A letter from Adebayo Wole in response to my article on Biafra and my reply.

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I read ur piece awhile ago, aside that all your postulates are wrong and mere hear say, the worse part of it was when I found out you are in the US, so I said no wonder, you staying a a well cultured country and you are throwing stones to your home.

Like I would always advice d agitators of the sole call Biafra state or what so ever.. you first go to all d markets been controlled by your people in Lagos, which is part of the Nigera u want t o leave, you convince them to close their shops, in Alaba, tradefair, apongbon and any other markets and return to the east.. then Nigeria as a whole will see. The seriousness of it. Not just few people jobless youths and some abroad living on d past they left behind here. Ojukwu the arrow head eventually saw the waste of time and humans during d civil war, a. War people like u read about or ur grand pa told. U off. Go read about Sudan, is that the future u. Want for ur people why u sit in America wit ur kids?, tell me which country that did what u are supporting and they. World is celebrating?…. stop. living in this fantasy world. Let the struggle just leave in you guys mind. Bianca returned to be an ambassador wife of the Icon of biafra.


Thanks so much for your feedback.

I was not surprised when I saw it because that’s the words around by mostly Yorubas and many uninformed Igbo people. It is nothing new.

My question is: why are you guys always sound alarms when you hear the word “Biafra”? Why do some of you hate Igbos so much that you are always ready to be in their way to freedom.

Ironically, when do you start loving Igbos to worry about what happens to them and how viable their request for self determination is? Is this not the case of a mourner crying louder than the bereaved?

So in your mind, once a country is formed for Biafra, every one from that side must head home to their homeland? Where is your knowledge of history, bro?

In history, how many freedom fighters live in their homeland at the start of their fight for freedom? Where did Mandela camp out when launching his anti Apatheid campaign? How about Robert Mugabe of former South Rhodesia? How about Yasser Arafat of the PLO? This is an assignment that you would take from me. Find out where they lived to launch their campaign. I would not blame you bro. I blame the fact that the oppressors skillfully removed history from schools?

When the state of Israel was formed, did the Jews leave every place they were to return home? The answer is no. Many Jews scattered all over the world are settled in their place of abode and only visit home. Most are where ever they are to influence the decision making process in US, UK and all other world powers. Some are still afraid and fear for their security. It is a choice that free people make for themselves. We don’t need sympathisers to tell us what to expect. How bad can it be? Can it be worse than what it is already? Igbos are killed in the north daily. They face discrimination at work. Policies are made determined to hold them down. You know it. Everyone knows it. So it’s either you let them go or you fix the injustices.

You are worried about if the traders in Alaba or Ladipo would close shop because of Biafra? Don’t worry about them, the revenue to Lagos State would still be there since it is the traders’ prerogative to know which side fits their business. Have you not seen Americans living in Nigeria making millions in the oil and gas sector and only visit home to US on holidays?

As for where I stay, does it matter where I live? Does the government policy not affect me and my people? Do you know anything about me to decide for me where to live? Does the fact that I live abroad change the situation of my people? So if Nigeria is doing well, do you think that many people would actually live abroad?

Why does Nigerian especially most from the South West the leaders in clogging the wheel of progress for Nigeria? The Nigerian government policy in commerce, industries, ports, airports etc are well laid to punish Igbos. Why are the sea ports in PH and Calabar not functioning?

Why are there no international airports in the east save for the Akanu Ibiam International Airport commissioned by GEJ few years ago. Even the one at PH, how many international flights originate from there daily and how many don’t stop over at Lagos?

Why were industries and companies opened by Igbos forced to close down. I give you an example. Slock Airline, Sosoliso etc. How about banks owned by Igbos like Savanna Bank? How about Ibeto cement, sugar and floor which was forced to close in favor of Dangote cement? Have you forgotten the N20 given to all with millions in accounts after the war? Abandoned property policy nko?

My brother, you cannot on one hand tell the Igbos to stay in Nigeria and on the other molest them with the policies in commerce, education, ports etc. It is either you want Igbos or you don’t want them. A rejected man does not reject himself. What does Nigeria gain by allowing Igbos to stay put in Nigeria? Why do we agitate for self determination? Have you not heard of Oduduwa Republic? What do you say about it?

I pray to God to open your mind and not close them. Think deeper and harder of what the future would be if all these injustices continue. With the youth still unemployed and hopeless, there would come a time when they have nothing more to lose.

Thanks once again for your feedback.

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