What is the Biafran agitators and Soludo Goverment doing to unmask this killers in Anambra State

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Charles Chukwuma Soludo

The more worrisome thing here about the killing in the South East is that nobody is taking responsibility.  And intelligence is not providing any  Suspicion.

The minders of the IPOB group through their mouthpiece which existed even before Mazi Nnamdi Kanu
 was detained by the name Emma powerful have repeatedly denied involvement. Even dissociating themselves from the ‘Sit at home’ – ‘Holy Monday’ order.
Radar shifted to one Finland Based Simon Ekpa, who refers to his new group as Autopilot ….. Mr Ekpa through his recent broadcast also denied the involvement of his group in the killings and has rather diverted attention to some failed or disgruntled politicians.
Since no one has been taking responsibility….the term Unknown gunmen became convenient.  Our concern and worry are, how come no valid and reliable Intelligence has unambiguously identified who the Unknown Gunmen are, both intelligence from the state actors and non-state actors ‘security’ networks?
Only accusing fingers are being pointed here and there, and the Unknown Gunmen are on a rampage. Then IPOB / ESN (Emma powerful group) used to claim they got all deep information about everything and anybody in Nigeria and outside Nigeria and also claim their intentions is to secure Biafra land, what’s happening now? No Intelligence again.
Then we were shown video clips of escapades in the forests against invading Fulani herdsmen, how they were chased away with their cows and all that. What is happening now? Have all the forest invaders, been chased away from the forests now invaded the towns and roads? If so, why have they not been pursued and chased away from the towns as they were chased away from the forests?
We used to have Intelligence from them about Buhari’s plastic ears, Buhari’s death, and Buhari’s body double. How come we can’t have credible Intelligence about the perpetrators and masterminds of these killings in our own Land?
Did these slaughtered people also disobey the sit at home order? Is the IPOB power only for and against the hapless traders, common struggling folks and fellow kinsmen?
Who is this Enemy that has refused to be unmasked, defined and isolated? Even with the strong Intelligence of IPOB/ESN?
Will this situation not provide a true test of the strength, the power, ‘sincerity of purpose’ and ‘needfulness’ of the so-called security outfit and the organization?
What is really happening here?
Also, the Ekpa group claim to have the objectives of defending the Biafra Land….how can you be defending the Land and not defending the lives of the people of the Land?
Is the Biafra Land now more important than Biafra Lives?
What’s going on here ??
It is obvious that criminals have taken over, but what needs to be found out is – which groups do these criminals belong to?
Do they have any affiliation?
Which/ what affiliation is that?
This is no longer an Agitation, this is cheer criminality and wickedness. It is a killing spree!
Serial killers are on the loose.
The Biafra Land is desecrated. And huge atonement would be required. For me what is critical is for the Governor Soludo security team to go underground and first identify who the real murderers are, what is their motive, and who is beating them. The drum for them ??
Then the criminals can be targeted.
Uncommon,  unconventional methods and approaches can be deployed.
Anambra had faced daunting security challenges before, Onitsha was on many occasions very notorious and many times a theatre of crime.
Anambra overcame all of that and was acclaimed the safest state in Nigeria at some point recently.
Boyz Oye ! Happened
Bakassi boyz ! Happened.
Some other movements happened.
Don’t know which will happen this time around.
But something must definitely happen soon….very soon. The blood of the innocent is complaining bitterly to God.
Anambra can’t give up her spirit and is being tested once again.
The dimming light will shine bright again, to dispel this gloomy darkness.
Our governor needs all the support and prayers.
The light must always overcome darkness.
God willing.
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