Doing Things the Wrong Ways and Expecting Different Results

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The Greater London Authority Elections – where Londoners will vote for a new Mayorof London and Members of the London Assembly – is on 5thMay 2016.

Yet, I, members of my family and many Londoners (including anybody who belongs to the British Commonwealth) voted today, 21stApril, 2016, about 2 weeks away.

Why? This is because many voting households and individuals, who have opted to vote by Post because of convenience, received their Postal Voting Packs today. This benefits and eases the stress on the elderly, the pregnant women, the handicaps and invalids, who otherwise may find it a strainto go physically into the voting centres on 5thMay 2016 to vote physically. This system of voting, including online voting, has been on for several years. It has not been abused, as far as I know, in the UK. Even if you decide to vote on the day in the voting centres, you will vote peacefully, fairly, freely, easily, without fear to your life and property. Since I have been voting in the UK, I have never spent more than 5 minutes in a voting centre. The Election officials are there, the Voting List is up to date and can never be manipulated.

As soon as you turn 18, which is the voting age, you almost always automatically receive a letter from the Authorities, reminding you and urging you to register, either online or by post. What a world, what a society where law and order, fairness and equity, sincerity and honesty rules.

I have not been intimidated; the candidates or their canvassers go from door to door, no matter the weather or the distance, to solicit for your vote; there are no big political rallies, thereby eliminating thuggery and intimidation; there are no inducements from the candidates and their supporters for you to vote for them; your choice is based on issues of concern to your well-being and your community. What a life!!!

I wish things could be like this in Nigeria in my lifetime, but I sincerely have no hope for this to happen. It is a long shot, a very long shot, mainly because the society itself does not want it to happen. We want to do things the same ways, which have not been working for us, and still expect different better results.Historical experience and common sense has proven this is impossible.The degenerate politicians and the corrupt ruling elite prefer it that way, because it is to their advantage and benefit, as it allows them to oppress their people and loot the treasury; the people/followers prefer it the old, primordial way because the politicians and the ruling elite say that is how it should be, despite gaining absolutely nothing from that same old corrupt and manipulative system. Very sad!

The degenerate ruling elite refuse to change and educate the people on how things should be done; the people do not want to hear the truth and be educated as to what their rights as a people should be; neither do they care, but want God to come down and save them from their oppressors and killers.

The way I see it, it is Man’s inhumanity to Man. If a minute set of people decide to keep the lives of their majority people in perpetual obeisance, oppression, poverty of material and soul, ignorance and desperation, I don’t see what else it is.

However, such had happened in many countries of the world, from Russia to Britain to even America. What happened eventually? The people eventually overcame, and many lives of both the elites and the masses were lost, but the most painful and glaring were the lives of the oppressive elites. They were the known and famous, and they suffered the most, in reputation, materials and pride; the people who lost their lives in the struggles to free themselves were anonymous, but the People were victorious.

This is a warning to our ruling elites; history will always repeat itself. Invest in the future of your people, your future generation; the Earth is the Lord’s, not Man. If the rope is uncomfortable, the chicken will not find it easy either to perch on it. The elites are slowly finding that out now. They must be made to find this out faster. Man is not born to serve or be oppressed by another Man, only God is Man born to serve.

The Truth Always!


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