What do you think about Condoleezza Rice’s visit to Libya?

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Condoleezza Rice visit to Libya is a confirmation of hypocrisy and double standards of USA and UK. They tend to make friends with only countries  they have interest in especially when it has to do with oil. They are quick to condemn countries and declare them terrorist if they refuse to play by their rules. Libya has been for decades a terrorist country and enemy of USA after the accusation of being involved in the plane crash that killed some Americans and also the blatant refusal of Libya to submit to USA intimidation. For that long, American booming economy and  independent on Russia and middle east oil gave them much hope of getting rid of Libya. consequently, things has changed. Oil and energy has become American top problem  including the meltdown of their economy and global financial crisis that is eating them up in a very dangerous way. 
Recently, Russia has emerged again as a bully and has posed threat to US and other western world because of their dependence on her oil. due to all this factors, America and Uk is turning around, looking for new friends. Libya once a terrorist country and arch enemy of the west has suddenly turned to be U.S business partner for their greedy quest for their oil. Look at Zimbabwe,  Now we know that USA and even UK only sanction countries they feel they cannot benefit from and employ diplomacy to countries they can benefit from. It is very unfair.

Last few months, USA and UK rally round to sanction President Mugabe because of just an election fraud but could not even sanction Russia on ethnic cleansing and invasion to Georgia because of their dependencies on Russia oil. So they use sanction mechanism as a weapon to make poor countries to become poorer and pretend to be fighting for the people by making “show the world human aids and pity tactics ” on cameras and pictures to appear as good people.

But in a real time, When they are face with countries that they might loose if they sanction them even when the countries are really posing threat to the world, they use diplomacy. Who is fooling who?

Now that Russia is posing threat with their oil, USA is now shifting to the so called terrorist country and political juntas for friendship. They have now returned to Libya because of their oil and try to pretend as if something new has happened in Libya. Who is fooling who?

Let’s face it… USA and UK does not have any moral authority again to judge any country. They are claiming to stand up for Georgia but they actually supported Kosovo from separating from Serbia. I should ask Mr. Bush What has actually changes in Libya? What has really changed there please? How many years has he been in power? What about human tights issues? Some body please answers me. Nothing really has changed.

They are now lavishing praises to the country they once proclaimed as a terrorist country because they tend to benefit from their oil.

What is the western media doing? let me be specific, we all know that Libya still have human right issues and China also have human right issues and Russia is also having problem now. Yet they cannot be sanctioned but UK unpopular prime minister is quick to sanction Zimbabwe and fight hard to get support from other western world because they feel they have little to benefit from the country. This is a big crime to humanity. Let us stop fooling ourselves. If sanctions are meant for countries that disobey international laws and regulation… we should sanction china, Russia. Why are we suffering Zimbabwean people? Gordon Brown should tell us what hidden agenda he wants from this people.

I want to ask a question, Are we on a game of the survival of the fittest? In fact my reaction to Condoleezza Rice visit to Libya is this
Her visit is a disgrace and has demeaned all their political talks. With their double standard, we don’t know where any of these countries belong.

I know the BBC media might not publish this because it contains the truth but if it is eventually published I would be glad to let the world know of the double standard of USA and UK on this issue

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