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The police in the United States had been killing unarmed black men and young black boys in the street playing with toy guns. It is risky living as a black man in the street of the United States. One could easily be shot and killed if the police mistake your cellphone for a gun. White people don’t have that problem. They could bear arms in public and public gatherings and cite the Second Amendment to the US Constitution. A black man with a weapon is a moving target!

Just last Friday, over a hundred white men heavily armed took over a federal government reservation in the state of Oregon. They dared the US government to come and take it from them. They are local militias and some call them “red necks”. They are all whites and racists. But you could hardly hear the news about the situation.

In fact it took almost two days for the mainstream media to air the news about the situation in Oregon. Even when the news is shown, it’s always in passing. Some tried to shamelessly justify their actions stating that they were peaceful. Peaceful with a gun? They are nothing but domestic terrorists!

If those people were blacks, Muslims or Hispanics, there would have been a 24-hour news cycle talking about the situation. The media houses would have moved their masts to the area for effective coverage. It would even be worse if say Black Panthers or the Hispanics MS-13 fully armed took over the federal government reservations. The US government would have effectively moved against them with the full force of the US military power. Their location would have been bombed. Even the FBI is still evasive about the situation.

The last time that a black group known as the “MOVE” engaged in a siege, it occurred in Philadelphia in 1985. Like the Oregon extremists, the members of MOVE, who lived together in a townhouse in West Philly, were rabidly anti-government, antagonized law enforcement, represented a fringe ideology, and were heavily armed. There was, however, one crucial difference: the MOVE adherents were black. And so, on May 13, 1985, police with military-grade weapons surrounded the house, purportedly seeking to make an arrest for a noise complaint, and, when shots were fired back, assaulted the house with a barrage of bullets and tear gas, and dropped two bombs on the American civilians inside from a military helicopter. The bombs triggered a massive blaze that destroyed several nearby blocks and killed eleven people, including five children.

In Nigeria, the Boko Haram is terrorising the whole of North East of Nigeria. They have been killing, maiming, beheading and raping young women and girls. They have destroyed billions of naira worth of properties, displaces hundreds of thousands of people. But the Nig government is treating them like royalties. They have been begging get them to come to the table.

Yet the unarmed Biafran agitators are being shot and killed without provocation. The speed that the military moved their tanks to PH, Aba, Onitsha, Asaba etc was very swift.

Like black lives in the US, Igbo and minorities’ lives don’t matter. Blacks in the US are endangered species just like Igbos and people of the Lower Niger of Nigeria. An Igbo man and others could be killed by any reason or for no reason at all. You agitate, they kill you. You mind your business, they kill you. Up till now, many people are still missing. Some were killed and dumped at Ezu River, others are languishing in police stations and military dungeons.

This is the tale of the two countries.

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