Is President Yar’adua Missing?

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President Yar’adua may be missing if the report by the Nigerian Tribune today is anything to believe! This paper in an article titled ‘Yar-adua not with us –Saudi-Hospital, reports today that the Nigerian President may be missing: It asserts that its investigation on the exact hospital location of the President shows that the President is not in any of the two branches of the King Faiscal Hospital in Jeddal and Riyadh where the President is reported to be receiving and responding to treatment.  And so where is the President? Same newspaper says the President may be in a safe place where he is under intense prayer sessions by Islamic prayerlords, allegedly organized by the wife Turai Yar’adua.

Isn’t Nigeria a banana republic? Tell me she’s not. The President has been out of Nigeria for over a month on account of emergency intervention over acute pericarditis. Immediately after he was rushed out of country late November, we were told he needed confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment in Saudi Arabia [a country where her Prince just returned from medical pilgrimage to America for health-related problems!].  Political tension began to rise as the Nigeria group of 55 demanded that the President resigns in the event that he can no longer perform his function as President and Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces of the country. The Federal Executive Council responded through the Prof. Dora Akunyili and the Vice President-both affirmed that the President is doing fine and ‘responding favorably to treatment’.

This absence of the President has created a leadership vacuum and caused the nation to be at stand still: the 2010 budget is yet to be formally presented and defended by the President. Swearing-in of a new Chief Justice of Nigeria has also generated enormous controversy within the legal landscape to a point that the Nigerian Bar Association is at war of wars and letters with the Judicial Council and Supreme Court. And the alterations of the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Aondonakaa have made matters worse. The Senate-President suddenly turned cleric persuading Nigerians to pray vigorously for the recovery of Mr President.

I believe in the power of prayers but I am quick to ask: what the prayers will do? To whom do we offer our Nigerian Prayers? Let’s assume God: Is God happy with our greedy politicians who walk into office through serious electoral malpractices? Is God happy that 365million has been set aside for feeding in Presidential Villa for 2010-meaning 1million naira daily-when more than 70% of Nigerians live below $1 [#150] daily! Is God glad with the cabals in the FEC who cannot obey constitutional provisions because they are afraid of its deleterious effects of its outcome on their political life?  I wonder what God Allah thinks about Nigeria when our nation becomes an issue before him!


Kindly answer our prayers to remove these leaders and place the right people there.

God of heaven and Earth…Arise because of Nigerian masses and let their enemies be scattered.

The FEC including the Vice President is afraid to invoke the letters of the constitution in the event of an incapacitated President. The National Assembly has turned political and constitutional matters to religious debates for selfish interests.  God, deliver them from the sordid fear that is fast crippling our dear nation!

I’ve got one last request, God: Where is Mr President? And what’s happening to him right now? The FEC, the President’s Advisers and legislators do not have true answers to those questions, you’re the only we can ask.

While I await your noble response, I’d remain patriotic to my country!

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