Charly Boy Issues Press Release on Gay, illuminati Story

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National Mirror had on Saturday, the 22nd June issued a two page press release stating strongly that indeed Charlyboy confessed to Ed Jato that he was gay and head of Illuminati in Nigeria, hence justifying the news released on their entertainment page quoting Charlyboy on the alleged confession. However, Charlyboy has made another press statement, cautioning National Mirror to be more reasonable and professional while putting up a defense against their action as the newspaper may be heading towards obliteration if it continues to report news in the manner it did against him and keeps “defend the indefensible”

Below is the Press statement:
I have read with considerable interest and amusement the latest publication from national Mirror this Saturday, June 23rd, 2012 concerning their vexing and defamatory publication concerning my alleged confession of being a homosexual preference and member of the Illuminati cult.

From the ramblings of the Editor of Saturday Mirror, it is clear that the Mirror Newspaper group still does not understand the basic tenets of responsible journalism. They appear incapable of understanding the ramifications of publishing a CONFESSION THAT NEVER HAPPENED regardless of their perceived notion about a subject of their story. This lack of fundamental understanding of the difference between a reasonable opinion based on observable facts, and the report of factual confession is at the heart of the problem. From the latest publication of June 23rd, 2012 it is clear that National Mirror lacks this understanding, or does not care to understand the difference, even after being dragged to court for reporting an opinion as fact and for repeating hearsay in bold print without the courtesy of seeking to confirm the story or speaking to their so-called friend.

It is also clear to any discerning member of the public that National Mirror is allowing its paper to be led to ruin as a result of the ego of the team responsible for that publication.  Rather than accepting the obvious mistake of publishing a story without first hand facts; for NOT INVESTIGATING A STORY THEY SAW ONLINE and admit their negligence for CONFIRMING A FALSE STORY THAT WAS ALLEGED AS FACT by an online paper, they have sought to create a pitiful Red Herring, and diversion from the issues, by falsely suggesting that the lawsuit against them is related to some imagined column I wanted to syndicate in their paper and an attempt to make them change their editorial policy! This is such a cheap attempt at diversion, it is laughable.

The National Mirror in their June 22nd publication also compounded their comedy of errors by talking about their own staff that they fired illegally, without mentioning the fact that THEY USED THAT STAFFER’S NAME TO PUBLISH THE ORIGINAL STORY WITHOUT THE KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION OF THAT STAFFER! That Staffer was ALREADY on suspension when that story was published under his name without his knowledge or permission! When the staffer, who is very well known to me, complained, and actually denied writing the so called Gay Confession story bearing his name on his facebook page, rather than apologize to him, they actually summarily fired him! (and then they tried to rectify that criminal act of publishing a fake Confessional story under an unsuspecting staffer’s byeline by changing the name of the writer of the offending story, about 2 weeks after the fact! (We have evidence of the original and the new version for the public and courts to judge in due course).

These infantile attempts by National Mirror to cause a diversion from the fact that they goofed in publishing a story about a factual confession that never happened, is really a sad commentary about the level of professionalism at the Mirror Newspapers owned by Mr Jimoh Ibrahim. I would have expected more from a paper owned by a very smart person such as Jimoh Ibrahim, and edited by an experienced hand, such as Steve Ayorinde. Imagine, a paper is being sued for publishing an HEARSAY as first hand fact, and for repeating third party hearsay they found online as fact without verification, and all they can say is that they will not be forced to change their editorial policy or recall a staff fired illegally? Unbelievable!I am left wondering what all of that have to do with the fact that they damaged my reputation by publishing a false story without checking with me or investigating itproperly?Essentially, they are publicly defending, and standing by an editorial policy which allows publication AS FACT, stories they gleaned from the internet, without going through any due verification process! Really, is this what journalism has become in Nigeria?

In any case, I am sure the publication will be very useful in court as that appear to be more evidence of admission from the paper that they did not bother, or care, to investigate a story, and an admission that they never tried to contact the subject of a reported confession. Since the matter is in court, we will let the Law court draw whatever inference it can from that as to whether this paper had observed reasonable journalistic ethics, willfully negligent or taken reasonable care to ensure that my reputation was not tarnished with this bogus story.

I also note that they have published a purported interview with the publisher of the so-called DanfoExpress, the new publication whose advertisement sparked off this frenzy in the first place. They have reported that the man claimed I did confess to him and even has a recorded tape to prove it. I am very happy to read that because Mr. Ed Jatto himself, if indeed he granted the interview to National Mirror, (and from experience I must be careful to take as fact anything reported in Daily Mirror at this point), has finally allowed himself to be dragged into the matter by claiming I confessed to him as being gay and head of illuminati. Since I am sure I NEVER CONFESSED TO ANYONE EITHER IN PRIVATE TALKS, OR IN A TAPED INTERVIEW, I have instructed my lawyers to file a separate lawsuit against Mr. Ed Jato and Saturday Mirror for this latest publication. At least, this will finally force Mr. Ed Jato and Mirror Newspaper group to bring out the tape of the alleged confession into the public domain, if indeed there is such a tape. Frankly, I personally will also like to hear myself on that tape!

From my perspective, and for the solution of this matter, I think both National Mirror and Ed Jato can put this matter to rest once and for all by calling a Press Conference to play the tape of this alleged confession for everyone to hear. If they can do that, then this whole story will go away, and my lawsuits against them will also apparently collapse since I have been told that TRUTH IS ALWAYS A DEFENCE.

So, to settle this matter once and for all, I am issuing a PUBLIC CHALLENGE TO NATIONAL MIRROR AND ED JATTO to bring the tape to a PUBLIC PRESS CONFERENCE and let the whole world learn the truth once and for all. That way we can save everyone the aggravation and let the whole world know if this is indeed a storm in a teacup or not.

Of course I know for a fact that neither Steve Ayorinde, nor Ed Jato, can take up this public challenge because they know they did not have any confession from me about being a gay person or being the head of the illuminati. After all, they cannot have a confessionthat does not exist on tape, unless of course they want to add criminal charges to their defamatory actions.In my opinion, the pride of National Mirror and the refusal of the Editor in Chief to be a man and admit to errors of judgment will eventually lead to the ruin of the National Mirror Newspaper. I do hope Mr. Jimoh Ibrahim is listening and reading. National Mirror is simply compounding its errors by continuing to defend the indefensible

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