Letter to Africans by Mr. Anthony Claret Onwutalobi

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Dear fellow Africans,
Our suffering, our pain, and our present condition in Africa are no longer news. We have prayed, cried, wished, complained, and finally we have given up to a hope; a hope which seems to be fading away in almost all corners of our rich continent. What should we do? Should we continue to hope for change to come from no where? Or should we spearhead one? should we continue to wait for hand-out(Aid) from the west or should we work our way up? Should we continue to sit and watch? Or should we come together for the right that belongs to us?

Marked by the urgency of the call to remake our continent,  I welcome you to our movement bound together by ideology, by truth, and a coalition of our conscience. This movement is for every African who is willing to get involved for the cause of a New Africa. A new Africa championed by African citizens; a new Africa born out of a positive change. Change in our perception; change in our core values; change in who we are, and change that begins within us. The product of this change will emerge as “New Africans”, and only this New Africans can give birth to a New Africa.

We believe that for Africa to be one great continent: a place where hope abides for every one irrespective of nationality, ethnicity, class, or creed, there must be a radical change in both the rulers and the ruled. This change will start inwardly from every one, and spread out to form an Ideology that will change our entire continent. Until this happens, good governance, transparent leadership, accountability, statesmanship, and patriotism will only be a mirage.

It is true that Africa has been toyed, exploited and cowed and misrepresented by most western media, do not hang up. Besides,we do not close our eyes also to the countless numbers of corrupt and failed leaders we have had, but we believe there are several Africans whose knees have not paid obeisance to the idol of corruption. However, these people must also change their perception and get involved for the cause of change in Africa. As one of Irish author said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing”.

For a true change to happen, First, our various governments must change our entire political process to accommodate every one who is willing to bring a true change. The politics of selfishness must give way to that of ideology. As Africans change, they must be allowed to bring this same change in the polity of our Continent. Political parties must be formed on clearly set out ideologies rather than groups based on ethnicity and class.

Our singular demand to the present administrations in various African countries is a total and complete reformation of the electoral system. Subsequent elections in Africa must be free, and conducted in a non-threatening, non-combative, crime free environment. The success of this present administration in your country will not be judged by infrastructural development, rather it will be judged by an election that will give your country men the opportunity to choose their leaders. 

We are committed to bringing Africans together under this umbrella of change. We believe in the greatness of Africa; and we believe a true change will only emerge when the walls of self-centeredness, ethnicity, individualism, and religious barriers are broken down. Join us today to become a New African, and bring us one step closer to a new Africa.

Anthony Claret Onwutalobi

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