Nigerian Women Treat Their Husbands Badly In America

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Some months ago, we all read in the news that Ghanaian women are the most unfaithful women in the world and they are number one. I can say that Nigerian women are the number one.

There was a family who moved from Italy to the U.S. to have a better life. This family arrived in the U.S. in 2008. The head of the family, Mr. Theo, who is in our group, left his family in care of his brother, who has been in the U.S. for more than 30 years.

Unfortunately, whenever he sends money to his family in the U.S., his wife uses the money to cater for her boyfriend in Houston, who is single.

She dated that man for few months until she went for another man who is a French man from Congo. According to the man, they have been dating since August 2008 till September 2012.

Theo got to know about his wife's French man boyfriend and chased the woman out so that she could continue her love affair with him. Theo had to go far away but sees his family only by permission.

The French man became everything to this woman but again, she started receiving lots of men in the house she share with the French man. This made the man insecured to the extent that he installed secret cameras in the house.

He was able to get all phone communications and got the help of an Ibo speaking friend to interpret the woman's conversations with other men for him.

The French man discovered that a man slept with the woman twice in the same month. According to the man, it happened in May, and when he came to knock at the door one day, she refused to open the door for so long.

When the man watched the video, he confronted her and she told the man that the man in the video raped her twice. The French man later discovered that another man rented the apartment she shares with him.

He asked her the name of the person but she refused to disclosed it. She became angry with the French man because she asked for the video but he refused to give it to her. The French man was right to be angry because French don't share their women.

They are very jealous but loving. If you want to play with their wife, they don't care even if they have to lose her, they fight for it.

Theo is the one paying for the house but can't sleep there. We see them in the meeting thinking that they are living together, but this man has been suffering for so many years but cannot do anything about it.

When we asked the French man why he took someone else's wife, he told us that according to the woman, she was not in that marriage and that she was forced into marrying Theo and was tired of him.

She also said that Theo doesn't satisfy her well in bed which made her to vow. having a boyfriend to supplement for Theo's inadequacies.

We listened to some audio conversations that the guy played to us, they were ridiculous.

When we heard the story, we were all angry at the French man but when we saw the video and the audio, we could not blame him, the woman is the prostitute and making the innocent husband suffer.

We will publish the picture of the lady and even the video if the French man hands them over to us. We will even buy it so that we can publish and it will be a lesson to other Nigerian women who are doing the same thing.

When we get everything from the man, we will share it to you guys so that you know the Ibo man who she brought to the house their name and everything.

We want this story to be published so that everybody could read it.

SOURCE: Nigeriafilms

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