Give us weapons to defend ourselves against these Fulani herdsmen from northern Nigeria

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The fact.

May be you have not heard. May be you don’t deem it as serious as it is. May be it doesn’t interest you more than stories on oil prices. Or maybe you are simply an accomplice. An accomplice of the massacre of countless Nigerians, mostly Christians, and from the middle-belt and southern regions of Nigeria, by Fulani herdsmen, the butchers from the North!

You International Media and the entire International Community, why do you close your eyes to a real case of genocide and ethnic cleansing going on in Nigeria now under the regime of President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB)? What then is your role of the mouth-piece of the masses? Is it to support the maiming and killing of innocent people, the raping of women and children, and the tactical ethnic cleansing of the middle-belt and the southern parts of Nigeria, under the pretext of looking for grazing fields by the nomadic terrorists, by your silence? The worst scenario is the amount of impunity with which these crimes against humanity are being perpetrated. What is the source of such audacity? Isn’t it because President Buhari is the leader of this nomadic militia group, and through whose executive power (as Nigerian president), has added to the barbaric powers of  his tribe’s men to install fear on defenceless Nigerians from other parts of the country? This is the current state of affairs in Nigeria but you all keep quiet, making yourselves both accomplices to this crime, as well as sympathisers of this terrorist militia.

You the International Community and the International Media, with all your powerful network of information-gathering, will you also claim ignorance of the recent mayhem that took place in Enugu state, precisely in the village of Nimbo, and recently on the 24th of August in the village of Attakwu, all in Enugu state? Here, a seminarian and a six-month pregnant woman were butchered at night by these blood-sucking kinsmen of President Buhari, called the Fulani herdsmen. Why? Simply because, having brought their cattle to graze in the homes and farm lands of the village, the owners of the village, precisely some women and children sounded the metal gong which caused to fleeing away of their herd. Shockingly, they Fulani herdsmen returned at night about 2am as they had promised and unleashed havoc on the helpless villagers who were asleep, during which the seminarian Lazarus Nwafor residing in one of the houses in this village for his apostolic work was gruesomely killed, alongside a pregnant woman whom they cut her intestines into pieces.  So many others were critically injured as well. What a horrific image as seen circulating on the internet since then! And similar cases have been recorded in several other towns and villages in the south-east of Nigeria. It has almost become a daily phenomenon. Yet the government of Nigeria remains dead silent because it obviously aligns with the political strategy of conquering opponents by all sorts of intimidating strategies. If not, why haven’t the government security forces been able to intervene up till now to at least arrest and prosecute these vampires?

.The scenario.

The scenario represents an ugly picture, which happens to be the truth of the Nigerian state of the nation today. The truth is that the evil (of these crimes of impunity) comes from two primary sources of motivation (as described by Fani Kayode in Vanguard newspaper of 28th August 2016): “the first is the forceful and bloody quest for Fulani supremacy, ethnic hegemony and racial domination in Nigeria, at all costs. And the second is the morbid obsession by the radical Muslims of core northern Nigeria to shed innocent blood, to take life in the name of their god, to effect jihad against those that do not share their worldview, to wipe out Christianity, to enslave Nigerians and Islamise Nigeria”. That unfortunately is the hard truth which has played out very flagrantly even in the political appointments made by President Buhari since his one year in office, against Christians and especially against the people from the southern part of Nigeria.

This same plot had started with the other Islamic monstrous terrorist group also from the same northern Nigeria, called Boko-Haram, which got affiliated to ISIS. With their long-term project designed and fabricated by the northern Nigerian political elite, they succeeded in their plan to discredit the former president Goodluck Jonathan in the eyes of the International Community, simply because he hails from the South and doubles as a Christian. Having realised this first step in their heinous project, the next step is taking the Islamisation agenda even at the cost of innocent lives to the other parts of Nigeria, leading into a gradual and silent genocide and ethnic cleansing. Yet, the International Community stays silent on this grievous issue; the International Media doesn’t take any interest in revealing to the world the ongoing crime against humanity in Nigeria right now, in order to denounce this tragedy.


.An urgent plea.

As a concerned Nigerian, pained by this unfortunate state of my country, and even with my status as a catholic priest, I beg the international community to release weapons to the people of the middle-belt and southern parts of Nigeria to defend their lives and properties under urgent threat of total extermination by Fulani herdsmen. Note it clearly that it is not in the interest of President Buhari and his government to stop what is happening, let alone to protect the southerners. Since this government in place is championing this agenda of ethnic cleansing, it doesn’t make any sense for it to do anything to bring it to a halt. I strongly believe that under the UN resolution of protection of the civil population under such conditions, precisely the resolution of 1894 (2009) of the UN Security Council, such a gesture will not only be considered most appropriate, but also will be largely appreciated as a timely humanitarian act.

This is in no-way an apologetic of violence for violence, but it is simply the only language that the Fulani herdsmen terrorists of northern Nigeria can understand. Joining my voice to that of Fani Kayode, “I would urge all those that still love and support this government to take a long hard look at the pictures that are strewn all over the internet of their fellow Nigerians that have been mutilated and carved up like Christmas turkeys and sallah goats. This is the work of Buhari’s kinsmen, the Fulani militias and herdsmen. He has refused to arrest any of them let alone bring them to justice. Instead he has ruined our economy, impoverished and destroyed the lives of our people and aborted their God-given destiny, divided our nation on religious and ethnic lines, demonised us before the international community and labelled every Nigerian, apart from himself, as being incompetent and corrupt” [Read more at:].

With his skilful propaganda mission against corruption in Nigeria, I strongly feel President Buhari has succeeded in hypnotising you all and blindfolding the International Community against the crime of genocide that his government is quietly perpetrating in Nigeria through the connivance with his Fulani herdsmen brothers. By their strategy of silence and “allow-them-kill-them-all”, the Nigerian government under PMB is not ready to rescue the helpless southerners from being extinguished from the map of Nigeria. Therefore, please give us weapons to defend ourselves against the Fulani herdsmen-terrorists!

Clement Chimaobi EMEFU.

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