According to a man who recorded a video of a couple walking naked at VGC, it could be drugs.

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The actions of the couple who walked naked in Victoria Gardens City, VGC on Monday night have elicited mixed reactions.

The incident occurred on Road 28, House D5.

Speaking to some residents of VGC, Vanguard Metro gathered that the couple were under the influence of a  drug known as Colorado. But, there was no one in the house who could respond as the gate was under lock.

However, one of the neighbors who pleaded to remain anonymous said: “I was around the corner and I noticed people around 11 pm on Monday.

“They were smoking. I was the one that drew the attention of other people. Then the estate management security came and they handled the whole process and then they were taken to an undisclosed hospital for treatment.”

Another resident who identified his name as Amols Zuel said: “I was the one who made the video. People who were around said the couple took Colorado.

Colorado is a dangerous substance smoked by youths to enliven their spirit and get intoxicated, most times leading to insanity. The drug is like a sweet and when anybody takes it, the person will not know what he or she is doing any more.”

Also, other residents of VGC are of the opinion that the couple were in the business of rituals.

One of the residents said: “We believe it was not a drug, but they want fast money. It’s possible, it was what the person that made the charm asked them to do.”

Another resident said: “They are not the first to have done something of this nature.

After all, we have witnessed a woman who went to have her bath at VGC roundabout. This is not new here, please. “

Meanwhile, there has been notice from one of the neighbours on the estate.

According to the notice, “Dear neighbours, greetings to you, all. Yesterday on our close, at about 11pm, the Vice-Chairman called my attention to an ugly situation whereby two adults male and female were seen walking around the estate completely naked.

“Our estate security and management personnel accosted them and accompanied them to our close (63) where the duo purportedly reside in a BQ.

“As the case may be,  the situation soon got out of hand when both adults slit their writs and neck in what seemed to be a suicide attempt, saying they will die and rise again in 3 days.

“Further investigation of their BQ apartments revealed some items such as:  illegal drugs and other substances.

“They were obviously under the influence of some substances (drug abuse).

“Thank God for the swift response of our management, security and medical team who eventually sedated the victims and took them to the hospital around 12.45am.

“Drug abuse is real! May God helps our teens and let us be observant and report anything that looks out of the ordinary within the neighbourhood,” it reads.

However, every attempt to speak to VGC Chief Security proved abortive, as the people on the ground claimed he was on a long meeting.

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