NIGERIA: Tuface Idibia, Annie Macaulay and jamboree of their wedding date

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For months, fans of power couple Tuface Idibia and Annie Macaulay have been tossed back and forth, left and right  like a ping-pong ball, over the exact date and venue of the hot celebrities lavish white wedding; rumours, speculations and counter speculations have gone by since their quiet traditional wedding ceremony which took place at Annie’s parent’s home in Ajah, Lagos with one story at the thick of it all even claiming Tuface allegedly said there would be no lavish white wedding so as not to hurt his other baby mamas, yet no one was satisfied.

Then, news washed up online that February 14, 2013 had been chosen as the D-day, exactly one year after Annie said yes to her man at a nightclub in Lagos. The self styled investigators quoted sources who they say virtually ‘lived’ in Tuface and Annie’s minds and there was a resounding sigh of relief from many.

Well that gist is turning out not to be true.

New information emerging has it that Tuface Idibia has plans for Valentine’s day and it is not a wedding. The Benue born star has concerts lined up for him that week including the 14th and he could be honouring them all.

His wife Annie who recently appeared on Africa Magic entertainment programme Jara also didn’t give any indication of a wedding coming up soon.

With the Febuary 14 story trashed, another thread of rumour has again emerged.

This one states that the couple may be doing it somewhere in the middle east and that family and friends would be flown on a special chartered plane to the strictly by invitation wedding. This is further fueled by pictures posted recently by Annie on Instagram as she holidayed at a resort in Dubai.

Tuface warned right from the beginning that his dealings with Annie would be very secret. His traditional marriage almost passed un-noticed  and he is trying to do the same with his white wedding. If anyone truly knows Tuface, it should be the fact that he is a man who keeps his word.

His white wedding would hold secretly and quietly.

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