The nuts and bolts of atheism: a sagacious scrutiny cum critique into its notoriety, oddity and nihility.

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Amidst all these one would deduce that it does not only deny the existence of God, it denies the operations of God in human affairs.

To say that atheism (the religion of atheist) is absolutely negative is a crime against reasoning. Atheism like every other thing has some goodness in it. It is there to caution religions to reasonable application of terminologies to metaphysical beings. It urges all religions to bring an intelligent and convincing argument to justify their theistic view. It will also help members of religions to live according to what they profess.

Exoneration of scientific method in getting to reality has in some cases failed to show its inadequacies. A fact remains that religion has not erred or failed in giving or assuring hope to man. Atheism is a foolish adventure, as the bible will put it that the fool says in his heart there is no God.

By and large atheism is a negligible doctrine in the ocean of our theistic universe, there exist unending crusades, jihads and there are numerous theist comprehensively devoted in life commitment. M. Blondel and H. Dekubac said it all, the much emphasis is needed on the radical orientation towards God as the essence of man that at the bottom, there cannot be any atheist but only those who simply think they do not believe in God.

In the words of Julian Arias let me recite the creed of the atheist: “I am an atheist, this does not mean that I believe in nothing but that I don’t believe in any totality.

I am an atheist and therefore I cannot pray to anyone because I do not believe in the existence of someone who is different from me and to whom I can pray. Nevertheless I have to confess that at times I feel very keenly the anguish of utter solitude.

Sometimes I would like to be able to cry out to someone for all my thirst for I-KNOW-NOT-WHAT and to ask him so many questions that now have no answers (man’s incessant thirst and hunger for the transcendent) But that would be like shouting into the wind (man’s innate urge to transcend the immediate” Existentialist atheism agrees that God is dead but doubts seriously that this liberates man in any sense other than that of leaving him alone and overwhelmed in an absurd universe filled with peril and dread.

Jean-Paul Sartre is representative of a new brand of atheism that is deeply skeptical and pessimistic and at times collapses into sheer nihilism.


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