Number Porting: Globacom Leads with 11,167 in March, April

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Recent porting figures released by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for March and April this year indicated that more subscribers ported to Globacom’s, network than other operators network.

According to the figures released on the NCC’s website, a total of 3,212  subscribers ported to Globacom from other networks in March, while the number of subscribers who switched to Glo platform from other operators in April was 7,955, giving a total of 11,167 for the two months.

Airtel came second with a total gain of 8,565 for the two months.
The company gained 5,749 porting subscribers in March, while 2,816 subscribers joined it from other operators in April.

Etisalat was next with 3,016 porting subscribers in March, while its April figure was 3,280, making a total of 6,296 new subscribers it gained from other networks.

For MTN, the number of subscribers that ported to its network in the month of March was 1,780, while that of April was 552, making a total of 2,332 subscribers that ported into its network from other network operators.
A total of 14,183 telecoms subscribers engaged in porting-out activities across the networks in April, as against the 13,383 recorded in March.

The porting activities showed that telecoms users were most comfortable with the services of Globacom, hence, the movement of most subscribers from other networks to its network.

Etisalat, the fourth entrant into the GSM market, had maintained a leading position among other operators on number porting, but has now been overtaken by Globacom. Pleased with the recent result, Globacom said its recent network expansion, earned it the lead.

Globacom had recently embarked on a massive network expansion and technical network upgrade project, which had significantly enhanced the quality of customer experience on the network.

The expansion project involves network upgrade and overhaul of infrastructure across the country as well as expansion and densification projects that will on completion, cater for its existing and potential subscribers.

The Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was launched on April 22, 2013 by the NCC, with the aim of deepening competition in the industry.
Number porting allows subscribers to move their phone lines from one network to another in search of better service quality, without losing their original numbers.

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