Political Abortion: Obama’s Stand on Nigeria

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I pretend to understand how much hatred President Obama and his administration have towards Nigeria. During his several visits to Africa before and after his inauguration, President Obama has willingly and steadfastly boycotted a visit or stopover at Nigeria, Africa’s number 1 trading partner to USA. I understand that President Obama does not owe Nigeria a visit, if he chooses not to. He is entitled to his choices of places to visit as a person, president or both. Fair enough! However, giving consideration to Nigeria’s bilateral and friendly relationship with USA, of which past USA presidents has in numerous ways acknowledged, respected and nurtured, one would expect such good relationship to continue in an amicable and smooth manner. So far, it has been the opposite since the inauguration of the 44th President of USA.

However, what I will definitely like to understand is what President Obama’s aim at by adding Nigeria into the infamous list of “countries of interests”? Secondly, I do like to understand what are the criteria that set the standard for such list? Thirdly, the so called list of “countries of interest”, isn’t it a new brand name for “list of terrorist countries”? From my understanding it seems to me that the two names can be traded to mean the same thing. The annoying part is that Nigeria made the list of the so called “countries of interests” few years after she transited from military rule to democracy. In addition, she made the list at the time when her democracy is still fragile and wobbling and also when the country is having difficulties in attracting FDI as well as also experiencing a financial difficult time due to the global financial breakdown chain reaction that was created by the corrupt and greedy practices of well respected Americas` financial institutions. What else could be the best and most efficient way to motivate Nigeria or commend her struggles in her most critical times? Yeah, put her name in the damn list, that’s it, right?

Now, I sense that the relationship between Nigeria and USA is based on “blackmail” and “intimidation”. Will you not agree with me? It is even worse than the sort of relationship that exists between a slave and a taskmaster. To me the relationship seems like that of a jealous divorced husband blackmailing his ex, in order to get her back, or perhaps to make her pay, or even perhaps to punish her for divorcing him.

The question here is did Nigeria divorce USA in that she merited this sort of blackmail or punishment? Or did USA see Chinese growing influence in Nigeria threatening?  Halloo!! It is very interesting to observe the hand writing on the wall like the biblical Daniel.

It appears to me that the influential rise of China in Africa is a potential threat to USA’s and Europe’s clampdown, grip and stronghold in Africa’s economy. Obviously, in recent time many African countries have opened their economy to be explored, ploughed and developed by China. Many African nations have witnessed foreign direct investment (FDI) coming from China. Some of these African nations have testified publicly that Chinese presence has brought tremendous positive change, more than their western counterparts since the time of liberation or independence from colonialism. Would you blame these African nations for change in mind or direction, since their long time romance with the western nations and their corresponding companies has been like romancing with the fire? They got burnt, didn’t they? Of course, they did.  I guess that the sad depressing experience and the evident scars are there to show it. The long nights of political oppressive anguish pain, the never ending hours of economical and welfare torture and the perpetual deceit and treacherous acts, have all constituted to desire for a new direction and survival tactics by these African nations. Hence, another question is does this have a part in branding Nigeria into the list of “countries of interest”? You do not doubt that it has a part, do you? Look deeper my friend, you will find the clue.

The Nigerian born Abdulmutallab followed his own will and should face the consequences of his actions individually. Based on the known available facts surrounding the sad scenario and also based on good sense of judgment, it is out rightly wrong and unacceptable to judge the whole country with the action of Abdulmutallab. Should one say because America today occupies the number 1 position in the world statistics of the countries where citizens and individuals can easily snap and go ballistic and rampage with gun spree that eventually end up killing and massacring innocent people either in schools, or hospitals, or shopping malls, or streets, or in barracks, or the sub-way, or anywhere at anytime; that based on this account that America or Americans are potential psycho trigger happy people to be watched out for or included in the list of“ nations of interests”? I suppose not. If such answer is true and believable, then on what ground and reason should the whole entire country of Nigeria and her citizens be branded  a threat to America’s and world’s peace and safety, just because of the irresponsible and nonchalant behavior of one Abdulmutallab on 25/12/2009?


President Obama should also remember that Al Qaeda is a common enemy Nigeria and America fight against.

Hey, hold on a second, should I be the one that have to remind President Obama the pedigree and courageous actions Nigeria has undertaken against terrorism in order to maintain peace within the African continent and the world? Perhaps I should and I gladly do it. Brief account, Nigeria fought against apartheid in South-Africa, singlehandedly fought for peace and power brokered the Liberian civil war, and has been highly involved in peace keeping mission in many nations in Africa such as DRC and Somalia (to mention but few). Nigeria is a new found home for most white Zimbabweans that are running away from the regime of Mugabe. The list of Nigeria good deeds is very long and outweighs her failures and mistakes in every ramification.

I believe that common sense if it is really common, can tell any one that Nigeria as a people and country is more mindful of doing good and great things that are beneficial to mankind,  rather than supporting cheap shot terror activities. Nigeria has never aimed at nor support terrorism nor secretly or publicly condoned terrorism. Therefore, apparently and undoubtedly, the action undertaken by President Obama’s administration by including Nigeria in the list of “countries of interest” is an epitome of “political abortion” to Nigeria’s embryonic democracy as well as her entire life and survival.  It is a deliberate misleading judgment.

Alas! Thank you indeed President Obama for creating such a political devilish tantrum over Nigeria and her population of over 140 million. Nigeria has now negatively advanced in her political, economic, and developmental jeopardy after the horrific announcement of the horrific inclusion into the list of the unpopular prestigious “countries of interests”. Think about it deeply, read the signs and analyze the current Nigeria’s situation. I have no doubt that you will un-reluctantly and gravely agree with me.

My take to this hyprocritcal fiasco will be for united states of America to think twice and withdraw Nigeria’s name from the list and ask for apology, knowing fully well that Nigeria as a country does not support or condone any act of terrorism

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