World Cup

Neymar :For our sake, God, let Brazil win!

Neymar : For our sake, God, let Brazil win!

Brazil’s poster boy, Neymar, is out of the World Cup. The World Cup would not be the same again. And so, victory nearly turned to defeat. Agony. Pain. Many Brazilians cry as the news hit them.

None Brazilians joined in the pain of the nation. Yes, Neymar electrifies the World Cup for the hosts and brings so much joy that is shared to none Brazilians. The World Cup party starts from the numerous open festivals where thousands throng to watch Brazilian matches. And once victory comes to Brazil, then, the rhythm of the samba is ignited. Free drinks are served. The merriment spills over to the real Whore Cup.



Where professionals are their own gate keepers. They admit fans of all colours and charge their gate takings based on the power of haggling.

The boom has been on and the pros have been considerate to reduce the prices, even offering free services as their contribution to a country that is drenched in celebration once they win. But not on Saturday when Brazil was well and truly in mourning when the news came through that Neymar had played his last World Cup match due to the injury inflicted by Juan Zuniga.

That injury is affecting many souls. It is affecting many businesses. The only way joy could be restored in the hidden homes where Policia keep an eagle on is if Brazil brave the odds and go past the German machines in the semi final. The whole country would burst loose in celebration. And the pros would open their legs, and hearts to celebrate.

Trusted Psychics or fortune makers?

What started with 32 countries have now boiled down to 4 teams. That means that 28 countries are home either watching and analyzing with their families or have gone on forced holidays to prepare for their clubs new season that hots up after the World Cup. Attention is also gradually shifting from the stadia to the fan fest parks or tourism centres in Brazil.

There is a beautiful park in Republica in Sao Paulo which has now become a hotbed of drug addicts, alcoholics and prostitutes including male prostitutes. A lady walked up to me speaking one of the best English I have ever heard since coming to Brazil. ‘’Hello! Please, come to our stand let us provide you with the most dependable and informative readings of your life and future”, she said turning around to lure me with her well-shaped body more than all the psychic nonsense of telling me my future.

I noticed that handful of crowds gathered in batches with either a woman draped with so many rings piercing her eyes and ears, looking frighteningly like Mammy water than a fortune teller. Here, they collect monies to help people unlock their future, unravel their inner thoughts, provide answers to your future and destiny and re-direct your paths and make you find a happier path you can follow.

And see swarm of boys and girls even men and women who are closer to their graves holding candles and listening attentively as one man or woman unlock their future. Beautiful girls and boys who have relationship issues shedding tears and rejoicing as their problems are solved.

The woman, tarot card reader claims she has a natural spiritual ability to change things. Many things were on my mind. Can she unlock the Boko Haram in my country, power outage, Mile 2 traffic? Can she re-direct my future to make me be like Dangote? Can she make me tall, dark and handsome to become an idol of many hearts? If she can make the impossible happen, why have they not turned their fortunes?

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