obanikoro.

He said this in an emergency meeting he had with his aides after an Audio file was released online containing voices that alledgely belong to these two politicians and some other people.

The President has given the Inspector general of Police the express go ahead to mobilize his men, find them and arrest them immediately.

The President has also ordered that all military and non-military  (civilian) officers be on the look-out and work hand-in-hand with the IG of Police to arrest Fayose and Obanikoro as soon as possible.

Goodluck has also warned that he will not approach his room let alone sleep till these people are confirmed to be behind bars and also warned that he wasn’t involved in the plan to rig ekiti election.

FNN has tried effortlessly to confirm from the President as to why only these two people have to be arrested, confirm why they were being arrested and to find out if they stand a chance to be jailed since he – Goodluck Jonathan – has vowed to jail anyone found to be corrupt irrespective of their political stand/positions.

Our reporters are hanging around the Government to hear/see firsthand anything that comes up as we are committed to bring you the NEWS before the NEWS.

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